Fashion Designing

Fashion is the emblem of our status symbol and lifestyle. It determines what is in vogue and what’s is out. With the onset of globalization and exposure to media the fashion scenario in India has traveled the globe and today shares the same ramp as top designers of Milan and New York. Thus fashion designing is the hottest avenue suddenly. Let’s take a look in the world of fashion designing.

What exactly is fashion designing? Fashion designing is an art of creating apparels and related accessories to set a lifestyle statement.

Modern fashion design comprises of 2 basic categories viz. Haute-Couture, and Pret-a-porter or Ready-to-Wear. The former is a custom-made form of fashion designing catering to exclusive customers and haute couture is showcased through fashion shows for all Creativity knows no bounds in fashion designing. If one has the correct knowledge of textile, patterns, color coding, texture etc. there is no limit to the permutations one can think of in terms of designs.

For a country like India where Western influence has been absorbed, ethnicity has been fused with Western and a completely new dimension of fashion designing has emerged. In fashion designing, the colour combos, weaving and fabric are the most crucial elements. The entire look and feel depends upon these three aspects. Then it is upto the professional skills that render the cut, design, accessories, trimming etc. to give the full and final demeanour of the outfit.

It is also important that one plans the entire attire, draws the blueprint and visualizes the final outcome of the design. The success of the design will of course depend on the finish, thus its crucial to have a superb and glamorous.

One of the rummiest aspects of fashion designing is the thematic dependence of the attire such as season, fabric preference of the people etc. If one notices, the designing depends upon the specific season. E.g. A Winter collection will consist of the suitable colours, fabric and patterns. One can see ample woolens, polo necks, blues and browns etc. for this type of collection. Similarly, summer collections will be more casual, cotton, whites etc. Fashion is perishable. It is an abstract phenomenon that is here no and gone tomorrow. The trends cycle have shortened drastically from a few months to a few weeks. Spaghettis are passé and halter necks are in, pantsuits are extinct and skirts are hot. Thus with the speed of change, one needs to be alert and observant in fashion designing. In fact it is the designers that determine the trends of the season and what one should or shouldn’t wear. Celebrities, socialites, models etc form the mass couture –carriers who showcase the latest fashion.

Thus fashion designing is a very challenging profession but definitely in the cult of glitz and glamour. With a plethora of local level, regional level and national & international level fashion events like IMG fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week etc, fashion designing is considered to be one of the trendiest professions today. Indian designers have made a mark in International markets.  With the onset of recognition by International brands, the government has fortunately started taking fashion designing as serious business and have tried to set a method to the madness. Several fashion designing institutes like National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, National Institute of fashion Technology, Sophia Polytechnic etc. are some of the best Fashion Institutes in the country that have a given a breed of new age fashion designers to India.

All in all, fashion designing is the hippest profession today. But no gains without pains, especially with intense competition around. Fashion designing is a lucrative career but one needs to work very hard to keep up with the demand and competitive people. Late nights, continuous hours of work, rejection, disappointment, it’s all a part and parcel of the fashion world. Be prepared and take the plunge!