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Easy Indian Vegetarian recipes

 Rasam recipe

Rasam is a traditional South Indian vegetarian dish.     There are various kinds Rasams.  

Ordinary/Common Rasam

Ingredients :   Rasam powder,  tamarind paste / tamarind extract,  water,  salt,  curry leaves,  coriander / cilantro leaves,  asaefoetida, ghee, tomato(optional),  toor dal(1 tblspn).

Pressure cook the toor dhal in water.
In a hard bottomed vessel,   pour a cup or two of water.
Add salt and Rasam Powder to it.
If tomato is used,  dice into small pieces and let it cook for a few minutes in this water.
After this comes to a boil,   add tamarind extract/paste and boil for 5 more minutes.
Add the cooked toor daal(mashed well) to the boiling mixture.    Boil further for 5 minutes.
When the rasam starts emitting a very good aroma,  turn the stove off.
Garnish with curry and coriander leaves.
Add a sprinkle of asaefoetida powder.
Saute mustard seeds in ghee and add to this.

How to make Basic rasam powder :
This forms the key ingredient for most rasams…people normally make it in large quantities and stock up.   For one course of rasam, 1 tsp of the following should do :
Ingredients :  Dry red pepper(1 measure),  Dhania/cilantro seeds/coriander seeds(1 measure),  whole pepper(4 tsps),  toor daal/chick peas(4 tsp),  channa dal(2 tsp), cumin seeds(2 tsp).
Make sure these are dry.    Grind into a smooth powder.
Add 4 tsp turmeric powder and mix well.
Moisture content may spoil it…if dry,  will stay good for months at an end.

~by Lata Batra-Mumbai ~

Coconut Currey recipe

Vegetables that can be used here : Indian beans,  french beans,   cauliflower, snake gourd,   cabbage,  potato,  carrot, peas,  etc or a combination of these vegetables.

Ingredients :  Desired vegetable,  dry grated coconut(2 tsp),  green chillies/serrano peppers(2-3),  salt(to taste),  mustard seeds,  urad dhal(1/2 tsp each),  oil(1/2-1 tsp).

Cooking the vegetable :   The vegetable can either be pressure cooked before hand or cooked over the flame.

For pre-cooked vegetable curry :
Saute mustard seeds and urad dhal.
Add green chillies,  coconut and fry a little.
When the coconut is golden brown in color,  add the pressure cooked vegetable and mix well.

If the vegetable is not pre-cooked :
Saute mustard,  urad dhal and green chillies.
Add the chopped vegetables,  a cup of water and cover it till the veg is cooked.
Add fried coconut in the end and mix well.

~by L Batra-Mumbai ~

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Spicy PALAK (Spinach) Gravy recipe – Popular Indian vegetarian dish

Ingredients :  Spinach(1 bunch),  rasam powder(1 tsp), salt(to taste),  urad dhal(1 tsp),  cumin seeds(1/2 tsp),  asaefoetida(1 pinch), ghee(1/2 tsp), green gram(1/4 cup), rice flour(1 tsp).

Pressure cook the green gram dhal in water.
Chop the spinach into small pieces.
Put the chopped pieces in a vessel,  sprinkle some water and let it cook.(open cooking preferrably).
After the spinach is cooked,  add salt, rasam powder, asaefoetida,  cooked green gram,  and let it simmer for a few minutes.
If it is very watery,  dissolve a spoon of rice flour in a spoon of water and add to the spinach to give it a thick consistency.
Saute urad dhal and cumin seeds in ghee and add to the mixture.
~by S Khatri~

Tomato / Onion Raitha recipe – cool !

Ingredients :  Curds/buttermilk(1 cup),  one medium sized ripe tomato,  dry mustard seeds(1/2 tsp),  asaefoetida(a pinch),  ginger..a small piece.

Dice the tomatoes and fry well.
Once the tomato is cooked,  add the curds, asaefoetida and ginger.
Saute mustard seeds in ghee preferrably and add to this.
Mix well.
Curry leaves and cilantro(coriander leaves)  can be added(optional).

For onion pachidi :
Follow the same procedure using onions in the place of tomatoes.
Can also be made as a combination of both tomato and onion.

~by Rashmi H – ~

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