Face Painting Ideas

Simple ways to pep up the mood for a party or carnival would be to try out a few face painting ideas. Face painting ideas occur in enthusiastic forms like tattoo ideas to general country flag ones. The remarkable ones are seen during Carnival times or certain theme parties.

Euphoria is highlighted to see the human waves in a jubilant mood, complete with face paint in a stadium viewing the cricket match.Face painting colors are special and found in hobby articles shop. It is better to test for allergies by doing a patch test to avoid problems. Keep the brush exclusive and clean after use. Use butterflies or a flower motif.

Get into the Halloween pumpkin costume and use some orange effects for the face. To maintain the simple effect go for elaborate eye and eyebrow colors and keep the other features untouched.

Be a Dracula or get a fake scar. Face painters are professionals and conduct classes for you to learn. Join the weekend forums with kids to try face painting. Be a kitten or a fierce tiger. Go bizarre or be in the ethnic style. Match your arm tattoo or again go for the shoulder and face painting. Torso or paintings on one arm can be also catchy.

Patriotic fervor is enhanced painting the face during the national day parade or watching some international sport. Keep tissues, wipes, sponge and face cloth hand with loads of water around while using the colours. One needs patience as the first coat takes time to dry. Use the second coat with a skilled hand. First timers can practice by testing the ideas in the hands and palms. Volunteer to face paint for others heeding their requests.

Face fainting supplies need :  water-based face paints , clean paint brushes or cotton swabs , smock (you can use an old shirt)

face painting idea –  Dog:

  1. Fill in the bottom half of your nose with black face paint.
  2. Paint a rounded triangle under your nose. The point should be directly under your nose and the base above your upper lip.
  3. Paint a small “U” directly under your lower lip and fill it in.
  4. Paint a big circle around one of your eyes that extends from above your eyebrow to below your eye. Fill it in. (Never put face paint too close to your eyes!)
  5. Add small black spots for “whisker holes” on your cheeks.
  6. Wear a brown shirt and you can really look like a dog.

face painting idea Clown:

  1. Paint your whole face white by outlining your face with the white face paint and then filling it in. Try to only use one coat of face paint. If you use too much it won’t look as good.
  2. Use red face paint to paint around the outside of your real mouth to make a big smile. Don’t get too close to your real mouth! Do this by outlining your mouth and then filling it in. The red can extend up to the lower part of your cheeks for a large smile.
  3. Paint a red circle on the tip of your nose.
  4. Paint triangles above and below your eyes. You can use any color you want.
  5. Put on a colorful wig, some big, baggy clothes, and you’re a clown!

face painting Cleanup : To remove the face paint, use soap and warm water