Best Bookcases for Kids to Help Organize Their Books

Kids’ books come in all sizes, shapes, and weights. Although educational, they can also clutter up a room, especially after becoming outdated and unwanted. Getting the best bookcase for your child will help declutter and keep their room organized.

A bookcase is simply a cabinet with shelves where you can store your books. It comes in different designs and for kids of all ages. With one, your child will not only keep his or her room organized, but also learn the value of keeping the space clean and clutter-free.

With the increased number of bookcases from different manufacturers in the market today, selecting the best one for your kid might be a challenge.

We’ve therefore come up with this article that has a list of 8 best bookcases for your kids along with the buying guide to ease your buying process.

The article will give an understanding on different types of kids’ bookcases, and a style-up guide to make it a perfect match for your kids room.

If you still have some doubts and concerns, you can go through the FAQs to resolve all your queries and confirm your purchase decision.

1. DeckUp Ladder Bookshelf

For that little space in your kid’s room, all you need is this ladder bookshelf from DeckUp.It’s made from high-quality engineered wood with a rustic wenge finish that contributes to its personality and livens the room.

The ladder has wooden brackets on either side that add to its stability. Its 5 spacious shelves offer enough space for you to store your books and other essentials.

The ladder comes with a melamine coating that makes it scratch and water-resistant hence highly reliable. It is easy to clean, assemble and comes with an instructions manual.

2. Bon Augure Low Metal Bookshelf

This small bookcase from Bon Augure comes in an open design to provide extra storage space for books, house plants, and decoration, among others. It is made from a high-quality MDF and metal tube frame hence super sturdy.

The bookcases have wood grain PVC shelves that can hold up to 110 lbs. Its adjustable leg pad and x-shaped bracket help strengthen its stability and balance.

It is also easy to assemble as it comes with the instructions manual and all necessary hardware. Its simple and clean-lined design makes it suitable for your kid’s room, living room, kitchen, and office, among other places.

3. MemeHo Multipurpose Bookcase

If interested in a bookcase with enough storage space for your kid’s books, try this product by MemeHo.It has dimensions of 37 x 26 x 29, spacious enough to hold more things.

In fact, it can store all sorts of items, including clothes, toys, books, and artworks, among others.

The bookcase is made of durable plastic(ABS) hence extremely durable. It also has a thickened metal tube that is strong enough to enable you to load more things.

It is also easy to clean now that it’s made from dirt-proof and water-proof non-woven fabric. The bookshelf is easy to assemble and disassemble as well, thanks to the instruction manual that comes with the package.

4. G-KAMP Multipurpose Shelf

This bookshelf by G-KAMP is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is not only a solution to your kid’s books storage solution but also a beautiful display in your home.

It features spacious shelves where you can store your little one’s books and toys. The wide shelves allow you plenty of storage options like shoes and clothes as well. It helps you keep everything well-organized for quick access.

The bookshelf comes in a simple design and can easily match any style. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble.

5. Tallin Bookcase

Made from heavy-gauge steel, this bookcase from Stalin is not only sturdy but also long-lasting. It is constructed for maximum strength and stability as it features silicon pads on the junction that keeps the racks more stable.

The bookcase has smooth edges hence safe for your kid’s use. It is also non-toxic and can hold large volumes of books, magazines, and files.

This desktop organizer is adjustable to a maximum of 35cm to help you store all your kid’s books. It is also non-skip and comes in different colours and styles for you to choose from.

Although it comes in a very simple design, it’s quite practical for home, school, or office life.

6. Amazon Wood Bookcase

Made from high-quality engineered wood, this bookcase is not only durable but also safe to use. It has actually undergone various tests to verify its safety and quality.

This bookcase is beautifully designed with super smooth edges that reduce the chances of cuts or scrapes. Its sturdy shelves can easily take heavy-weights of up to 60kg.

The bookshelf is designed with modern aesthetics in mind and has clean lines that enable you to display everything without overpowering the interiors. It boasts a rich espresso finish that contributes to its elegance as well.

It doesn’t have any hard-to-reach pockets where dust can accumulate; hence relatively easy to clean. It has also been tested for humidity resistance, hot water, and stains to enhance your cleaning experience.

7. Madhuran Studio Bookshelf for Home Décor and Office

Made from 18MM pre-laminated particle wood board, this bookcase is durable and long-lasting. It comes in a unique style and shape – like a tree extension that doesn’t need to rely on the wall to remain stable.

Even with the large storage space, this bookcase takes very little space. It can fit in narrow corridors and small rooms. It is also easy to move from one position to the other in your home.

The bookcase comes with an instruction manual that makes it easy for you to assemble on your own.

