World Animal Welfare Day

October 4 -World Animal Welfare Day

World Animal Welfare Day is totally dedicated to the animals. The occasion celebrates animal life in all its forms. First started in 1931 at a convention of ecologist in Florence, Italy, the purpose of World Animal Day was to highlight the predicament faced by endangered species. Slowly, the idea grew in scope and later on included all forms of animal life. World Animal Day is celebrated in every corner of the world. October 4 is a significant day as it also marks the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

World Animal Day celebrates relationship between humankind and animal kingdom. Animals play a diverse array of role in our lives. They not just enrich our lives with their support and companionship; they also make us better human beings. It is a historical journey traveled together by humans and animals. The day gives us a reason to be part of something special.

The best part about World Animal day is that it is not restricted to any one nationality, creed, religion, political belief or ideology. This festival is for those who care for animals and also for those who should care for these wonderful creations. Several organizations, animal welfare groups, schools, individuals, charitable trusts and clubs etc participate in Animal day celebration. With every passing year, number of events taking place on this day has increased substantially. The purpose is to ensure our active contributions in saving endangered species and care for all other kinds of animals. The occasion provides us a reason to unite the animal welfare movement all across the globe.

Animal welfare campaigns are launched on World Animal Day. Rescue shelters for the animals are opened in different parts of the world. Fundraising events are also organized. Schools and different group of the wildlife arranges information displays. Voluntary organizations come forward to sponsor shelter to the animals. World Animal day is a wonderful reminder of different ways in which animals enhance our lives.