World Consumer Rights Day

March 15- World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is an annual international occasion. The day aims to enhance solidarity within the international consumer movement. March 15 gives us an opportunity to promote the basic rights of all consumers. This was the day when USA President John F Kennedy had first outlined the definition of Consumer Rights in 1962. WCRD demands consumer rights to be respected and protected. It also promotes peaceful protests against the market abuses and social injustices.

First observed on 15 March 1983, World Consumer Rights Day is a very important day in the era of capitalization. Companies have no right to fool the customers. Each and every customer is entitled to his basic rights. The day mobilizes citizen action against unfair policies of corporate. 15 March is marked with celebrations all around the world by numerous consumer organizations. Public exhibitions, press conference, special campaigns, street events and workshops etc are organized to make consumers aware of their rights. The ultimate aim of this day is to bring about important and needed benefits for consumers.

A consumer has eight basic rights including, safety, satisfaction of basic needs, redress, information, consumer education, choice, healthy environment and to be heard. Infringement of any of these rights is clearly against the consumer rights and he can file suit against the firm. It is believed that protection of consumer rights is a means of developing a responsible civic society.

Now companies can no longer take consumers for granted. Rising awareness amongst the consumers has forced firms to provide accurate information to the customers and redress the unsavory issues. WCRD is a reminder of the rights and power available to the consumers. Consumers must be made aware of their basic rights so that they can make informed decisions. They have access to essential goods and services. They are also protected against products or services which are hazardous to health or life. It is the duty of the companies to inform consumers with needed facts so that customers can make informed choice.