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David Ogilvy once said ‘It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.’ Advertising is the womb for ideas, the place where great ideas are born and delivered. Fondly referred to as the ‘Mad Ad World’, the field of Advertising is a crazy riot of pitches and deadlines where target-driven client servicing executives harrying and ‘scaring’ the creative hardskulls whittle about for layouts and presentations. Welcome to your Career in Advertising!
Advertising is an enormous field.

You cannot say I want to get into Advertising and get into it. It will be like gaining entry into a 4-xenon multiplex without knowing which movie to watch. Before you know it you get into the wrong audience, get bored and walk out of it. Here’s a quick scan of various careers in advertising from which you can take your pick. Modern Advertising is structured as 1) Above the Line Advertising (ATL) and 2) Below the Line Advertising (BTL). In brief, ATL refers to advertising that uses mass media for communication e.g. TV, newspaper (print), Outdoor (hoardings), Internet etc.

BTL refers to niche forms of advertising such as events, PR, promotions etc that are actually an offshoot of the ATL. The nitty-gritty can be dealt with once you take up an Advertising course. We shall take you through the various careers in advertising via the process of advertising.

Agencies have teams dedicated to particular brands. Teams comprise of client servicing, creative and production. The Advertising process begins when the client-servicing executive approaches a potential client for a ‘brief’ (technical term for ‘what client wants’ for his product). The challenge for the client servicing executive is to ‘feel the pulse’ of the client and try reading the client’s mind. He is a ‘hunter’ for new business and a bridge between the agency and client thus he must be aggressive and have good communication skills. The client servicing person is responsible for the account planning i.e. gathering basic insights, research etc to decide the communication strategy, the backbone of the campaign. Positions in this career range from junior level management trainee to a, account executive, rising to a Sr account executive, Account Supervisor, Account director, Group account Manager and finally the Client Servicing Director etc.

The client servicing person then ‘debriefs’ his Creative team and explains his version of the story. The Creative team partakes the responsibility of putting across the communication message in the best possible manner. It is the team of the Art and Copy person that visualise the communication campaign and in consultation with the senior Creative people decide upon the idea or concept. The Art person shapes the communication with visuals and graphics while the copy person must support it with effective lines. One can begin as a junior art person and go ahead to be a senior visualiser, Art director etc.

From a trainee copywriter, one can go ahead to be a junior copywriter, senior copywriter, creative director etc. Once the ads are approved, after various modifications the TV commercials are put into production. The art director directs the commercial while the Film producer is responsible for model co-ordination, arranging the shoot locations, dates and other technicalities to produce it. The film is directed and produced and after editing ready to be shared with the client. In case of print, the DTP operators are given the brief and explained how to create the ‘layout’. Once the designs are ready, the same is taken to the client for approval.

Other advertising jobs
Besides careers in mainline, advertising includes Internet advertising wherein qualified graphic designers, web programmers, copywriters etc are required besides the conventional client servicing team. Direct marketing, events and promotions, rural communication all form an integral part of modern advertising.

Advertising qualifications & advertising job salary
To get into client servicing, an MBA in marketing is a big plus.
As an Art professional one needs Commercial Art from JJ or Raheja’s School of Art
Advertising Copywriters need no formal training if they have an inborn creative flair for writing. are some Copywriting courses conducted by AAAI , Radio Bhuvan etc. Remuneration in ad agencies can be quite disappointing if you are fresh. But just as in all other fields, once you attain experience and perform well, money will be no hitch. Salaries begin from Indian rupees 5000 ( as trainees / junior cop and art people) and go upto 10000 within 2 years. As a management trainee for client servicing, you can begin with Indian Rs. 10000 and go upto Rs. 35000 p.m. within 5 years
Advertising – the word has enough power to tingle and send chills. One needs to have passion for the field because it is a demanding field. If you want a job, it’s not the place for you. Thus we have aptly titled this article ‘careers in advertising’.

~ author Lata S. Batra. Copyright©2005

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