Electrician Courses

Electricity is an extremely important part of our daily life activity. In a way, we are very much dependent on electricity. But imagine, if some problems occurs with your electric system? That definitely causes us a lot of worry because not everyone can handle electricity related issues. Trying to do it on your own without having any prior knowledge can prove to be dangerous. To handle such situations, we resort to a qualified electrician who has complete knowledge about electrical work and can handle any malfunction. The description of electricians’ job includes testing, fitting and repairing wiring and circuits. He is also responsible for installing new electrical infrastructures.

Electricians work in residential homes, public houses and buildings. They ensure maintenance and installation of electrical wiring and all the related equipment. Electricians are always in demand because every other day new buildings are being made and it is the job of electrician to install new circuits after building work is completed. These factors truly highlight the increasing role of electricians in our society. Electricians are well trained and are provided several hours of class room training and practical experience to become a skilled electrician.

This is an ideal job for those with average academic records and well versed with electricity related aspects. Different countries have different requirements as far qualification is concerned. In USA, Apprenticeship programs are conducted for electricians that include classroom training and ‘paid on the job’ training. The apprenticeship program is usually of 4 years with minimum 144 hours of classroom instruction. On the job training period is of approximately 2000 hours. Classroom instruction involves understanding of electrical theory, electrical code requirements, blueprint reading and safety and aid practices. Training is offered by number of private, public vocational technical schools. Applicants must have a high school diploma and should be able to pass the licensure exam.

In India, Applicants must have passed high school. Some of the electrician training centres in India are,

The All India Shri Shivaji memorial society’s industrial training center, Pune
Govt. I.T.I (Men), Pondicherry.
Govt. I.T.I., Nettapkkam.
Govt. ITI Dheerpur , Delhi
Govt. I.T.I. (Men), Karaikal.

Apart from these courses, there are some government sponsored programs and online certification courses. But it’s better if the candidates join a full time course where they get to learn practical skills.

If we see eligibility criteria in UK, then one need to have NVQ level 3 in electro technical services to become a fully qualified electrician. Most of the candidates opt for training as an apprentice, because that offers small wage as well as required practical training. At some places, applicant will be asked to clear initial aptitude test.

Some of the basic responsibilities of electricians are,
Fitting circuit breakers, fuse boxes and earth terminals.
Installing alarms and security systems.
Reading blueprint and assessing methods to work out fitting of plug sockets and wiring.
Regular maintenance of electrical equipments and wiring.
Installing initial wires along the ceilings, walls and floors.

Electricians can earn good amount of money. There are plenty of job opportunities for electricians because of lack of skilled electricians and secondly flood of new constructions like buildings, residential homes, construction, schools, restaurants etc. He can work in electrical and building firms, hospitals, electrical manufacturers, power generating companies, and engineering companies. An electrician also has the option of self-employment.