Advertising Companies

Advertising agencies is dated back to 1812 when George Reynell opened an advertising agency in London. Next was Volneey B. Palmer who started space selling in 1850.

William James Carton started space selling in religious magazines in 1864 and James Walter Thompson joined him in 1868, he superseded his work and soon bought over the company, employed writers and artists and formed the first creative department. From then on many advertising agencies evolved and flourished.

Any brand is born to grown up in every household. But how should the owner sell his product. Salesmen are the best thing that could happen to them, yet they do not solve the purpose completely. They could make a print ad and release it in the publication. But what should the ad talk about, who will write it and which newspaper should it be published in? These and many more are small questions to the whys of an advertising agency.

And so the advertising agency is born. At the forefront it deals with clients and their perspectives. What do they want their brand to portray, what is the underlying meaning of the brand, who is the target audience and where should the marketing take place.

These are few questions the agency interrogates the client before they take on the brand. As they have to understand the fundamentals of the brand to achieve targets and create a market.

The task is then broadly distributed between the media department, creative and account management. The media guys have to learn which media will best suit the brand – print, electronic, outdoor or point of sale. This will depend on the budget at hand and what can be achieved maximum within the budget.

Next the creative department will hold a brainstorming meeting to ideate on the brand after the download from the account planning guys have briefed them. Its existing image, audience and style will be analyzed for necessary action to be taken.

For instance does the brand need a turnaround or it only has to be hammered into the audience more. Accordingly the idea will evolve and translate into the briefed media.

Presentations are done by the advertising agency to the client within the stipulated time and if approvals are given, immediate executions take place else it calls for rework.

These are mega processes that consume exhaustive hours and require staff to sometimes stay back for days together. All to meet the deadline with a formidable idea. And of course every good idea is received with increase in sales and a pat on the back for the agency.

For this the agency receives monies that help them sustain. However some agencies take a chip from the profit as they are assured of their deliveries.

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