Hobo Bags

Most people don’t give as much time in choosing their handbags as much time as they spare to choosing a pair of jeans. If a handbag fits your lifestyle then it works, but there is much more to choosing a handbag than that, because a handbag can flatter your shape almost as much as the right pair of jeans.

If you get a bag that is in proportion to your figure, it works not only knock off some of your weight, but also works to polish up your style in a flash. Hobo bags are very practical to carry and yet have the right element and touch of fashion. They are spacious enough to let you take a lot of your essentials with you and still stylish enough to let you make that style statement .

These bags are usually crescent-shaped or they have a slouchy top and shoulder straps. Some of the latest design versions of these bags also come in suede, warm browns, denim and smooth leather. It would be a good idea to choose the more structured styles for business-perfect looks and use the softer versions of the hobo bags for casual wear.

Most people fancy the leather hobo bags. Some of the common varieties of the leather versions include smooth, soft leathers or pebbled leathers. Even the suede bags, which are usually soft, and have a casual look, are considered chic.

However, it is a thought worth considering, that leather, however fancy, causes the death of the animals whose skins it is made of, and there are many more versions apart from the leather to choose from. So, it might be a nice idea to choose a hobo bag of one of the other materials just to save a few animals.

There are hobo bags, which come with embellishments. These would be most suitable for people who like to make a rock ‘n’ roll style statement. There are number of designers who have managed to churn out designer logos with the classic hobo.

The larger versions of the hobos will give you even more space to and room to pack of all your essentials. Then there are the mini hobo bags which are definitely cute and little, but even very high in style. It is basically a smaller hobo shape and it looks great on women who are petite themselves and might be overwhelmed by the larger handbag.

Then there are the hipster shoulder bags, which have a shimmering sheen finish on its micro-fiber body and they have a handle style shoulder strap. These bags have a cool seventies look.

In fact these they have recently become a style quotient in India. Of course the popular style icons on TV such as the MTV Style tips and the fashion magazines such as Femina and Cosmopolitan define the style quotient for the Indian teenagers. The hobo bags have been classified as the fashion pick for the Indian audiences across various fashion shows and magazines.