Equality status and Girl Child in India

We Indians call our nation mother India and are great devotees of Mother Goddess in various manifestations. But is this devotion and respect for the country restricted to only a few words or do well actually implement these values. No, we all are openly playing a double standard game with our country as well as our Goddess. No one of us can deny the dual character personality of Indians. One end we say that we worship Maa Sarastwati, Maa Durga, Maa Laksmi and at the other end we are continuously destroying the precious gift of nature, a girl child.

The latest and innovative techniques of gender detection have empowered the rate of female foeticide in India. Every mother desires to have abortion if the ultrasound test detects a girl child. Wait a moment…what can you see in the ultrasound? Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, innocent face, ready to come out and feel the beauty of nature and love of mother. Close your eyes and you will hear a sweet voice from within, ‘Mamma’. Will you still abort your unborn girl child? No, you can’t be so cruel, at least not to someone who is a part of you.

Becoming a mother is the greatest gift of God. Treasure this gift regardless of the fact whether you have a baby boy or baby girl. It’s now time to take an initiative to curb the undesirable practice of girl discrimination. Girls must enjoy the right to freedom, right to education and right to birth. They are biologically stronger than boys and must receive adequate nutrition, health care facilities and education. They must be given opportunities to explore themselves and prove their capabilities. As mothers, they are responsible for imparting values, cultural beliefs and manners in their children. Hence, they must be educated spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.
Women are the best players of the society to bring in vigor, harmony, cooperation, humanity and eventually transforming the society into a compassionate and peaceful place to live in.
Every child required nourishment and wise guidance in the early formative years. At this stage, a woman helps her child imbibe the best of good things in life. Lack of education will not only harm the individual development of a child but whole of the nation.
Presently, many harmful characters are misguiding the status of women, resulting in retarded social growth. Rules and regulations must be adopted to improve the status of woman in every state and furthermore result in an overall development of the country