Types of Human Rights Violation

All individuals are entitled to certain basic rights in every part of the world. Irrespective of the circumstances, no one is morally or ethically empowered to take away these basic rights from ordinary citizens. The rights are of different types like political and civil liberty rights. The most fundamental right available to a human being is of right to life and physical safety. Human rights are the expression of the need for human dignity, fairness, acceptance, tolerance and mutual respect. The idea of human rights coveys the scope of justice and morality. Though, many international organizations and country heads emphasize the need of human rights, its violation has always been a common phenomenon in different parts of the world.

No, we are not strangers to violation of human rights in certain countries. Incidents of inhuman acts keep occurring throughout the world. People are being deprived of basic human necessities. Despite the presence of international watchdogs, basic human rights have been taken away in the name of communal discrimination, fundamentalism and racial discrimination. The phenomenon is more rampant in third world countries. Women and children have suffered the most because of these violations.

Types of human rights violation include child trafficking, dowry, sexual harassment, early marriage, child labor, polygamy, genocide, slavery, medical experimentation, war crimes and rape are common. It would be premature to say that right kinds of efforts are not being made to improve the situation but the progress is quite slow. The magnitude of these violations demands drastic measures and some concrete actions. For instance, if we talk about child labor, it is a common social phenomenon in South Asia. These children do not get proper education, food, shelter and treatment. Many a times, their lives are in danger and yet the progress made on this front is far from satisfactory.

Similarly, dowry is a social curse which often leads to killing of the brides. Child trafficking is in existence since ages but do we really see any improvement in this regard? Sexual harassment and rape are barbaric acts of human rights violation taking place in many parts of the globe. Genocide and war crimes assault the fundamental and political rights of the victims.

We must come up with immediate execution of remedial measures to counter the menace of human right violation. They say, justice delayed is justice denied and sooner we realize this, better for the overall welfare of the public.