Best Cartoon Print Bedsheets for Kids

Cartoon print bed sheets for kids come in quality fabric materials with unique prints. They’re pleasant and attractive to use and purchase. After purchasing them, your kids will have a lovely time off to sleep.

The cartoon print bed sheets will always be a delight to acquire. The prints are wonderful and pleasing to your kids. This serves to deliver a brilliant interior addition to your kid’s room.

Such bedsheets are affordable and the prints would not easily fade away, even after several washes. If you are looking to buy a bed sheet for your kid’s room, the article below has a list of top 6 cartoon print bedsheets.

You will also find a buyer’s guide to help you make the right purchase decision, and a few FAQs to resolve all your doubts.

1. Divine Overseas Designer Bedsheet

These microfibre kids printed sheets are composed of fine fibres of polyester. It is ultra-soft, breathable, and affordable. It offers a luxury hotel-like sleep experience and ensures your kids have sleepless nights.

The bedsheet is durable, and it comes with quality stitching. The bedsheet comes with strong water absorption quality and is very easy to clean. It is machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

This bedsheet is hypo-allergenic and skin-friendly. The colours are AZO-free. It is made by a soft flow dyeing process that ensures the colour delivers optimal brightness.

This bed sheet does not irritate the skin. It also offers enough space for the air to circulate and dry the bedsheet after usage.

2. SinghsVillas Lion Print Bedsheet

The SinghsVillas Cartoon Lion Print Bedsheet is made of glace cotton material. The print and colour of the bed sheet doesn’t fade easily and is soft and cosy to use. It can be hand-washed or machine-washed.

The bedsheet is smooth to touch and is woven intricately with a thread count of 260. It is attractive and exhibits ultimate finesse. It is suitable for a king-size bed.

3. Indian Rack Cartoon Design Bedsheet

This bedsheet gives your room a vibrant look and feel. It comes in a wonderful and attractive colour that your kid will love. The bedsheet is available in multi-colour, and it is suitable for a single-size bed.

It is made of cotton material and comes with a thread count of 220. The bedsheet is durable, lightweight, and cosy.

4. Bombay Twills Cotton Bedsheet

This bedsheet is made of 100% pure cotton material, and it comes with an amazing design. The bedsheet is dry-cleaned for the first time to keep the vibrancy of the fabric.

Later on, it can be cleaned by hand wash or regular machine wash. The bedsheet comes with lovely colours that will instantly lift your kid’s mood. It offers a soft and comfortable feel to your kid’s skin.

5. Fablicious Frozen Print Bedsheet

This bedsheet is made of glace cotton fabric material. The bedsheet is cosy, soft, and lightweight. It is also easy to maintain and easy to clean at home.

The bedsheet comes with a colour fade resistant for all-season use. It can be cleaned with a machine wash. The bedsheet comes with a pleasant and elegant design and it beautifies your kid’s room.

It is ideal for a queen-size bed.

6. Ab Home Decor Cartoon Print Bedsheet

This bedsheet is lightweight, and easy to clean and maintain. It is soft, cosy, durable, and lightweight. The bedsheet comes with a colour that doesn’t fade away when it’s washed.

It can be used for all seasons without any inconvenience. This bedsheet is made of glace cotton material. The design of this bedsheet is beautiful and attractive.

It also beautifies the interior decoration of your kid’s room. It is suitable for a queen-size bed.

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we take a look at the factors to consider when choosing the best cartoon print bedsheet for your kid.


Bedsheets for kids are made with a variety of materials. These materials include polyester, nylon, linen, cotton, fleece, and more. These materials are convenient and comfortable to use.

Some of these materials are soft while some are thick, and they’re helpful during different weather. Some of the materials are easy to wash and maintain, while some can be a bit difficult or expensive to maintain.

So, make sure you know the type of material you want before you purchase it.

Check the Fibre Content: 

The material used for the bedsheet comes with some characteristics. For instance, a 100% cotton material would be an excellent choice because it is affordable, soft, and comfortable.

You can also choose a material with a premium and extra-long-staple cotton which is durable and softer. There are also bedsheets with cotton/polyester blends that are convenient to use.

So, make sure you check the characteristics of the material before you purchase it.

Thread Count: 

The thread count is also a factor to consider when choosing a cartoon print bedsheet for your kid. The thread count shows the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch in a woven fabric.

A bedsheet with the highest thread count will be more comfortable and durable. A bedsheet that is of good quality, comfortable, and durable must have a thread count from 200 and above.

A thread count ranging between 400 to 600 is common in premium bedsheets.


The bed comes in different sizes such as king, queen, double, single, and more. So, if your kid’s bed is big, make sure you choose a bedsheet accordingly.

However, if your kid’s bed is small, choose a single bedsheet or a small-sized bedsheet. So, make sure you check the size of the bedsheet before you purchase it.


The durability of the bedsheet is determined based on how long it will last. So, make sure you check if the bedsheet is durable before you purchase it.

Some bedsheets come with cartoon print that can fade away after washing, while some come with prints that don’t wash away, even after several washes.

Some bed sheets are made with low-quality material that can cause wear & tear with regular use. whenever they’re used. While some come with durable materials that do not tear when it is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a bedsheet on all bed sizes?

Answer: Bedsheets come in different sizes and styles. Some bedsheets are convenient for a single bed, while some are suitable for a king or queen size bed. So, not all bedsheets will be ideal for all bed sizes.

2. Are all bedsheets for kids fluffy?

Answer: The materials used in manufacturing the bedsheet for kids varies. The bedsheet can be made with a variety of cotton materials, and because of this, not all bedsheets for kids will be fluffy.

Some will be plain while others can be thick or fluffy.

3. Are all bedsheets waterproof?

Answer: Bedsheets for kids are unique and convenient. Some bedsheets for kids do not have a waterproof feature, while some come with a waterproof feature to prevent your kid’s bed wetting from damaging the bed.

4. Can I use the bedsheet for all seasons?

Answer: Bedsheets are made from different fabric materials. Some bedsheets will make you warmer or cooler depending on the weather and the material. So, not all bedsheets can be used for all seasons.


Cartoon print bedsheets for kids look inviting. They come with excellent cartoon prints and keep the mood of your kid calm at all times. These are affordable and are made from quality materials.

The most recommended cartoon print bedsheets for you kid are Divine Overseas Designer Bed Sheet, SinghsVillas Lion Print Bedsheet, and Indian Rack Cartoon Design Bedsheet. However, the others listed in the article above are also a preferred choice for many parents.