Best Careers for Future

The topic of best careers for the future is always debatable. Different people have different opinions about which career choice will be a hit and which one will be a miss. We regularly come across different experts and websites telling us about better job prospects in future. Though, one thing is for sure and that is about growing opportunities in almost all the sectors for young students. We are living in a modern era where things have changed drastically in last few decades. There is a flood of new career choices, earlier unheard of. Traditional career options have taken a back seat and youngsters are willing to take their chances and pursue their passion. That also makes the task of choosing best careers for future quite challenging. However, we have the option of looking at statistics and careful analysis of growth potential of different fields in different parts of the world.

If there is one sector that has earned the sobriquet of ‘sunshine sector’ in last two decades, then it must be Information technology. The segment has witnessed tremendous growth and popularity in recent years. Despite the onslaught of dotcom bust and global recession, the computer technology sector remains one of the hottest career choices. Going forward, there is prediction of increasing sales, revenues and profits for IT giants. The growth of the segment will require many professionals and that augurs well for candidates looking to make their career in information technology.

Financial services sector is definitely one of the top careers for future. The banking and finance industry has seen creation of thousands of new jobs. The fact that, worldwide there is a considerable increase in average income of the people, coupled with lifestyle changes has given rise to financial products. New verticals like mutual funds, equity, forex, loans etc have boosted this sector. People are getting more conscious about financial planning and that has opened a new vista for professionals in this lucrative field. The exposure, received in finance industry is truly remarkable.

Educational sector is another sunshine sector. There has been a substantial increase in literacy rate all across the world and people are being encouraged to pursue higher study. Right from primary education, higher education to new vocational and professional courses, the sector is all set to rise and shine. Early movers in education industry will have great advantage going forward.

One of the best paying careers for the future is nursing. Health awareness is increasing. New medical facilities are being opened up. Number of quality hospitals has also witnessed a significant rise and that will lead to more demand for qualified and well trained nurses. According to one study, there will be millions of job requirement in this field in the coming years.

Some of the other best career choices for future are, psychiatrist, biotechnology, nanotechnology, data mining, tourism, counselling etc. It’s all about identifying the current and future job trends and going whole hog for your passion keeping in mind your strength and opportunities available to you.

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