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English Grammar homework help

English Grammar homework help :

Encourage children to read books. Your child’s spelling and English grammar will improve over time.

You can improve your child’s English grammar be sharing and reading stories together.

Although reading and writing abilities develop throughout life, the early childhood years most important period for a child’s literacy development.

Here’s a little rhyme which teachers used in days gone by to help students learn the parts of speech & grammar.

Three little words you often see
Are ARTICLES: a, an, and the.

A NOUN’s the name of anything,
As: school or garden, toy, or swing.

ADJECTIVES tell the kind of noun,
As: great, small, pretty, white, or brown.

VERBS tell of something being done:
To read, write, count, sing, jump, or run.

How things are done the ADVERBS tell,
As: slowly, quickly, badly, well.

CONJUNCTIONS join the words together,
As: men and women, wind or weather.

The PREPOSITION stands before
A noun as: in or through a door.

The INTERJECTION shows surprise
As: Oh, how pretty! Ah! how wise!

The whole are called the PARTS of SPEECH,
Which reading, writing, speaking teach.