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KidsBank.Com -tutorial for kids designed to explain the basics of such banking services as how savings, interest, and checking works.

Kids n Money – About managing money

starting your own home business

bond investing

Sites for Kids – Links to websites with information about subjects such as the job market, specific jobs, wages, job safety, and labor policy issues of interest to young people.

starting your own home business – Useful Points to consider

Junior Achievement – Organization which helps children to value free enterprise through educational programs.

Kids Club Savings Calculator – Figure out how much you have to save before you can buy.

KidsMoney Q & A – ask questions and get answers on how to earn money.

Tax  System – Introduces children to the process of starting a business, paying taxes and filing reports in a fun and easy way to understand.

Club Savings – learn more about saving money.

Kids Can Save – Fantasy story  to encourage kids to start saving early

Young Investors Network –  help kids learn the basics of investing. Registration required, but is free.

Fun Money – Trivia game about coins, paper money, and the history of money.

Magic Penny – Helps kids and teens learn how to earn, spend, save, and invest their money to see it grow. free registration.


Leadership – Resources on leadership

Young Investor Web Site -Some articles about how a kid can save money, start a business, and get some questions about money answered.

YoungBiz – Information on business, investing, and entrepreneurship for teenagers.

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starting your own home business – Useful Points to consider

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