Fancy Dress Ideas

When it comes to a fancy dress competition, they only way to win it is by being innovative. But then a fancy dress is not only about a competition; it could be a general party theme. Maybe a party thrown at home, or the theme for the prom night. It is all about having fun and yet bringing out the creative genius in you.

Fancy dress ideas could be taken from history books, hardbound books that talk about the various eras of human civilization (with pictures), it could be on the basis of the main character of your favorite movie or television serial.

Amongst adults the preferred are historic characters, which inmost cases calls for supplicated dressing, unless you are adventurous and would like to do something different.

For parents it is a little more difficult to think of fancy dress ideas, especially when your child really wants to win the competition. Amongst the common ideas are the bunnies and characters from the fairy tales, or even cartoon characters. But to think of something different, probably you could dress them up as an object, or create a totally new character that could make a difference to the present world situation.

For instance, Mr./Miss. Clean surrounding who is dressed up in garbage that he/she has collected by supposedly cleaning the world. But then this kind of innovation is called for when it is an open theme. However, in the case of prescribed theme, then you have to select accordingly.

In the case of adults, again it is the theme that matters. Sometimes people decide on a certain decade to be represented such as the 1960s. The theme could be the movies, music, the 1800s, etc. To add fun to the event, you need not make it a typical contest, but something more fun with a few strange titles, like the authentic looking, the groomed, the unexpected, etc. ~ author Karishma Bajaj.