Ruby Jewelry

Diamond, Ruby and Emerald is a must have for every woman. While the diamond is the most expensive of the three; yet Ruby jewelry is not too light on the wallet. All three gems have been the favorite in the Indian royal heritage. The royal Indian jewelry that has been found, contains all these three gemstones in abundance. Ruby jewelry is further adorned with the use of pearls or diamonds. Ladies prefer to wear complete Ruby sets consisting of earrings, necklace and a ring. In spite of it being expensive, it is a considered a must have for most women.

Ruby is the birthstone for those born in the month of July and is the Zodiacal lucky charm for those born under the sun sign of Cancer. It is an ideal gift for those celebrating their 15th and 4th wedding anniversary. It is also considered lucky to wear Ruby jewelry on Tuesdays.

It is believed that those who wear Rubies are blessed with abundance of wealth and wonderful children are borne to them. The wearer is courageous and always happy as sorrow and pain is warded away by this gemstone. But, this is possible only if the Ruby is genuine, as on the other hand a defected red gemstone spells trouble. One of the most prominent defects one encounters is black color spread across the gem. According to Astrologers and Gemologists a dull red gemstone brings problems to the family and a Ruby that is more of a maroon shade or double-shaded brings problems to the parents. Another common defect is a spotted Ruby that can cause distress due to wounds.

One of the easiest methods of knowing the genuineness of a Ruby is by placing it in the sunlight. If the gemstone produces red rays then it is of superior quality. Another aspect of a superior Ruby is that if it is rubbed on a stone it does not lose any weight. On the other hand the inferior quality are dull, may have cracks or depressions, may lack in shine and maybe brittle.

In India, the Ruby has been glorified in several of its scriptures. It is know as the Ratnaraj or ‘King of Gemstones’ in the Sanskrit language. According to many, wearing this jewelry brings about passionate feelings of love, valor, strength and royalty. This red gemstone is also considered to be a symbol of liberty, generosity, self-respect and divine power.