Outstanding Gifts for 17-Year-Old Girls

Teens can be a handful sometimes, and shopping for them can be difficult due to the increasing trends in fashion. They are mostly up to date with these trends through social media platforms and the internet. You cannot get the usual gift for your teen; make her feel special and loved.

There are so many gifts you can get them to win their hearts, especially things you know they would love so much and find useful.

Asking them about what they like might give you a clue about what they need. It is that simple. We have outlined some gifts to help you choose a perfect one for your teenage daughter.

1. Salebox Leather Backpack and Sling Bag

Teens will love this multifunctional and fashionable sling backpack. Perfect for use on any occasion. A very fashionable bag for beautiful girls and women. They will feel chic and happy to put all their items for work or school all in one place.

It is constructed with soft PU leather, making it durable, safe, high-end, and odourless. Exclusively has a large space for keeping different items such as wallet, cellphone, iPad, magazines, umbrella, books, cosmetics, and many other items.

The bag’s structure includes a zipper pocket at the back, a back pocket in front, a major compartment, a zipper pocket inside, a cardholder, small interior pockets, and a sling bag with a chain. All these compartments are used to keep multiple items.

It serves as a perfect gift for girls during their birthday or valentine and others. This bag can be used to work, school, travelling, hiking, and lots more.

Attached to it is a sleek shoulder strap that can be removed and adjusted easily. This bag set has different compartments that make it easy to store items in an organized fashion.

2. Shining Diva Silver Ring

Get your 17-year-old looking beautiful with these shiny silver knuckle rings everywhere they go.

Best suited as gifts for women, girls, or even your girlfriend. Each set comes with ten fashionable and beautiful knuckle finger rings. These rings can be used to attend different occasions or moods and on different cloth wears like casual or for parties.

They are made with an alloy which makes the rings last long and extremely durable. The package also comes in free size and can be used by almost any lady.

3. Stickme Inspirational Wall Stickers

This is designed to make the home, workplace, school, and other places look great. Enjoy these budget-friendly and easy-to-install sticker decorations. Best for decoration of restaurants, cafes, play areas, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and other places of her choice.

A set of wall stickers comes with a DIY manual to aid easy installation. A very easy-to-install sticker, peel, and stick to any smooth surface. It is easy to remove and replace without causing any damage to the wall.

Constructed with PVC vinyl stickers which is a durable material thereby lasts long and is waterproof. Attachments can be done on smooth surfaces like tiles, windows, closets, plastic, glass, and smooth walls. It is a multi-coloured product.

With these stickers, she can easily decorate her room or workspace in a unique way that she loves, enabling her to feel comfortable all the time.

4. Brezzycloud Cosmetic Makeup Bag

It is exclusively designed for travelling, business trips, and homes. Made especially for makeup fanatics, who love to look good always.

This bag is extremely spacious and can hold all her cosmetic and makeup accessories, including hairbrushes, lip gloss, makeup brushes, eyeshadow, skincare products, and so on.

It is very portable and can be carried from place to place, keeping her beautiful always. With a built-in mirror, makeup is easily and conveniently applied by her at all times.

Few pockets hold some accessories in place, leaving her bag well organized and fashionable.

It is made with PU leather which keeps the bag waterproof and can be cleaned easily. It can be kept anywhere because of its flat base.

It possesses a sturdy zipper that lasts for a long and does not get stuck when handled. The bag is very portable and provides no discomfort while travelling.

5. Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Does your 17-year-old love music? This is for her. Music lovers will enjoy this powerful speaker anywhere they go listening to cool music that suits their mind.

This gadget has an extra bass for boosting the low tones of a song. It is waterproof and safe for use in places where spills may occur without causing issues, including her bathroom.

With a frequency of 2.4 GHz, the speaker has a long battery life of 16 hours, giving her cool music all day. Its small and compact size makes it easy to be moved to her place of choice.

A detachable strap enables it to be hung or carried anywhere while jamming. She can use it for hands-free calling due to its built-in mic. It plays no matter the amount of dust because of its dustproof nature, including places like pools, deserts, and forests. She keeps listening to her favourite songs, anytime, anywhere, without worries or concerns.

6. Shining Diva Metal Earrings

Keep your girls looking gorgeous and beautiful always with these amazing earrings that will set them apart looking like divas.

A set comes with 24 pairs of earrings. Twelve pairs each of gold and silver-plated earrings. Serves as a perfect gift for ladies during valentine or birthdays. These exquisite sets of earrings can be worn on different outfits, for different occasions, either casual, official, or daily wear, and it also depends on the mood.

7. Youbella Lock Pendant Necklace

It is exquisitely designed for ladies to feel special and look beautiful. Your teen can wear this looking elegant and stylish.

They are designed to suit every occasion she attends. It is free from nickel and lead, thus making it friendly to the skin. It does not cause any allergic reactions. The necklace lasts for a long due to plating with high-quality polish.

Avoid placing the necklace in oils or chemicals to avoid fading and discolouration. It keeps shining for long periods due to its gold finish. It will also help your teen to stand out in a class of her own amongst her peers.

8. Silver Cat Ankle Boots

These ankle boots are stylish and comfortable. It keeps ladies looking sexy and gorgeous at the same time. It is highly fashionable and can be worn for special occasions.

The sole is made of polyvinyl chloride, which keeps her comfortable always. It has a block heel for firm foot support and stability. It is made with lace-up closures that leave the shoe more sturdy and provides support for her feet. The laces can be easily adjusted by tightening or loosening to keep her feet comfortable.

9. Pranjals leather Bound Diary

Girls who love to write will cherish this as a gift. Perfect for keeping records, personal memos, sketches, and many more.

It has multiple functions as it can be used for jotting, doodling, sketching, writing, putting down official and personal activities, and calligraphy. Each diary comes with 100 unruled khadi papers. It serves as a planner and can be used for different purposes.

They are constructed with handmade leather, which is eco-friendly and durable. Its sturdiness and compact size make it easy to be carried from one place to another. Thus, they last for long. She can easily write without being worried about the pen bleeding on it.

10. Boat Airdropes Earbuds

These great earbuds are perfect gifts for your 17-year-old girls. They are a must-have for teens, especially if they love music and love to trend.

Its v5.0 Bluetooth has a range of 10 m and is highly compatible with IOS and android. Each earbud charges fully in one and half hours. When the earbuds are in their charging cases its playback time is 25 hours and 5 hours in earbuds.

Each earbud is constructed with a mic. The earbuds come with extra stuff for her use, such as a warranty card, user manual, USB charging cable, and earmuffs. Exclusively designed with touch control for easy navigation.

The best part is that they are very comfortable when worn. While using this gadget, they remain in tune with their surroundings while jogging, running or walking.


At this age, teenagers crave so many things. Knowing what they like would be of great help. They could be lovers of music, art, makeup, fashion, and others. Purchase unique, meaningful, creative, and personalized gifts for your 17-year-old girls regardless of the cost.

Treat them like queens that they are, and they will cherish that special gift and attention given to them for long. Do not hold back on pleasing these teenagers; act now and win them over with wonderful gifts.