Indian Middle Names

Indian middle names are appendages of the first names & sometimes also used as last names. Indian Middle names are rarely used amongst the present Indian generation.

Some common Indian names ( Middle names) :

Male names – Indian :

-anna , commonly used in Karnataka state.

-appa used in Karnataka.

-babu , means gentleman

-bakhsh , means ‘given by’   eg. Ram-bakhsh: given as a blessing by Lord Rama.

-bhai brother (Gujarati) implying older brother

-bharose see -sahay

-chandra, means bright as the moon

-dasa servant of {Ex: Ram-das: servant of Lord Ram}

-datta given by {Ex: Deva-datta: given as a blessing by God}

-dev, means lord

-dhar bearing {Ex: Shri-dhar: bearing goddess Shri}

-gupta popularized by Gupta kings, used by Vaishyas

-indra chief of the gods {Ex: Narendra: Indra of men, i.e. king)

-ish (-esh) lord {Ex: Naresh: lord of men, i.e. king)

-ishwar see -ish

-ji sir (origin unclear)

-krishna Krishna

-kumar young man {Ex: Ashok Kumar, he too was young once}

-lal young gentleman. The son-in-law is sometimes called “lala”.

-mal strong man. Used by kings in the past, it has been popular in Rajsthan until recently.

-mall see


-mitra meaning Sun. It is related with the worship of Indo-Iranian Mithra.

-naga meaning dweller of mountains/forests. Not uncommon in ancient India.

-nand meaning one who pleases (i.e. a son)

-nandi meaning one who pleases -narayan Vishnu

-nath meaning  Lord of {Ex:Shri-nath: lord of goddess Shri i.e. Vishnu}

-pati Lord of

-prakash meaning  Light of  eg  Ved-prakash: light of vedas

-prasad meaning  Given as a blessing by eg: Ram – prasad

-pratap meaning  The glory of

-rai another from of -raj

-raj meaning  king eg: Prathvi-raj: king of earth

-ram Ram

-raman meaning  one who is delighted by i.e. husband example: Venkat-raman: husband of Lakshmi

-rao a from of -raj

-sa a form of -sah

-sah meaning  gentleman .from Sanskrit Sadhu.

-sahaya Who is protected by eg: Ram-sahaya}

-sen commander of the army

-sha a form of -sah

-shah a form of -sah

-singh lion

-sukh who is given pleasure by Example Nain-sukh: who has the pleasure of eye-sight

-swami lord, lord of

Female Indian names ( middle names ):

-bai form of -vati, very popular in the past generation

-ben sister (Gujarati) implying elder sister

-de sort of devi (old)

-devi goddess

-kanvar form of -kumari

kumari meaning  young woman

-lata creeper example : Pushpa-lata: a flowering creeper

-mati form of -vati

-prabha the light of example Mani-prabha: the light of gems

-shri Lakshmi

-vati with example Vidya-vati: who has learning