Airline Jobs

‘I believe I can fly’ was not just a sweet song with a make-believe inspiration line. It carried the truth of a person’s faith. And if you too believe you ca fly, all you need is to join the aviation industry and get yourself a job in an airline.

Due to the onset of dozens of airline services in India – private as well as public, a variety of opportunities await you for Airline jobs. Here’s a detailed look at the various airline jobs such as an airhostess, at the front desk, flight attendant, ground crew etc.

Flight attendant jobs

Flight attendants overall responsibility is to ensure a pleasant and safe journey for passengers that include everything from rendering a warm welcome, ensuring that safety belts are tightly wound, all bins are shut and the airplane doors are secured.

Post the take-off, he prepares the beverages and food trays for the airhostesses to serve etc. In case of long stopovers, flight attendants are offered free lodging boarding in the city before flying off again.

Airhostess jobs
Graceful, slim and smiling… that’s’ what an air-hostess is made of. After a rigorous selection process, the candidates are well groomed to take on as the esteemed job of that of an airhostess. As the epitome of hospitability, she’s responsible for making the guests comfortable. Her job is inclusive of serving her guests, fulfilling their F&B, and comfort demands with an untiring smile, demonstrating safety instructions while the safety video is being played etc. Like it or not, the male customers consider the quality of the airhostesses a major parameter for choosing their airline!

Front desk jobs in airlines

If flights don’t entice you buy you want to help other people to fly, front desk jobs are for you. At the front desk, you are responsible for flight booking and verification procedures. Ticket bookings, checking flight availability, responding and giving alternatives to customers, allotting customers other seats in case of flight cancellations etc are some of the front desk operations.

Airline Ground crew jobs
If your are on the passenger front, checking the tickets, issuing boarding passes, verification of passengers, helping passengers with baggage check etc are some of the major aspects of a ground crew’s job aspects, Whereas ground crew for the cargo ensures things such as measuring and weighing the baggage so it does not overshoot the laid standards, ensuring the security, keeping check on the cargo etc.

Besides these, other airline jobs include flight engineers, technicians, staff etc that all make an important contribution towards a smooth and safe flight.

How to join – Finding an airline job
So if you are satisfied enough and are thinking of joining the sector, here’s how you can do it. Newspapers usually carry ads inviting applications. Certain qualifications such as 10+2, fluency in particular language, IATA score etc determine your chances of being short-listed.

After a shortlist, a preliminary interview is held and if you do well, in the second round of interview, your physical attributes such as height, weight etc are checked. Post this, the third round is to gauge one’s confidence and public speaking skills. And if you pass all these with great scores, you can make it to your job of choice after, of course, a clear medical certificate. After 3 months of training ( which might require a refundable deposit), you are ‘ready –to-serve!’

Remuneration aspects – Airline job salary
Employees of the aviation sector are usually well-paid but the range differs from airline to airline. In India, a trainees’ stipend starts from Rs. 8000 till he /she climbs the career ladder and draws anything from INR 20000 – 50000 p.m.

Airline Career prospects
If the recent media reports are anything to go by, the explosion in the aviation industry due to arrivals of several new airlines has increased the demand for new and skilled talent. This has given rise to poaching, so much so that the salaries and perks of employees have increased by 25 – 30%! So, you can be assured that airline jobs are quite estimable and lucrative. So go ahead and give a flying start to your career!