Child Marriage Act India

Child Marriage is the most unfortunate practices followed in India even today. Child Marriage is a abuse of children especially girls by their own parents in the form of celebration. It is a way by which parents push their children to experience the most traumatic situations of life.

The medieval period brought the rule of Child Marriage & which followed in the Later Period as a custom unfortunately continuing till now.

Main Causes:
(1) Discrimination of gender,
(2) Protection of girl child (form of insecurity.)
(3) To restrict the freedom of the children especially girls only.
(4) For sexual exploitation of girl child.
(5) Poverty,
(6) Fear of the society to follow the customs.
(7) To improve the relations of the rival families.
(8) Considering girl child as a burden etc.

Child Marriage provides a severe trauma on the child especially girl child because of the following reasons:

1. Early sexual intercourse,
2. Pregnancy, leading to various diseases,
3. Takes away the freedom of education.
4. Family honor custom.

child marriage act India
Child Marriage is a abuse & violation of human rights. To stop such abuse government had enacted many Acts like,

Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 (SARDA ACT):
Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006.
These Acts prohibits the child marriage.

Object – to restrain the solemnization of the child marriage.

It provides:
Age provided: Male: below 21 years is a child.
& Female: below 18 years is a child.
Minor: both the girl & boy below the age of 18 years.
Punishment for those who arrange & actively participate in the marriage. The minor bride & bridegroom are not punished under the Sarda Act.

If the male adult contracts to marry a minor girl, then male adult punishable with imprisonment & fine.

Section 375 of Indian Penal Code provides that if the husband does sexual intercourse with bride of below 15 years of age is a Rape and the husband shall be punishable. All the Personal Acts like Hindu Marriage Act, Parsi Marriage Act, Christian Marriage Act these Acts also prohibits the Child Marriage.

Child marriage chains the children in unhealthy customs. The stringent provisions prohibited Child Marriage to a larger extent from India but to eradicate it completely from the Country it the basic responsibility of the parents, to protect their own children’s rights & not to abuse them.