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Naaman The Leper

Naaman was the captain of the host of King of Syria.  He was a great and honourable man but he had a disease called Leprosy.  The little maid that served Naaman’s wife told her if her master, Naaman, was with the prophet in Samaria, he would be healed.  So the King of Syria sent Naaman, along with a letter to the King of Israel.  When the King of Israel received the letter, he tore his clothes.  The King was upset because he knew that he could not heal Naaman.  When Elisha(a man of God) heard that the King of Israel was so upset, he told him to let Naaman come to him.

So Naaman went to Elisha’s door, and Elisha sent out a messenger to tell Naaman to go and dip in the Jordan River seven times, and he would be healed.  Naaman was very angry because Elisha did not come out himself and heal him right there.  Naaman wanted to dip in some of the other rivers that were cleaner then the Jordan River.  Therefore, he went away
very mad.  His servants told him that if he had been asked to do some great thing, would he not have done it?  So he wnet and dipped in the Jordan River according to what the man of God had told him, and he was healed.

*****The Lesson behind this story*****
It had nothing to do with the water that healed Naaman, but the obedience to God that made him well.


This story takes place once upon a time, a very long time ago, deep in the forest. Now you remember what a forest is don’t you? Right, it is a place where there are lots of trees. OK, so in just one tiny part of a forest, a baby deer was born (a baby deer is called a “fawn”) Oh my, there was so much excitement that day. All the animals wanted to come and see the new fawn. Do you know why? It is because this was a special fawn. He was a young Prince. That means that one day, this tiny baby, would be all grown up and become the leader of all the deer in the forest. The birds sang the happiest song. “Drip drip drop little April showers”  What a beautiful, beautiful Spring day it was.

Thumper, he was a cute little rabbit, asked the mama deer what she was going to call her baby. She smiled and looked down at her son and then at Thumper. ” I am going to call him Bambi,” she said. Thumper stood there for a moment, thumping his foot. “That’s a funny name”, he said at last. Thumper’s mommy scolded him, very gently, “Thumper”, she said, “What did you father tell you this morning?” Thumper hung his head down, just a bit and replied, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin at all!” And you know, that is really what we should all remember. We should always remember to say nice things about each other.
It was a happy time for Bambi. He soon learned to do many things. Thumper was his very best friend, they did all kinds of fun stuff together. Why, in no time at all Bambi was standing up. Oh yes he was really wobbly at first. Thumper just had to laugh at him. But that was ok because it was a nice kind of laughter, and Bambi did not mind it a bit. Of course he could not understand why Thumper laughed so hard when another animal popped up out of the flowers, and Bambi called him “Flower”. It really was funny though, because you see, Flower was a skunk. And skunks are not the sweetest smelling of animals, especially not when they get excited. Oh my, most certainly not when they get excited.

Then one morning, real early, Bambi’s mother took him to a wonderful place. It was called “the meadow”. What a nice place that was for a young fawn to romp around and have fun. It was there that Bambi met Faline. Faline was very cute to be sure. At first Bambi was a little afraid of her, well, maybe not so much afraid as he was shy. But soon they were racing around and having a grand time chasing one another. When all of a sudden, there was a horrible, loud noise. Like thunder! only louder!  All the animals were running very swiftly. They were being led by “The Prince of the Forest” He was very old, and very strong. But he was also very, very wise. He knew he had to lead all the animals in the forest to safety. The one word that would do that was “MAN”. Oh yes, all the animals knew that word. They knew it meant there was danger close by. So they did not waste any time, they ran as fast as they could. When it was safe, they all returned to their homes, and Bambi lay comfortably, safe and protected by his mother.

Winter soon came to the forest. At first Bambi had lots of fun. Thumper tried teaching him to slide on the ice, And as Bambi learned, Thumper just watched and laughed till he was rolling on his tummy. Poor Bambi, his four thin legs just went every which way, and down he would go again. Even though it was fun, it was also a hard time for Bambi and all the other animals, because the cold had rid the ground of it’s soft green, tender carpet of grass, and sweet tasting flowers. There was little to eat, except tree bark. “BAM” there it was again. The same deafening sound Bambi had heard before. His mother yelled for him to run for the thicket. “Quick” she yelled. Bambi reached the thicket. But…but where was his mother. She had been right behind him, and now… she was not there.

