National Technology Day

May 11- National Technology Day

India has made several technological breakthroughs in the field of science. One such breakthrough was mastering of nuclear weapons technology. Hardly a handful of countries in the world have mastered nuclear weapons and missile technology. Through the series of controlled tests at Pokharan, India joined an elite group of nations to achieve the feat.

The arrival of Indian technology got a further boost with test flight of the indigenous aircraft Hansa-3 and test firing of indigenously developed Trishul, Agni and Prithvi missile. These technological marvels made the world sit and notice the rapid advancements made by India.
National Technology Day falls on 11th May. The occasion is celebrated all over the India to commemorate technological breakthroughs. All these achievements are significantly diverse in nature and that makes them even more commendable. Before Pokharan, India was not really acknowledged as a force to reckon with in international technology but the nuclear tests completely changed the scenario for the nation.

It is a scientific miracle to develop nuclear power technology and when India managed to do it indigenously, the country had every reason to feel proud of itself. 11th May is the day when India flexed its technological muscle. It is also a sweet reminder of the success of the country in a strategically important area.
Today, India has institutional, strategic, technological and manpower strengths and National Technology Day makes us remember this fact. The day enabled India to make its commanding presence felt in the global arena. Now, India cannot be taken lightly in any sphere of technology.

National Technology Day symbolizes achievements of India in the field of science and technology. India has made rapid strides in every field of technology. Right from agriculture to software, India is a giant force in the world and very few countries can boast of such turnarounds.