Best Balance Bikes for Kids

Balance bikes are small and pedal-free bikes ideal for first-time riders. The design of the balance bike helps to build your kid’s strength and coordination.

They are easy to use which makes learning a whole lot easier for kids. Riding the balance bike is fun and safe for kids.

Their compact design encourages easy to transport and a smooth transition to a regular bike. The balance bike allows your kid to use their feet to steer, turn around, stop, giving them more control, as well as confidence when your kid rides it.

Here are the top 7 balance bikes along with the buying guide for you to make a perfect buying decision.

You can also get to know how to teach your child to ride a balance bike and get access to the FAQs for any queries you might have.

1. Strider -12 Sport Balancing Bicycle

This balancing bicycle revolutionizes the way kids learn how to drive. It teaches your kid the fundamentals of riding a bicycle by using foot propulsion.

This helps to make the transition into a motorcycle easy. It is ideal for kids between the ages of 18 months to 5 years. This balancing bicycle makes it easy for your child to ride and stride.

It introduces your kid to freedom, responsibility, and power. This balancing bicycle has a steel frame and puncture-proof tires, and you won’t be worried about it getting damaged quickly.

2. LBLA Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle

This LBLA Baby Balance Bike Bicycle comes with a design that’s recommended for an 18 months baby. It has no pedals, fully enclosed wheel, and it avoids the clamping of your baby’s feet.

Crafted with a carbon steel frame, this balance bicycle provides a smooth and comfortable ride for your kid. It comes with wheels and a handlebar that is made of EVA material.

These wheels and handlebar are scratch and water-resistant, so you can simply clean them with a wet sponge. Its wheels are noise-free and anti-vibrant to let your kid have fun on it all day.

The structure of the balance bike is sturdy and durable. With this, your kid will learn how to ride, go forward and back with his feet, and possess confidence and happiness. It is easy to set up and a great toy for indoor and outdoor use.

3. The Carrywheels Coco Balance Bike

This balance bike is ideal for kids ages one to five years old. The bike is suitable as the first bike for every child before transitioning into a regular bike.

It teaches your kid the art of balancing its seat, and the handle can be adjusted for a convenient drive.

This balance bike comes with puncture-proof wheels for ride quality. It delivers excellent support on demanding or rough surfaces. The bike is made from a durable lightweight steel frame.

It helps to develop your kid’s motor skills, improve their balance, and coordination providing uncompromising confidence. This bike has flat-free EVA polymer tires and soft plastic hand grips with a safety end to protect your little one from painful ankle strikes.

4. LBLA Kids Balance Bike with Free Protection Kits

The LBLA kid balance bike is lightweight and durable to use. It comes with a steel frame that never rusts. This balance bike has rubber pneumatic tires and air-filled tires that provide traction and stability.

It is ideal for all kinds of roads and can be gifted to kids between the ages of 18 months to 5 years. This balance bike comes with a wrist and knee protection kit to prevent your little one from injuries while doing sports.

It also comes with an ultra-soft handgrip, gripped footrest, padded seat, sturdy sealed bearing, and safety-end screws for extra protection and extreme comfort.

This balance bike removes the distraction of pedals so that your kid can focus when riding, and with this, it provides an efficient and easy way for your child to learn to ride a bike.

5. Beetle Toddler 12T Balance Bike

This balance bike is designed for only kids between the ages of one to four years old. The balance bike offers a perfect teaching tool for cycling for your little ones.

It comes with bright neon colours and is designed to adapt to the needs of a growing child. The bike has an adjustable height and robust frame that is great for your little one.

This balance bike was tested to ensure it delivers the best comfort and highest standard of performance. It features a padded saddle and an ergonomically designed handlebar.

Its soft rubber grips and lightweight frame that ensure that it is very comfortable to use. The balance bike has high strength and lightweight steel frame. It allows for greater impact resistance on rough roads.

6. R for Rabbit Trainer Balance Bike

This balance bike comes with a low height to make balancing safer and a seat suspension to make riding more convenient.

The balance bike comes with a shock absorber below the seat that keeps your kid safe.

This balance bike provides a faster way to ride a bike by allowing him to balance his body well and steer easily when riding.

It comes with an adjustable seat, and it is easy to install. This balance bike keeps your child comfortable and makes upgrading to a pedal bike easy.

