Best Cycles for Boys Review

Cycles can give boys an amount of joy that no other toy or machine could dream of giving them.  There is a period in a boy’s life where all he wants to do is ride his bike everywhere humanly possible and explore his surroundings.  Is your child at that age? Even if he isn’t, bicycles can provide your child with the entertainment and exercise that he needs so that he can focus on the more essential things in life later on in the day.

Selecting the perfect bike for your precious boy can be a daunting task.  We have tried to make it a little easier by evaluating some of the most popular, high quality, and fast-moving products to facilitate your decision-making process.  We hope you find a cycle that your boy will fall in love with!

10 Best Cycles for Boys

1. Hero Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

This sporty mountain bike by Hero has a futuristic design and comes in a red and black color scheme.  It has a 24″ wheel height and a frame height of 17″. It has been recommended for use by kids aged 9 to 11 years within a height range of 4′ 2″ and 4′ 9″.  The shock absorption system for the rear wheel is impressive as it is designed to go almost sideways rather than from top to bottom.  The shocks for the front wheel are more conventional. The gear system comes with 18 speeds that facilitate riding in smooth as well as rough terrain.

This incredible machine also comes with front and rear reflectors to make night-riding just a little bit safer.  The V-brake system for both front and back tires ensures that you are in control no matter how fast you are riding your bike.  The front and back mudguards are adjusted to make sure that the rider is protected from water and mud careening out of the tires.  It’s advanced packaging also allows for it to come a little bit more assembled than other mail-order bikes at 85%, requiring only simple assembly before your boy starts to ride his new bike.




2. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz Bicycle for Kids

This solid cycle for boys by R for Rabbit comes in a yellow and black color scheme.  It comes with a wheel height of 16″ and is recommended for children aged 4 to 7 years.  The manufacturers have produced this smooth machine to ISO 8098 safety standards that ensure that your precious boy is as safe as possible while learning to ride his bike.  The two sturdy but unobtrusive training wheels that come with the bike are detachable for when your child has a better balance.

The rear braking system uses disk brakes to provide a smoother stopping system for your child’s bike compared to conventional brake systems.  High-quality rubber tires ensure that the bike has great traction on the surface that it is ridden. While the frame of the bike is robust, it is made from magnesium alloy, making it light and easy to carry.  The bike can be adjusted to accommodate a difference of 8cm in height to help the product grow with your child. This boys’ cycle comes 95% assembled, which means that you only need to go through a 3-step process to finish the assembly.




3. Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle

Another winning design by Hero, this boys’ cycle, comes in a green and black color scheme.  The wheel height of this cycle is 20,” and the frame height stands at 15 inches. It is recommended for children aged 7 to 9 years that are within a height range of 3′ 10″ to 4′ 6″.  The style of the bike leans towards being more sporty and off-road, but it could definitely go pretty fast on flat terrain. This bike also has a unique horizontal shock absorption system for the back while having a more conventional style for the front.  It also has adjustable mudguards and a saddle.

The 6-speed gear system allows the bike to be adjusted from hilly to flat surfaces to facilitate riding.  The steady front and rear caliper braking system will keep your boy safe even if he forgets to maintain more sane speeds on his new bike.  It also comes with front and rear reflectors to ensure that night-time riding is safer for your child. The product comes 85% assembled, which means that only assembly of the final parts is required for your impatient kid to start riding his bike.




4. Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle

This high-quality boys’ cycle by Hero is comparable to its Sprint 20T though there are some considerable changes to its design.  Coming in a yellow and black color scheme, its wheel height stands at 20″ and its frame at 13.7″. This machine is recommended for children aged 7 to 9 years that are within a height range of 3′ 10″ to 4′ 6″.  While having the same 6-speeds as the Sprint 20T, this cycle comes without mudguards, aiming it more towards trick riding, though it would perform almost as well in rocky terrain. It has anti-skid pedals and a comfy seat to enhance performance.

The rear suspension has a horizontal design while the front wheel has a vertical one like most Hero bikes do for this category, providing dual suspension.  The V-brake system is also different from the caliper brake system used by the Speed 20T, suited for sharp stops and turns. This cycle also doesn’t come with any reflectors, which tell us again that the manufacturers of this product meant for it to be used in the day-time during fair weather for competitive trick riding.  Just as with other Hero products, it comes 85% assembled needing you only to finish it off before your child gets to ride it.




5. MAD MAXX Humber 20T Steel Single Speed Road Kids Cycle

This versatile boys’ cycle comes in a blue and black Mad Maxx color scheme that is sure to impress your young daredevil.  The wheel height of this bike stands at 20″ with a sufficiently high frame height. This machine is recommended for children between the ages of 7 and 10 years that have a height range of 4.2″ to 4. 9″.

The bike has been beautifully designed to give an adult feel with retro close-fitting mudguards and an angular chain guard.  It also comes with two training wheels that will provide wide support for your child as he learns how to balance on his new bike.

