Free Crochet Hat Patterns

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free crochet hat patterns:

Children: Chain 27, ch 1 turn.
Single crochet across row-
27 single crochet- ch 1 turn.
(You can hdc or dc until length is 21 inches long.)
Once you have your length fold
from the bottom up and
whip stitch the seam across the top.
Now take your needle and thread it through
the “top” gathering your material
tightly together. Pull tight. Add pompom.

crochet hat pattern – Mitten patterns

Patterns for mittens.
Basically, chain 89,
*Sc in 12, slip 6, sc 24, slip 4, sc 24, slip 6, sc in 12.
Chain 1, turn. * Repeat. Easy!
(The 12 is the cuff, 6 wrist area, 24 palm area,
4 is where you will fold,
24 palm, 6 is the wrist, 12 is the cuff.)

Work to desired width for the palm of the hand.
Working on the same piece sc in 11, slip 6, sc 9,
chain 21, skip over 34 stitches,
sc in 9, slip 6, sc in 12.

Chain 1, turn.
*Sc in 11, slip 6, sc 18, slip 3,
sc 18, slip 6, sc 12.
* Repeat for desired width of the thumb.
Fold over and sew together! That’s all there is to it!

crochet hat patterns, Mittens

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