Creative Writing Courses

As the title suggests this is something which requires a whole lot of imagination, out of box thinking and flair to put all your thoughts however strange or simple, different or regular they may be into meaningful sentences which can be understood. All form of writing be it drama, plays, poems, scripts; songs require a certain degree of creativity.

It is an artful way of expressing one self and showcasing to the world emotions that go unseen to the naked eye. Anyone can try a hand at creative writing but to be able to do it in a satisfactory manner is not every ones cup of tea. It is a skill that can be horned and developed but not learned because it’s a natural talent.

For those seriously interested in putting down their thoughts on paper there are numerous creative writing courses that you can enroll for and give direction to your talent. In order to do so you have to have a minimum educational qualification of 10+2. Such courses are offered at 2 levels, bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

For the latter you must have completed his graduation with English or Comparative Literature as their majors. The minimum duration of the programme is one year, stretchable to a maximum of four years.

Some of the leading institutes offering creative writing courses in India are:

The British Council located in all major metro cities of India
Xavier’s Mumbai
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

The (IGNOU) offers courses in creative writing, namely, Diploma in Creative Writing in English and Hindi. The IGNOU also runs courses such as PG certificate in radio writing and the PG Diploma in translation, through the distance education mode.

There are various career opportunities for creative writers. They can ebter the field of book publishing, Journalism in the field of their choice, copywriting for ad agencies, writing for magazines, journals and papers, script writing and also freelance writing on a part time basis. Also with the increasing use of the internet in also arenas of life be it social or corporate blogging and networking for oneself or others also offers opportunities to build a career.

Having just a professional degree will not ensure you recognition and success as a creative writer. What is absolutely essential is your love for writing, your passion to bring out your ideas, your willingness to expression with utmost freedom and zest and above all an astute ability to understand different viewpoints and accept criticism and thus improve your skills on an ongoing basis.