Elocution refers to one’s capacity in communicating with others with the use of exact speech and gestures. It is natural for parents to want their children speak exceptionally well in school or when among friends. Parents get worried if they observe that their child is not good in speech as they are aware that speaking skill is necessary in any level and in any profession. A salesman is a failure if he fails to impress the customers when he presents his commodity. Similarly, a teacher cannot control his class or earn respect from the student’s community if his lectures fail to draw their attention because of his shortcomings in speech and gestures.

Speech centers round a language and its pronunciation, grammar and obviously the manner in which the speech is delivered. This includes articulation (sound and distinct pronunciation), inflection (modulation and pitch of the voice), accent (comparative stress on different syllables), character of voice (clear or overlapped) and gesture (language of the body). Hence children should be prepared to learn the asset of words spoken and simultaneously words not spoken in order to develop effective skill in communication.

Elocution speech may be selected from the classical literature and students and children should be guided to practice under careful supervision of expert teachers who should provide elocution topics for children. And it is not difficult to find. Just remember the Rostrum scene in William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ in which first Brutus and then Antonio have presented excellent delivery of speech.

Shakespeare and Julius Caesar will be tough for beginners, reason why it is better for them to practice from the parables mentioned in the Bible where the language is superbly crafted and is easy and amazingly lucid. All the features of a good set of speech are present there. Necessary gestures to express in body language may easily be practiced at the same time. English literature is rich with elocution speech. Alice in the Wonderland of Lewis Carroll is a classic example.

The world of poetry has a lot to encourage one who is looking for elocution poems. Luminaries from R. L. Stevenson to Edward Lear are endless in this sphere. Whose name should not be mentioned? John Masefield, Christina Rossetti, Robert Southey, William Blake. ‘Lucy Poems’ of William Wordsworth cannot be set aside. And John Keats with the famous ‘Naughty Boy’ smiles like a twinkling star.

Elocution ideas relates to the steps which should be followed to prepare children. Grammar of the language is a very important aspect to which attention must be paid. Proper accent is another sphere. Children should stand straight with head up and with belly sent back and with chest forwarded when they prepare to deliver speech. Confidence building process should be creatively followed as a good number of kids manifest nervousness in the beginning. Hence it is good and healthy to groom children in a group as against individually wherein they feel all eyes on them.

Children must be advised to keep in mind that the introductory and concluding words in a speech are very important. Teachers must explain what effects are created when a speaker occasionally raises his hands and turns to the left or to the right. Children must know why they should not look straight in the eyes of the listeners facing them and why and at what point they should receive the audience with a charming smile.

It is impossible to conceive existence of a society where people can live without communicating with each other. Here lies the significance of elocution. And what better than to start grooming your child towards it today so that he excels in it tomorrow.