Indian Drama

Indian drama and theatre is perhaps as old as its music and dance. Classical theatre traditions have also influenced modern theatre, particularly the Hindi, Marathi and Bengali theatres. India thrives on its cultural richness.

Since centuries, Indian people have nourished and relished the mesmerising world of Indian drama and theatre. The later term can be said to be a relatively new concept however it has existed in some other forms. These two words, drama and theatre are as old as music and dance. During earlier times, drama was also known as ‘Natya’ or ‘Nautanki’. If we look back at the history books, plays like Shakuntala and Meghdoot by the legendary Kalidas were hugely appreciated. Many people must have seen puppet theatre. Well, that’s also a form of pure theatre in places like rural India. In earlier times, theatre existed in form of folk theatre and it was hugely popular. The best part is this tradition is still alive and kicking in all the regional places in India.

Indian theatre system is still active in many parts of the country, especially Delhi and Mumbai. At one point of time, its popularity had diminished because of growing demand for Hindi movies. But in recent times, people can be seen to be present in large numbers in art festivals and cultural functions. Some specific cultural groups have tried their best to keep this wonderful tradition alive. Some of the finest actors of Hindi cinema are product of theatre culture.

In some way or other, classical theatre tradition has greatly influenced modern theatre. Among all the languages, Hindi, Marathi and Bengali theatres have kept flourishing and demand for them has not subsided by the drama aficionados. For drama people, no place is better than Hindi film industry that is also known as Bollywood. It has been a spectator’s delight since 100 years and counting. Drama as a theme is made up of several elements. It focuses on life and different aspects of it. The thing to be noticed here is that drama on stage imitates drama in life. It has been said that, there has always been a mutual relationship between reel and real life. Great historical personalities like Aristotle have talked about importance and parts of drama in detail. Some of the famous drama and theatre organisations in India are, The Sangeet Natak Akademi and The National School of Drama.

The tradition of folk theatre is alive in nearly all the linguistic regions of the country. In addition, there is a rich tradition of puppet theatre in rural India. The Sangeet Natak Akademi located in Delhi has performed the role of sponsoring, research, dissemination, appreciation and patronage of the performing arts. It gives awards to outstanding performers and provides assistance for theatre production and teaching and offers scholarships to students and exchange of troupes.

The National School of Drama also located in Delhi teaches stage direction, acting and related subjects. It also has a Repertory Company of its own.

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