Khudiram Bose

Indian freedom struggle is full of legendary heroes. Many of those heroes have been seeped away by time but their contributions have been etched into the memories of Indian people. One such legend was Khudiram Bose who defied all odds and terrified British rulers. Khudiram Bose became a martyr at a tender age of 19. His age was just a number. What many teens had dreamt of doing, he did that. Khudiram Bose was an exceptional freedom fighter.

Lets’ have a look into the extraordinary biography of Khudiram Bose.

Born on December 3, 1889 in the Medinipur village of Bengal, Khudiram was son of Trailokyanath Basu and Lakshmipriya Devi. One of the youngest revolutionaries of India’s freedom struggle, Khudiram Bose led an eventful life before he sacrificed himself.

Khudiram got his inspiration from sacred words of Vande Matram and Bhagvad Gita. When he participated in the freedom struggle and ultimately succumbed to it, he was merely a child. His first brush with freedom occurred during Bengal partition. The whole incident left him with a feeling of discontentment and anger against the British.

He jumped into revolutionary activities and was determined to free India of cruel British rule. Khudiram joined Jugantar, a party of revolutionaries to learn more about the freedom fighters. At a young age of 16, he threw the first bomb on the British who were curbing Indians from their birth right – ‘freedom’. These bombs were planted near the police station. Many British police offers lost their lives in this attack.

These bomb attacks were just the beginning of Khudiram’s freedom struggle life. He planned several more bomb attacks but the most prominent one was the one against Magistrate Kingsford. The Magistrate was notorious for his brutal and biased judgements against the Indian fighters. Khudiram had planned to throw a bomb to assassinate Magistrate but his plan did not materialise as he would have wanted. He had to flee from the scene but was arrested later on.

Khudiram Bose was sentenced to death on August 11, 1908 on the charges of bomb attacks. His last words before being hanged were, ‘Vande Matram’.