Knitting Books

Knitting, the craft of weaving thread with a set of two needles is making waves in the fashion world. Although this is an age-old craft it still turns heads in the fashion industry. Those with deft hands experiment to come out with something different. And when their designs are welcome and applauded they release books on how to get to a specific design.

In Indian book stores, knitting books are available by the dozen on the subject of your choice. Be it socks for babies or adults, baby hats, mittens, scarves and shawls or anything you desire. You can get it from a knitting book. Detailed step-by-step methods are written in simple and easy to understand language.

Knitting books display a design on the cover page which is explained in-depth in the inside pages. Besides there are more patterns detailed in the book. Knitting books give you details of the required material, size of the needles, colors of the thread and its width.

Once you understand the stitch some knitting books authors encourage you to innovate and bring out your own style.
~ author Lata S. Batra.

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