Though Amethyst is of astrological significance, it also has certain healing factors. It is recommended to be worn by people afflicted by certain emotional, physical, psychological and even career problems. Men and women wear Amethyst rings as it is said to have maximum effect when worn on the finger. The astrologer recommends on which finger the Amethyst ring should be worn. Even Reiki and Color Therapy propagate Amethyst because of its healing properties.
Amethyst rings can be set in either gold or silver, again as per the astrologer’s recommendation. No matter in which metal it is set, the stone has to touch the finger. The color of the stone depends on one’s preference. For a deeper purple the stone is put through a heating process, which adds to the cost. People prefer lighter colored Amethyst rings as it cheaper than the darker ones.

According to ancient Indian astrology the planetary movement and their positions in a particular period of a person’s life determines the many happenings in his life. Calculating these planetary movements with your birth date, time and place of birth an astrologer can accurately tell the happening of your past, your physical and mental nature and also future predictions.

In India, rings made of containing Amethyst are recommended to those whose lives are doused in sorrow. They maybe facing trouble in their relationships; or their business maybe going through losses; or they are seeking spiritual bliss but are finding difficulties in their journey.

Amethyst is known to alter a person internally and externally, bringing them to peace, happiness, success and fulfillment. However, the positive energies of this semi-precious stone flows into the wearer’s life only once they have faith in it’s power.

Gemstone jewelry in Indian fashion ~ author Karishma Bajaj.