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Hunting for a job is no picnic but hunting and not finding one is terrible. When you open a newspaper or surf the web, there seem to be so many openings and yet when it comes to you, nothing seems to click. A lot of jobs are already filled even before anyone can apply for the ad is only a façade. Even when the ad is genuine, the ratio of the number of posts available and the number of applicants is an illogical one. All is not lost.. in fact even as you enter the academic area, the opportunity to hone your skills looms before you.

Vacations can be converted into a combination of fun and some real world experience by working for companies who hire temporary labor. In the process, you meet a lot of people some of whom will actually be willing to give your references later on. The kind of relationships that you build, the kind of image that you create will hold you in good stead for the years ahead. There is no teacher like experience. With that in your bag, you can create a stir wherever you go.

It is important to respond appropriately to an ad and market yourself and your skills properly. The first rule is to always be specific about the name of the newspaper containing the ad, the date when the ad appeared and exactly what position you are applying for. You need to forward the letter to the right person. So what should this letter contain? The first part should contain your personal information like name and address, contact no and e-mail id if any.

Then comes the most important part. The resume. Certain companies prefer the chronological structure that lists the recent job first and subsequently the others. This is usually resorted to if the candidate has been more or less in the same profession for a long time. In the case of candidates who have a variety of skills and achievements in various fields, the focus should be on a functional resume which highlights the skills of the individual and shows how these skills could be useful in the new set up. One point you need to keep in mind is whatever u do, do not lie.

All statements must be factual. What happens if the candidate s a fresher from college with no experience to his credit?

Job fairs especially the campus sponsored ones which are likely avenues. The other kinds of fairs are the ones sponsored by companies all under one roof. The serpentine queues at such fairs have to b seen to be believed. Then of course we have those walk-ins catering to the new graduates. Whatever be the mode of advertisement, competition is stiff and your resume needs to stand out.

If you are one of those who have been called for an interview, remember thee is usually more than one round. A preliminary round that is going to assess your skills and decide whether a 2nd interview should be granted. Dress conservatively but formally. If the job is a technical one, be prepared for a technical test of sorts. In case you make it through this round, a final interview with the HR is in the offing. At all points during the interview be honest and ask for clarification regarding points that have not been understood. Enquire about medical benefits and vacations.

Anticipate questions about long-term career goals and be prepared with the answers. It is a long road before you succeed, so be patient, be honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes and take a job that you would enjoy doing. Author M. Hemdev

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