7. Baybee 2 in 1 Tricycle for Kids with Balance Bike

This bicycle bike is safe, durable, and has a lightweight design that’s easy to move around.

It comes with a safe carbon steel construction, soft and non-slip handlebars, durable widen silent wheels and a seat that guarantees kids comfort.

This balance bike also helps enhance your kid’s coordination, balance, and steer abilities at an early age. It comes with detachable pedals that are designed to minimize the danger of riding. The bicycle’s seat and handlebar are easy to install.

This balance bike helps build confidence in your kid no matter what road they choose to ride it on. It is comfortable and safe for both indoor and outdoor rides.

Buyer’s Guide

So, let us take a look at the factors to consider when choosing the best balancing bike.


The size of the balancing bike is to be considered when choosing the best balancing bike. Your kid must use both feet on the floor. This allows him to move the bicycle easily.

The common balancing bike comes with a 12-inch wheel and size that is convenient. However, not all balancing bikes come in inadequate sizes. So, make sure you check if the size fits before you purchase the balancing bike.


Balancing bikes come in a different style. The handle of the balancing bike is dependent on the size of the balancing bike.

Most balancing bikes come with wheel sizes ranging from 12″ to 20″, and these sizes may include a handle style that is small or large.

This handle gives your kid optimal control and a comfortable ride. So, you can select which handle is great for your kid before you purchase to offer your kid a comfortable ride.


Not all balancing bikes come with the same design. Some are designed with a brake system, while some have no brake system. You can purchase a balancing bike with a braking system if you feel it is a great need.


A heavy bike can be difficult for your child. The balancing bike should have a weight that your little one will be able to hold on to by themselves and move it easily.

Your child should be able to pick it up from where they have left it and carry it for a walk when they decide to walk. Choosing a balancing bike that is light in weight will be better and convenient for your kid.


How often your kid will use the balance bike determines the balancing bike you choose.

If your child will use it often, make sure you select a balanced bike that is durable and has a quality frame. Also, make sure the balance bike comes with quality tires for long-lasting use.


The style of the balancing bike has improved significantly over the past years. This style is attractive making it desirable to your kids. So, make sure you select a style your kid will love to have around.

How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Balance Bike?

Teaching your child how to ride a balance bike is pretty easy. What matters is how your child is being able to master the technique. Here are a few steps on how to teach your little one to ride a balance bike.

Space: The first step is to find a space that is free from obstacles. These obstacles can cause accidents that may hurt your kid. Also, avoid rough surfaces when your kid is riding the balance bike.

Helmet: Purchase a decent helmet for your kid and ensure he wears them whenever he wants to ride the bike. The helmet will prevent injuries when there is a fall. It also makes sure your child’s confidence is not taken away when he rides.

Height: Set the saddle height right for your kid and ensures he is comfortable when he rides it.

Brakes: If the balance bike has a break. Ensure you teach your child how it is used to make him get used to applying the break when needed.

Push: After sorting out your kid. If needed give your kid a gentle push to get him started. Guide him as he pushed the bike to get his balance. Let go of him when he can handle the riding by himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all balance bikes have footrests?

Balancing bicycles are great to ride on. They come with features that your kids will love. However, different balancing bikes come in different styles. So, not all balancing bikes will come with a footrest.

2. Are the components of balance bikes detachable?

Balancing bikes can be installed by assembling the components. The components are easy to assemble and easy to disassemble when it is not in use. By disassembling the balancing bike, the components are detached from themselves. Therefore, the components are detachable.

3. Do balance bikes come with pedals?

Not all balancing bikes come with a pedal. Some balancing bikes have pedals at the front tire to assist kids when riding, while some are made without pedals.


The balancing bike is a great toy to get your kids moving. Kids love moving objects, and the balancing bike can be an opportunity to encourage your kids to start exercising. This exercise build-up and enhances healthy habits in your kids.

The balancing bike is fun to play with and gets your kid trained before they upgrade to regular bicycles. Balancing bike comes with a convenient seat and durable rubber tires for a comfortable ride. It is safe to use and gives your control optimal control of the movement.

The list provided above are the best options for balance bikes. However, we recommend Strider -12 Sport Balancing BicycleLBLA Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle, and The Carrywheels Coco Balance Bike.