Clothing For Cold Weather Climate

After the humid hot, or dry hot season, especially in the month of October, everyone in India awaits the winter season. But then, not every part of India actually gets to experience the thrills and chills of snowfall-winter. That is primarily for the northern belt, close to the Himalayas, as well as the northeastern belt. For the rest of the country it is a fall in temperature going upto 5 degrees Celsius, and lower in a few places.

Whether there is a vast difference between the hot summers and cold winters, or not, the lower temperatures does cal for warm clothing. In certain parts of India the winter temperature goes to the lowest of 15 degrees Celsius, which would be considered summer for certain other parts of the world.

Whatever, maybe the temperature the threads to be worn, should be ideally knitted. To define clothing for cold weather climate is not a very difficult task. This is because while people can continue wearing to office or at home normal clothing, it is the outside wear that needs to be elaborated. What is this is outside wear? It would be the sweaters, pullovers, mufflers, overcoats, as well as the inner thermals.

The reason why people need not be too bothered about the normal clothing is because in doors the heating provisions keep the temperature to a normal level.

As far as the sweaters, pullovers, mufflers, overcoats and thermal wear are concerned, it varies from region-to-region, depending on the severity of the winter winds. For instance, in the northern and northeastern states of India, one is required to be fully protected, as the temperatures go down to over minus 10 degrees Celsius. From head to toe they need to wear very thick clothing, in fact layers of clothing that would include inner thermal wear, sweater, over coat, wrap a muffler around the neck, a monkey cap, boots with woolen lining and woolen sock within, along with gloves. Yes, it sound like a lot, but try walking otherwise in the winters!

On the other hand, in most other regions of India, especially towards the south, the winters are rather mild, so one would require a sweater. If in case it is extremely dry then gloves help to protect the hands from scaling, and wearing socks and shoes is advisable, irrespective of the temperate zone one resides in.

The best and most reasonable bargains as far as clothing for cold weather climate is concerned, happens during off season, just after the winters. It may sound a little funny, but actually the best time to buy woolen clothing is after the winter season, and not just as it approaches, as that is the time the shopkeepers make most of it being an essential commodity.