Once again Bambi saw the Great Prince Of The Forest. “Your mother can no longer be with you. You must learn to walk alone.” What did that mean. What was the Great Prince telling him. Did he mean Bambi would never see his mother again. Yes, he knew that was what the Great Prince was saying. Bambi was alone.
At last winter left, and spring returned. Everything was green again. Bambi had grown much bigger. He was no longer a fawn , now he was a “Buck”. A buck is a male deer, much older than a fawn. As the spring went on to summer, Bambi roamed the forest and the meadow.  Until one day he met Faline again. She had grown into a very beautiful graceful doe. Yes, that is what a grown up girl deer is called, a “doe”. Just as they were beginning to enjoy being friends again, another buck came charging between them. He did not want Feline to stay with Bambi, he wanted Feline to stay with him. A terrible fight began. They kept charging at each other, bumping their foreheads against the other real hard. Unitl finally, the mean old bully was hurt and limped off all alone. Bambi and Feline walked off into the forest together.

As spring and summer had gone, Autumn arrived in the forest, The trees took on a breathtaking array of colors. And the air had a very special crispness to it. But sadly, all this beauty did not last. For one day Bambi began to smell something. And as he ran to find Feline, The Great Prince came. He told them to run very quickly, for the forest was on fire. Feline raced for protection, as Bambi and the Great Prince ran to warn all the other animals. At last. the fire was over. Bambi, Feline, and the Great Prince looked on at the terrible thing that the fire had done. All the colors were gone. There was a terrible smell of burned wood, and blackend trees. A fire is a terrible thing, it destroys everything it touches. As they stood there, gazing at what remained of the smoldering forest, it was then that the Great Prince told Bambi, that when the forest was green again, he would be very old, and Bambi would have to take his place

At last Spring arrived again. Green leaves, green grass, and wild flowers began to cover up some ot the damage the fire had done. And now do you know what was happening. All the animals were running to see. Not one new fawn, but two of them. They were cuddled next to their mother, Feline. And where was Bambi, why he was high on a hillside, looking down. His chest was puffed out, and he was standing there as proud as he could be. For not only was he a new father, but now Bambi was the new Prince of the Forest.

Submitted by Mani Hira

David and the Giant

There was a young boy many, many years ago that the Bible tells us about, his name was David.  Now David was a very special boy in God’s eye’s.  Do you know why?
David believe in God with all his heart and know no matter what happen in his life he knew he would be all right as long as God was there.

One day David’s dad Jesse wanted David to go an check on his three older brother’s who were fighting a war to make sure they were okay and bring them some food. The name of the people that David’s brothers were fighting with where a group of people called the “Philistines”.  These people were very bad people and they did not believe in God.

The Philistines were on one mountain and the people called Israel were on another mountain.(At one time long ago God’s children were only the people who were called “Israel”. David was one of these. Today all people are God’s if we obey and do the things that he wants us to do. (Like believing that Jesus is his son.)  God’s children or people today are called Christian’s.

Now when David got to his brother’s a “Giant” man named Goliath
who was nine feet and ten inches tall who was in the Phlistines army,  was yelling for someone to come and fight him. Just to look at Goliath would scare most people, for he had a “GREAT” sword and a very “BIG” spear and a “STRONG” shield.

All the army of Israel was afraid of him, but not David. The King of the people Israel offer great wealth to anyone who would kill the Giant. Goliath made fun of David when he step up to fight him because he was just a boy. All that David had to fight the Giant with was a staff made of wood that he used to take care of his father’s sheep( this was his chore in his family), five smooth stone he got out of a stream or creek and which he put in his pouch and his sling shot, which made the Giant laugh even harder.

David had a secert weapon that the Giant didn’t know about and that was God and with God all things are possible. Do you believe that he could kill the Giant?
David told the Giant today the Lord/God will help me kill you.  The Giant ran toward David, he took a stone out of his pouch, put it in his sling shot and shot it at the Giant head. The Giant fell to the ground and his was dead.

Just like David if you love God and obey him and believe in God then all things no matter how hard or how big they seem are possible with God on your side.
When David got older he became the King of the people Israel.

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