Maternity Swimwear

The tummy is now showing and your well into a few weeks of pregnancy. The do’s and don’ts increase and you want to just leave it all behind with a dip in the pool. But, before you get in there please get a clear ok from your gynaecologist. There are some pregnancies where swimming is disagreed. Well if you get the nod, then first get yourself the right maternity swimwear. So that there is enough space for your bulging belly.

No need to get upset if you are not able to find the right fit, in fact there is a new range exclusively for pregnant women. Get to know first, where these are available. The material has to be a mix of Lycra and spandex. Spandex allows the material to enlarge according to your increasing size, while still giving you comfort.

A fitted bra that has to be fastened or fitted cups would be preferable to just a plain swimsuit. Your choice begins from a one piece swimsuit or to a two piece suit. If you feel a little shy about your bulge in a two-piece suit try out a tankini, a close relative of the bikini, only here the top is long that ends just about the hip.

You can choose a strapless or even a halter tankini. There are styles that will make you feel good about being pregnant. Small prints, floral prints, contrasting colours, polka dots, dual combinations and more are up for grabs. However these varieties ask you to be selective. Choose a print that flatters your curves and ups your style quotient. Don’t think otherwise, that once you are in water, nobody will be watching you. So buy a swimwear that will last you longer and will look good on you now and even after you have put on a few pounds. You are pregnant, but that does not stop you from having the sudden longing and desire to be at the poolside and enjoying the warm sun, lazing, lounging, and tanning.

And of course most pregnant women experience this desire but are embarrassed to sport a bathing suit by the poolside. And those few who are willing to go ahead and sport them don’t know what would be the right kind of maternity swimwear to purchase. Here are a few tips to help you in finding the right kind of maternity swimwear. Before considering a swim, it is advisable to take the consent from your gynaecologist. In some cases of pregnancy, swimming may not be permitted.

A two piece maternity swimsuit that features extra support would be an ideal pick to keep you comfortable during your pregnancy. A single piece skirted swimsuit might be a comfortable maternity swimwear and might help you in feeling less conscious of your lovable little bulge in the belly.

A fabulously flattering wrap front tankini that comes in a slightly longer, belly-covering length would probably be the safest and yet a sexy maternity swimwear to sport. It ideally camouflages your little bulge and flatters your form during your pregnancy.  These are available sports shops, maternity stores & malls in major cities.