8. THOS Simple Children Bookcase

Beautifully designed, this bookcase comes with enough shelves to store your kids’ books, among other things. It is innovatively crafted in a modern design, lightweight, and easy to carry and place anywhere in the house.

The bookshelf is made from durable ABS plastic and has strong metal tubing. It is sturdy enough and made to meet your long-term storage needs.

It comes with 12 storage shelves to help you store everything that you want. With it, you can keep books, clothes, artworks, toys, and decorations.

It is also made from a carefully selected cloth cover that is non-woven and easy to clean, has a powder-coated surface, and is spacious enough to hold your folded clothes and longer outfits.


Buying Guide

To ensure that you get the best bookcase for your kid, consider the following factors:

Age of Your Child

Always put your kid’s age into consideration when shopping for a bookcase for them for functionality and safety reasons.

For instance, if looking for a toddler’s bookcase, ensure that it is short for ease of reach, and that it doesn’t come with shelves. You don’t want your little one to attempt climbing on them, right?

For older school-going kids, get a bigger bookcase. Remember that they’ll require enough space to store their books. Also, as they get older, they tend to accumulate more stuff, requiring bigger storage space.

If shopping for a teen, focus on anything adult. It would be much better if you involve them in the decision-making process. At this age, they already know what they want for their rooms. It’ll make everything a lot easier for you.


When buying furniture for your little one, you need to have their safety in mind. The bookcase you go for should have a stable design made of toxic-free materials.

If possible, buy a bookcase that’s made from environmentally friendly materials. Its paint should be lead-free and non-toxic. The finishing should be natural and water-based.

The bookcase should not have sharp edges and corners that can injure your kid.


The size to get for your kid will depend on the size of the space you intend to place it as well as the age of your kid. For instance, you can’t get a big bookcase when you have limited space to put it.

You also can’t get a tall bookcase for a toddler if you want them to access every book.


How durable is the bookcase you intend to purchase for your kid’s room? Ensure that it’s made of high-quality wood or strong plastic that doesn’t break with ease.

Should you decide to go the fabric way, ensure that the material is of superior quality. Go through customer reviews if you doubt the durability.

Ease of Maintenance

You need to think about how easy it is to clean the bookcase before you purchase it. Of course, you don’t want to suffer from fatigue every time you clean it. If it’s one that you can clean with ease, the better.

The best options are actually those that support wet tissue wiping.


Does the bookcase meet the requirements it was intended for? The only way to verify this before you pay for any bookcase when shopping online is by going through reviews.

Go for it if you feel that it will work well for your kid.

The Shelves

How strong and thick are the shelves of the bookcase you intend to purchase? Get one with shelves that are thick enough to hold the weight of your kid’s books and toys. You should also consider the number of shelves, especially if your kid has lots of books that require storage.


Bookcases are available in different styles, from country style, traditional to modern units. There are even those that come with some of the favourite kid’s characters.

It’s up to you to select one that you think your little one will love having in his or her room.

Ease of Assembly

Different bookcases come with varying methods of assembly. The point of concern is how easy it’ll be for you to put it up. Always select one that doesn’t require professional assistance to mount.

Be on the lookout for a bookcase that comes with an instruction manual.

Types of kids’ bookcases

The following are the different types of bookcases you can get for your kid:

Storage Bench Bookcase

You can use a storage bench bookcase to display your kid’s books or store additional items like art supplies. This bookcase helps kids to learn how to organize books.

These are relatively low, a feature that makes them easy for kids to access.

Display/Floating Bookshelves

This is a bookcase that displays the entire book cover. It entices your kid to read colourful illustration books and hence the best if looking for a way to keep your kid engaged.

Floating shelves can be wall-mounted or laced on the floor. They help keep your kids’ room neat and tidy.

Tree Bookcase

Just like the name suggests, these bookcases come in the shape of a tree. These add a touch of imagination to your kid, and help grow their love for books.

They come in a fun and functional design that offer enough space to hold books and toys. The only downside of this bookcase is that you’ll have to place it on the wall at all times for security purposes.

Reading Nook

This bookcase is similar to a storage bench, but with a comfortable cushion on the top. The cushioned part acts as a seat where your kid can sit while reading his or her favourite books.

Reading nooks come in varying shapes with a backrest for extra comfort when reading the books.

Corner Bookcase

If your child’s room has an empty corner, a corner bookcase will help you make the most of it. It’s one of the most effective bookcases that’ll help you utilize the available corner space as it doesn’t require much space.

Should you decide to settle for a wall-mounted corner bookcase, ensure that you place your kid’s favourite books on the lower shelves for ease of reach.

Revolving Bookcase

A revolving baby bookcase is the best option if you’re short on space. It maximizes the storage area and enables you to store plenty of books and toys in a small area.

