Stock Market Courses

Numbers, markets indices, trading, and economy are the common terms which come to one’s mind when we talk about stock market. One has to have a deep understanding of the national and global economy, various companies, and trends in stocks etc to make a successful career in stock market. Stock Exchanges provide youngsters with a completely new career option, that of stock broking. Due to liberalization and globalization of economy, stock exchanges have become busy places with transactions worth millions per day.

The qualification required for one to become a stock broker is to have minimum 2 years experience in a stock broking firm. A sub broker needs to be 12th pass to be able to apply for the job. After completing the course one has to register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to become a broker.

The courses on stock broking in India are –
Post-graduate membership course in capital market and financial services
One-year Post-Graduate Diploma in fundamentals of capital market development.
Certificate Courses
Chartered Financial Analyst Equity Research
Major Institutes offering Stock Broker Courses in India are:
Bombay Stock Exchange’s BSE Training Institute, Mumbai Institute of Capital Market Development, New Delhi All India Centre for Capital market Studies, Nashik Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi Institute of Financial and Investment Planning, Mumbai Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI), Hyderabad The Orion Institute of Capital Market, New Delhi The UTI Institute of capital Market, Navi Mumbai
Stock markets are places where brokers sell and buy securities on behalf of individuals or institutions they represent. Since the global as well as the Indian economy is on an upsurge stock markets offer a great deal of opportunity. Indian stock exchanges, today, are dealing with big numbers and big buyers.

The capital markets are undergoing transformation. Today’s progressive brokers deal in billions rather than in millions. Brokers now have all their operations computerized and employ qualified industry specialists to advice on buying and selling of stocks.

Stock Broking involves larger sums of money and that too not one’s own but that of others and therefore stockbrokers have to be very trustworthy. Integrity and honesty are other qualities which are extremely important for a stock broker to be successful.

A person who has done a Stock Broker course in India can find jobs in the following areas:
Business Houses Stock Broking Firms Investment Banks
One can work as a dealer or an analyst (to be an analyst one needs to be a M.B.A or a C.A)
Prospects for the stock broking business in India are bright and for those who have the necessary qualifications and the personality traits to cope with it, the openings are many.