Dysfunctional family and childhood problems

Dysfunctional family can have disastrous impact on a child’s life. During the childhood phase, it is important for a family to provide love, care, and kindness to the child failure to provide of which, can result in destructive psychological effects on children. Many a times, parents who fail to provide a safe and secure environment to the child, do so because of the unpleasant memories of their own childhood. The family environment plays a major role in determining how an infant will be raised and whether it will be a well adjusted child, teenager and finally, a responsible adult. A child’s personality and development is adversely affected because of neglect, long term deprivation and insensitive parenting roles. The worst effect transpires in adoption of these negative behaviours by the child when he grows to become an adult and start running his own family.

The effects of a dysfunctional family are very likely to prevail into the next generation.

Let’s have a look at typical characteristics of a dysfunctional family:-

Particular needs and desires of the child are always neglected.
A definite lack of trust and absence of security
Illogical and rigid family values and rules
Distinct lack of the feeling of love and belonging
Consistent occurrence of domestic abuse in form of verbal, physical and sexual abuse
Complete lack of understanding between family members
Frequent disputes and squabbling among the family members over petty issues
Ignoring child’s emotional needs
Negative dealing of stressful situations

A child’s psychology is completely battered and bruised with distorted attitudes of his family members. With the regular occurrence of such behaviour, unhealthy relationships become a norm in child’s life.

Affected children show different behavioural traits such as:-

Unable to express their feelings
Constant feeling of loneliness
Prone to hatred, frustration, depression and anger
Being too hard on oneself
Indecisive and unable to respond properly
Too difficult for them to enjoy anything
Bitterness towards one and all
Unable to establish intimate relationships
Espousing themselves to abusive relations
Exhibition of drug or alcohol addiction and substance abuse
Study problems

A dysfunctional family can destroy a child’s future. A child must be saved from the effects of such families with the help of law, social organizations, other family members and society.