Top Career Choices

The question of top career choices demands significant research and debate. The conclusion on top career choices in world can only be derived after closely following market trends, job growth, industry pattern and health of global economy. The way world is changing on a daily basis, what is popular career choice today might become obsolete tomorrow, but there are certain careers that will always remain popular and lucrative. There are plenty of opportunities in these sectors and going by the trend, this is likely to remain that way. Finding a perfect career is the key to a happy and blissful life. A successful career is built upon making the right choice. Choosing a career for you should never be an impulsive decision. It should be decided after careful considerations. One needs to look at his strength and weaknesses apart from interest before arriving at the best possible choice. Monetary factor does play a major part in this decision but this should not be the only criteria. Make sure, you are choosing the career that you would love to do for the rest of your life.

Financial services have emerged as the backbone of the economy. Career in banking or finance is considered as safe, secure and lucrative. One gets numerous opportunities to excel and demand for qualified and well trained professionals is always there. Growing awareness among people about importance of financial planning has opened new doors for finance professionals. Career as a financial planner or banker can be uplifting. And yes, it always pays well.

One of the offbeat but potentially lucrative career choices is of wind turbine engineers. The reason is based upon the fact that we are soon going to run out of natural gas supplies and oils. World is looking for renewable source of energy like wind energy, solar energy, turbines etc. In coming years, the demand for professionals with command over new sources of energy will be very high. Those who enter now will have a head start over others.

There is a massive surge in medical science and health care. This is not only a top paying career choice but also a highly satisfying one. The job opportunities are huge and one must take the plunge. Similarly, career in teaching can never go out of fashion and out of demand. Teaching is a noble profession and there will always be a demand for high quality teachers across the world. This holds particularly true for women for whom, teaching has always remained a popular career choice.

Let’s also have a look at some of the top career choices 2010. This data is based upon statistics gathered in USA, UK and Canada.

Network Systems Analysts
Physician’s Assistant
Medical Assistants
Software Engineers
Database Administrators
Veterinary Technicians
Dental Hygienists
Data Communications Analysts
Marketing Officer
Medical Administrator
Community Nurse
Advertising Agency Account Executive
Information Officer
Program Analyst

Above mentioned career choices are most popular in western countries. However, the choice of a career should always be based on proper analysis and observation. One should keep looking at changing global and local trends before choosing the perfect career.