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Management is what life is all about and if you are a graduate from IIM, the sky is the limit as far as payment is concerned. While these graduates earn 7-7.5 lakhs annually in India, their salaries are a whopping Rs 4 million to 5 million abroad. Companies like Price Waterhouse and Mckinsey, which have their branches in India, offer anything between Rs 1. Million –Rs 2 million a year, Company financial analysts especially those who have passed the CFA earn anything from 11-12 lakhs annually with a lot of extra perks thrown in. Offshore Drilling with the ONGC which is a company over which the Govt has a monopoly earns profits running into several hundred crores. The employees obviously have salaries that equal the icing on the cake.

The IT scenario is thriving and with the boom of the Internet and businesses demonstrating that IT has become a critical element of their overall business strategies, salaries paid by foreign companies are in the region of more than 15 lakhs annually.

Managers directly associated with the Internet command even more. Computer professionals have the going really good. As the world is edging towards a scenario that is going to be dominated by computers, these people are in great demand.

Software programmers are calling the shots and command salaries that are commensurate with their skills. Companies like Infosys and Wipro who have branches in India are willing to pay handsomely. Hewlett Packard is willing to pay a talented programmer about 10-12 lakhs per year. Outsourcing is the order of the day.

A lot of high paying tech jobs that are more expensive abroad are moved to India because of skilled labor available here. Certified computer professionals are also in great demand and can earn anything between 5-8 lakhs annually. You want to make money, then join the computer bandwagon. Who said teaching was a low paying job? Maybe colleges and schools do not pay much, but if you happen to be the owner of a coaching class, then you can make money faster than you can spend. A lucrative profession indeed!!!. The sky is the limit.

The medical profession especially the private practice has seen leaps and bounds in their salaries. Specialization has catalyzed this process and has further augmented their salaries. Their fees are so high and the procedures that they perform so expensive that the patient has to pay through his nose. Dentistry especially with individual branches like periodontics, orthodontics and the like are lucrative. Surgeons command respect and at the same time the fees for a single surgery and postoperative care can care run into a few lakhs. Well-established advocates and lawyers go easily into the top bracket.

On the lighter side, we have the Indian cricketers who are paid lakhs even if they lose matches and if they win, the amounts are astronomical because the amount they get by way of advertisements and prize money, not to say free houses and land surpasses by at least 15 times the amount a hardworking individual will earn in a life time. You intuitively have to know just way the wind is blowing and if you can sail long with it, money is never going to be a problem. ~Jobs India Data 2004. Indianchild.com

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