Best Art Toys for Your Children

Children are explorers; they become masters in moments by doing it themselves. Art toys kits may help the parents to develop the mental, emotional and social skills of their children.

These kits contain a variety of interesting activities for children to explore the mysterious world without fear. These have educational projects, games, puzzles, and fun activities that make learning joyful.

Toy art kits promote creativity which means thinking about new ideas in a new way. When children are working by squeezing paint brushes between their fingers, they can create magic.

In the process, drawing images, mixing colours, and moulding different shapes out all senses to use simultaneously. These work to develop their sensory skills and motor skills, while driving their neural development.

This article tells about the 9 best art toy kits. These kits are listed along with their product review information. A buying guide, toys to avoid, and a section on FAQs are also available which will help you in purchasing.

1. Pidilite Fevicreate Jungle Animals Craft Kit

Learn and create with fevicreate DIY craft kit. This mould and paint kit encourage your children’s patience, expressions and improve concentration through different activities.

These activities also help to develop children’s muscles during squishing, pulling and pushing and squeezing the clay. The children can make a monkey, hippo, lion and teddy with the help of this kit.

This handy kit includes Plaster of Paris, paintbrush, blunt pen knife, rangeela tempera colours, animal mould, magnet sheet and popsicle sticks.

It includes the parts which are not a health hazard to kids and the recommended age limit is five years and above.

2. Genius Box Learning STEM Toy Kit

Genius Box toy kit creates special skills of fearless learning and prepares a foundation of creativity through play. It focuses on natural learning, play full learning, and curiosity learning.

This genius box is helpful for children to develop observation skills, logical reasoning and organizing/structuring. The product kit includes a DIY instruction manual and a certificate.

There are different learning activities like butterfly mosaic art, rainbow art, toucan sand art, rainbow art, rocket mosaic art, submarine mosaic art, octopus sand art, giant colouring, wrapping sheet and amazing artist certificate.

This kit is recommended for the age group 5 year and above. All material is harmless and safe for children.

3. Imagimake Stamp Art

Here is another, fantastic art kit for creative kids. Imagimake Stamp Art offers colouring and painting activities for art lovers. This stamp kit gives free space for fun making activities. They can create more fun on the floor or table alike a sponge painting.

The package includes adorable six stamps, four creative projects and three stamp pens. This kit is easy to use. The stamps and pens have different combinations with guidelines.

Children can create unique blends and patterns with the help of instructions. This kit has boundless possibilities to create a world of art, wash and use again and again for much more. All material is safe and sound for the age of 3 and above.

4. Crayola Trolls World Tour Scrapbook Kit

Crayola troll world scrapbook kit is a lovely art gift for trolls movie viewers. Children can rejoice by creating their own scrapbook. This scrapbook facilitates the development of different activities.

These activities are helpful to stimulate young brains, social development, world awareness and imagination.

This packing set consists of twenty scrapbook pages, five printed pages, glitter covers, thirty construction paper sheets, scissors, eight pip squeak markers, two sticker sheets, mini glitter glue, eight coloured pencils and a glue stick.

The kit is safe and nontoxic. You can use this product for 5 years old and above. It is a beautiful educational prize for boys and girls.

5. FunBlast Emoji & Motivation Stamper for Kids

Funblast Emoji stamper makes your work attractive and funny. These stampers indicate the mood of kids.

They can share their emotional state with others. You can use this on paper, envelopes, cards and crafts.

These stampers are helpful for teachers to motivate their students.

Children can express themselves by using them on goodie bags, prize boxes, gifts, favourite toys, gift prizes, giveaways, scrapbooks design and much more.

It has coloured ink built-in, when it turns dry you can pour a drop of water into it to reuse. It is too easy to use just press stampers and have fun.

It includes 20 pieces with a variety of design and patterns. These are safe and harmless for children over three years of age.

6. Party Propz Paint Brushes set

Party Propz Paint Brushes are artistic tools to create detailing paint and DIY craft projects.

These brushes help to encourage children’s thoughts, creativity and promote their colour recognition. Every child wants to make joy and fun with these craft tools.

It consists of 31 pieces that include a sleeve waterproof apron, roller sponge brushes, paintbrush, sponge shovel, stamp painting brushes, fine brush and pongee.

The heads of brushes are water-absorbing due to the use of a sponge. Plastic handles are easy to grasp and use.

The kit also includes stencils, chalk, spray item, clay making, colouring pallet, adhesive, artists fevicryl, tape roll, glow tube paints.

This set is suitable as educational toys. Children can create fun on fabric or paper and can hang it like a poster. The material is non-toxic.

Children of 2-8 year can use it without any danger. This kit can strengthen the hands and finger’s muscles of your kids.

7. DEZINE Kid Sponge Paint Brush

DEZINE paint brush is perfect to improve your children’s cognitive skills. Art toys enhance the kids’ imagination and craft ability. Children can draw spectacular designs, images, pictures and patterns by using their own.

The packing box includes four sponge paint brushes. These sponge brushes are made with a sponge and wooden handle. Its grip is easy to use, kids can draw and paint on different craft projects comfortably.