Revolving bookcases are available in different styles and colours, hence easy to get one that matches your kid’s bedroom style.

A Small Baby Bookcase

These bookcases help kids to store miscellaneous objects like toys, teddy bears, and pencil jars. Most have 2-3 shelves and are usually 3ft tall.

Toddlers can easily reach their toys and books with ease, thanks to the low height of the bookcase.

Ladder Bookcase

Ladder bookcases are also designed to fit in small spaces. These come in contemporary designs to match any style. These help display books, toys, and precious keepsakes.

Fabric Bookcases

If not interested in a wooden or plastic bookcase, a fabric bookcase might be your best bet. It leaves few chances of your kid hurting themselves should they fall on it.

Fabric bookcases are more flexible, and hence able to fit and accommodate more books. They are also less expensive when compared to the wooden ones.

How to Style Your Kid’s Bookcase to Match Their Room

A beautifully styled kid’s bookcase can transform and enhance the appearance of your child’s room. The following are some of the things you need to do if looking for a cohesive look:

Pick a Colour Scheme

If looking for a colour that goes with any interior style, white is the most preferred choice. It won’t matter that the walls are painted purple, yellow or blue.

Go for pastel colours for minimalistic and modern interiors. Kids like bright colours. Therefore, a brightly coloured bookcase will also be appealing to your kid.

Add Decor

Use toys and stuffed animals to decorate your kid’s bookcase. You can also add plants and nautical décor like starfishes if your kid’s bedroom has a beach theme.

Apply Chalkboard Paint

If you want to generate your kids’ interest in reading the books in the bookcase, apply chalkboard paint to the shelves. This way, they get to write what they’re reading, which most finds to be fun and entertaining.

Feminine Bookcase for Your Daughter

Do something different and unique for your daughter’s bookcase, like adding picture frames in soft pink and yellow colours. She’ll fall in love with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be an ideal depth of a kid’s bookcase?

A kid’s bookcase should have a minimum depth of 12 inches. Although kids’ books come in different sizes and shapes, this is deep enough to fit most of their books.

For a fabric or face-out bookcase, the depth will depend on how low the sling hangs to hold the books without each falling out. In such cases, a depth of at least 5-6 inches will suffice.

2. How much space should the shelves of a bookcase have?

If possible, get a bookcase that allows you to customize space between each shelf. Remember that books come in different sizes and shapes, and therefore you might require extra storage space for them.

Although most bookcases don’t come with the customization option, their shelves tend to be approximately 10 inches apart.

3. What is a bookcase capacity?

A bookcase capacity is the weight that the bookcase can hold. It might be a little challenging to determine the weight one can hold since some books tend to weigh more or less than they claim to.

You should also remember that a wider shelf doesn’t translate to the ability to hold more weight. It might actually mean the opposite. The only way to remain safe is going by the manufacturer’s recommended capacity.

4. How wide should my kid’s bookcase be?

The width of a bookcase depends on its height. The shorter the bookcase, the longer the width, and vice versa. Although most bookcases come with a maximum width of 36 inches, there are ways in which you can reinforce the shelves to a longer width.

5. What can I place on my kid’s bookcase?

The number one item to place on a bookcase is books; they’ll always look great and organized in it. You can also place artwork and photo frames to add a personal touch.

If the bookcase is slightly bigger, you can also consider placing storage baskets and decorative boxes on the bottom shelves.

6. How should I maintain my kid’s bookcase?

Here are the steps to clean your kid’s bookcase:

  • First remove everything from the bookcase
  • After that, pull it from the wall
  • Remove the accumulated dust with a dry cloth
  • After that, use a damp cloth to clear grime, cobwebs, or smudges
  • If it has scratches, fix them up
  • Then check the bottom for feet pads that might have accumulated dust or pet hair
  • Vacuum the floor where the bookcase usually rests before putting it back
  • Also clean the wall behind the bookcase
  • After everything is done, put back the books on the shelves following any order of your choice.

7. How do I make my kid’s bookcase look less cluttered?

The first thing you need to do is put all books that they don’t use daily on the topmost shelf. You also need to set aside space for decorative things at eye level. It helps to break up the monotony of books and storage boxes.

You also need to place the heaviest and largest storage baskets on the bottom shelves. It’ll looks this way.


Keeping your kid’s room mess-free is the reason why you need a bookcase in your home. With it, your kid will find it easy to locate his or her favourite books and toys. This will also help your kid learn the importance of keeping the space tidy.

With the most recommended bookcases like DeckUp Ladder Bookshelf, Bon Augure Low Metal Bookshelf, and MemeHo Bookshelf, we hope that this guide helps you get the best bookcase for your little one. Start shopping.