Plumbing Jobs

We all are very much familiar with plumbers who come to our homes for sorting out regular problems. These problems could include fixing a leaking toilet or unclogging a drain or installing and repairing water systems and equipments. Many different types of water systems are maintained and repaired by plumbers. A plumber’s job description can begin from small houses and go to large industrial complexes. We all know the importance of specialized piping systems and need to maintain them in good health. Plumbers have always been in demand because of lack of supply of skilled plumbers. Going by the shortage of good plumbers, the demand for plumber jobs is expected to remain high in foreseeable future. That is in fact also an incentive for people who are looking to make plumbing as a career.

Plumbing job is a responsible one. It demands professionals to be clear about the job profile and shouldn’t hesitate in taking actions that might involve dealing with things considered not so desirable. The supply of safe and clean water is pretty much essential in all the private as well as commercial complexes. Career as a plumber involves installing piping systems apart from maintaining and repairing systems that haven’t been performing to the expectations. Becoming a plumber is all about installing and repairing gas systems in commercial, public and residential buildings, handling water drainage and waste disposal. Maintenance of appliances like water heaters, sinks, dishwashers, toilets, showers and bathtubs etc are also the responsibility of plumbers.

To become a plumber, one has to go through plumber training programs. It could be done through formal apprenticeship programs or one can also train in technical schools or colleges. But the best choice is definitely apprenticeship programs. The process of how to become a plumber gets a perfect beginning with these training programs where strong concepts and comprehensive training is provided. Most of these plumbing courses are managed by unions or contractor companies. One has to take the program seriously because it includes 4-5 years of on the job training and at least 144 hours of classroom teaching. To make the most out of a plumbing career, one should go for license as required by many states. In general, the requirement demands one to have to 2-5 years of work experience and successful clearing of exam that tests knowledge of plumbing concepts and codes.

There are plenty of jobs for plumbers. According to one estimate, the demand for plumbers is expected to increase exponentially in coming decade. With economic development and growth coupled with new constructions and renovations, plumbing careers appear lucrative in coming times. Also the fact that, there will be many senior plumbers who will be retiring soon further adds to the bright prospects of the plumbing career. People with added experience on their plumbers resume have better chances of getting profitable contracts. The plumbers’ salary on an average hovers in the range of $35,000 to $46,000 depending upon quality, skill and experience. However, the statistics also say that highest 10% of plumbers earned yearly salaries of more than $53,000. Plumber as a career choice is definitely attractive to those who are looking for a stable and interesting job.