Mexican Ponchos

The Mexicans in the cities and larger towns wear clothes that are similar to the ones that are worn in the United States and Canada. The village people usually wear simple types of clothes that vary according to the region and climate. The designs of these clothes date back hundreds of years.

In the central and southern Mexico, most of the men generally wear plain cotton shirts and trousers, and leather sandals called huaraches. It is during cold or rainy weather, that they wear Mexican ponchos. These Mexican ponchos are basically blankets that have a slit in the center for the head and are draped over the shoulders.

Some of the villagers’ ponchos are homemade. Hand weaving was an ancient Indian art, and today the Indians are famous for their beautiful home-woven fabrics. Styles of weaving vary throughout Mexico, and an Indian’s region can be identified by the colors and designs of his poncho or serape.

For example, blankets with a striped rainbow pattern come from the Saltillo area of the country. Some of the Indians wear unusual clothing. Large capes that are made of straw are worn in the Oaxaca state. On the holidays, most of the Indian women on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec wear a wide, lacy white headdress called a huipil grande.

In Yucatan, Maya women wear long, loose white dresses that are embroidered around the neck and bottom hem. These are essentially Mexican ponchos for women. The Mexicans sometimes also wear national costumes on holidays and other special occasions.

Though, the ponchos have their origin in Mexico, they have made great waves in the Indian fashion scene recently. They are the traditional outfits in mexico, and are in fact considered to be an everyday wear, but in India, like in some of the other western countries, they have become the fashion pick of the season. data(c)Indian child. all rights reserved.