Chartered Accountant course

Career as a chartered accountant is quite demanding, challenging and rewarding. One of the most well respected professions, chartered accountants are always required by business entities and individuals. It is a popular career choice in countries like India, UK and USA. However, there is no such course as chartered accountancy in the United States. A corresponding role is certified public accountant (CPA) and the role and function of both CA and CPA are very much similar. To become a chartered accountant, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related subject. There is no dearth of good accounting courses in the world. Right from England, Canada to Australia and India, plenty of quality courses are available to the interesting students.

In most of the countries, chartered accounting programs are considered as post-graduate programs which usually last for two years. Apart from a relevant undergraduate degree, prior work experience is also a must. Different countries have different licensing requirements for CAs. At some places, institutions set up internship programs between students and chartered accountants.

Some of the basic subjects covered in chartered accountant training programs are:-

Auditing and assurance
Business ethics
Accounting analysis and financial reporting
Taxation and business laws
Tax planning
Financial regulations
Corporate finance
Value creation etc

In UK, a certified chartered accountant is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), London. Apart from meeting the requirements set by the ACCA, candidates also have to clear ACCA exams and secure a minimum of three years of practical experience to become a certified chartered accountant.

Chartered accountants get plenty of job opportunities. They can work in the private or public sector, including government organizations. Certification offered by ACCA is valid in more than 160 countries so a certified CA can work in any other country. As they are well aware of all the industry specific regulations, chartered accountants are always in demand. They handle all the tax work for individuals and businesses. Many CAs start their own firms or work independently. Banks and financial institutions also hire CAs for conducting research and analysis, and then preparing financial findings and reports.

All the chartered accountants are required to provide dependable advice on all financial and tax issues. Apart from providing financial analysis and forecasting, a CA can also audit records, and help with the investigations of accounting errors or inconsistencies.

Chartered accountant is considered as a very tough career option in India. The percentage ratio of successful CA candidates is very less. There are three stages of CA course which starts with PE-1. Someone who is appearing for the 10+2 exam can provisionally register for this exam. Tem months is the minimum study period for PE-1. To acquire eligibility certificate for PE-2, candidates need to clear either the PE-1 or Foundation course. Once the PE-2 exam or intermediate is cleared, students are eligible for the Final paper. Candidates are also required to undergo two and half years of practical training. Once, candidates manage to clear tough Final paper, sky is the limit.