The material used for this product is harmless and chemical-free for children.

8. JANCOM Kinetic Sand Kit

JANCOM sand kit is another amazing art and creativity fun. Kids love to play with sand on the beaches.

This kit provides delightful activities at your doorstep. This squeezable sand shapes things quickly.

It doesn’t dry and sticks to you, only itself because it is kinetic sand. This kinetic sand feels like a liquid but it remains completely dry.

You can easily clean because it doesn’t make your hand dirty and wet like normal sand.

This sand bucket includes one kg active sand and five moulded toys. Its material is non-toxic and safe for your children.

Children can use this, again and again, to make whatever they imagine. It is only five years old and above.

9. Desi Commodity Crystal Slime Set

Art enhances fine motor skills and provides the base for critical sensory input. It is useful to understand the other key concept. So, Desi Commodity-DIY slim set is a perfect craft/art kit for your kids. They can use this for sensory play, holiday fun and slim parties.

This set includes twelve colourful crystal slime, thirty-six air dry clay, three clay slime tools, five glitter bottles and two pot slime.

Desi-Commodity slime kit comes with nothing left out that children need in a slime set. It creates a variety of slime in dreamy unicorn colours. There are glitters, colour combination and much more in one magic box.

Kids can make cloud slime, glitter slime, colour slime, fluffy slime and rainbow slime. This box makes your children happy.

Buyer’s Guide

You should keep in mind following guidelines before purchasing.

Right Age Right Toy

Parents must know the kid’s nature, behaviour, and habits before a deal. Because some children seem advanced when we compare them with their age fellows, it doesn’t mean that they can use older children’s toys.

Age factor determines protection, not intelligence or adulthood. So, before buying, read the labels carefully and make sure the art toy kit is appropriate according to age.

Versatility/Variety of Use

Children want to play in a variety of ways. They use these toys as put back together, put in, build up, pull out and add on. Always you should choose those toys that are open-ended.

So, the children will organize different activities or play many games with them. This kind of art toy stimulates your kids’ imagination and thinking skills.

Interesting Toys

Sometimes it happens, children play with toys for a few days and then they never use this again.

Being a parent, you always select the toy to entertain them at various development phases, and children never feel unhappy.

For instance, a kit of shaping animals is fun for young kids, but older kids can use it as a storytelling play or activity.

Encourage Exploration

Play provides the opportunities to exercise innovative skills frequently again and again.

Try to choose those art play toys that develop the ability to do new things on their own. This makes the children problem solvers and thinkers.

They can explore new things on their own.

Keep the Kids Active

Children need neural growth as well as physical growth. So, keep in mind the toys that make your child’s muscles stronger, and they can work with their fingers and hands actively.


Weight is also an important point before selection. Lightweight art toy kits are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Children can easily pick them out for their fun making parties.

Attractive Colour Combination

Children have great fun playing with their colourful toys. Different colours are helpful for children to see and select the toy parts. It also affects their moods and deeds.


Before buying toys, make sure the toys and their parts are larger and your kid can’t chew them.

Avoid Toys That Are

  • Shoot or blast into the air
  • Have a loud sound
  • Made with toxic material
  • Chemistry sets
  • Battery or electronic toys
  • With sharp edges or unsmooth

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the sounds, music and lights suitable for art kids’ toys?

Many toys are available in the market with buttons, lights, music, and levers etc. They claim these are developmental, but they have negative effects on kids.

These can be puzzled to kids when they start their functions randomly. So, these are not useful for children.

2. Is it true, art toys make children smarter?

Yes, these increase the kid’s intelligence. Painting kits, sand slims, moulding animal shape, motivational stamper and art workbooks are the best learning tools.

Children use their brain and body to solve problems and develop their new creative ideas with the involvement of body parts.

3. What kind of products are included in art kits?

These products are not limited; many items are considered like coloured pencils, painting kits, ceramics and clay, glue, stickers, polymer clay and much more.

4. What does S.T.E.M mean?

In educational terminology, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It means students learn basic concepts of problem-solving, creating new ideas through the above subjects.

5. What is the age limit for these products?

These art toy kits are safe for the age group of between 5 years to 12 years.

6. Are these kits reusable?

It depends on product activities and material. Some kinds of material are reusable, and some can’t be used over and again.

7. How can we use these art toys?

These toys are very easy to use. Most kits have an instruction manual to guide the user on how to use these toys.

8. Where can we keep the work of art?

Young kids are very proud of their creation. So, the parent should encourage them and discuss how we can display this work. After compromising, it can be hanged, saved in books, or fixed on shelves.


Art kid toys introduce the children to the world of pleasure, colour and imagination. Valuable art toys are always considered fun, stating that playing is the “work” of early childhood.

Best art toys help the children learn many skills and connect with existing ideas and their new skills. Girls and boys both need to learn with fun.

If you are seeking to buy a good art kit for your toddler, we recommend Pidilite Fevicreate Jungle Animals Craft KitGenius Box Learning STEM Toy KitImagimake Stamp Art, and Crayola Trolls World Tour Scrapbook Kit.