The adjustable cushioned saddle has been reinforced with a plastic shell to ensure durability.  A quick-release function has also been built-in to the saddle to help make speedy adjustments. The tires are tubeless, which will come in handy during maintenance or patching it up as the case may be.

Just as with the Hero bikes, this product comes 85% assembled, which means that you will be able to get it up and running in no time at all.  It is also very comfortably priced, which makes it a wise choice for a budget-conscious parent.




6. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids’ Bike

This single-speed bike by Hero has been more conservatively designed and comes with a mostly black and yellow color scheme.  The wheel height stands at 20,” and the frame size is 12″ for this cycle. It has been recommended for kids between the ages of 9 and 12 that fall into the height range of 3′ 10″ to 4′ 6″, unlike most bikes with this wheel size.  It comes with front and rear reflectors to facilitate riding in environments with reduced lighting. The well-proportioned mudguards and chain-guard fit well into the overall design of the bike, giving it a sleek look.

The caliper rear brake system has been designed for smooth stops, making for a much more comfortable ride.  The wheels are wide and deep, providing some suspension for the rider while giving him much more traction. The product is delivered in a semi-assembled state with an 85% assembly.  You will need to do some minor assembly to make it ride-worthy. This cycle is an excellent investment for parents looking to tide their children over until he gets an adult bike.




7. Speedbird 14-T Robust Double Seat Kid Bicycle

This cute little bike by Speed Bird has a lot of frills and has been designed using a blue-heavy color scheme.  The wheel height of the bike is 14,” making it great for use by children aged 3 to 6. It comes with a handy basket in front of your child to carry his toys in.  The main seat comes with a backrest that will support good posture. An additional seat has been provided behind the main seat so that one of your tyke’s friends can be given a ride as well!

It has a fully-functioning brake system so that your boy will be able to stop the cycle safely.  The plastic wheels and molded rims have been made from high-quality plastic and metal for durability.  The sturdy detachable training wheels will give your child the support needed for him to learn how to balance on a moving bike.  The mig-welded steel frame is durable, and the raised handlebar has soft grips to make riding a breeze. The comprehensive chain cover and anti-skid pedals make riding this little bicycle almost risk-free!




8. Hero Freak 14T Single Speed Cycle

from the bike itself when your child is better at balance and needs additional maneuverability.

This cycle also comes with caliper brakes, which are ideal for bikes of this type and are easy to use.  The chain cover has been designed to ensure that your child remains safe even while putting this bike through the ringer.  The tubeless non-skid tires that come with the bike give a steady surface grip for your child. This product comes 85% assembled, which means that only a bit of additional assembly is required before your tyke gets to ride it.  It has also been competitively priced for parents that are looking to give their child a unique experience without breaking the budget.


9. Kingston Kids 14-inch Kids Cycle

This boys’ bike by Kingston has one of the most stylish designs for this age range.  The wheel height is 14,” and it has been recommended for use with children within the age range of 3 to 5 years.  It comes with a handy basket in front that will allow your little boy to put all kinds of games inside it for transport.  The handlebars have padding on it to ensure that your child doesn’t get hurt even if he’s in a crash. A water bottle that is attached to the rear mudguard complements the sporty look the designers of this bike were going for.

It also comes with a caliper brake system for both the front and rear tires that will aid your child greatly in controlling the bike.  The tubeless tires have been made using high-quality material for durability and longevity. The deep grooves on the detachable training wheels of this bike help give it added traction.  The saddle has been designed to be soft with extra cushioning, and it is height adjustable. The assembly of the bike will have to be finished after it arrives as it is delivered semi-assembled.  This is a fantastic starter bike for your boy, and it comes at a reasonable price.




10. Maskman 14T Single Speed Kids Cycles

This bike by Maskman has also been designed to give a sporty look.  The wheel height of this boys’ cycle stands at 14″ and is recommended for use with children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.  It is also suited for children within the height range of 3′ and 3′ 6″. There is a lovely little basket in front so that your child can get hours of entertainment transporting goods between places.

It also has a water bottle fitted to the rear mudguard in case your little tyke gets thirsty!  The heavy-duty metal frame has the ability to be adjusted to up to 10 cm so that the product grows with the child.

The backrest that comes with the seat allows for your child to be seated comfortably while he goes on his adventures.  The training wheels on the bike are there to help your child get used to balancing on and riding a two-wheeled vehicle.  They can be detached for your child to make tighter turns as his riding skills progress. The product will be delivered to you in a 70% assembled state, which means that the rest of the assembly will have to be completed by you.  This is the most competitively priced bicycle for boys’ that we have reviewed, and it gives a tremendous amount of bang for the buck.




Buying Guide

Tyre Size

The overall size of your child’s bike will be determined mostly by the size of the cycle’s tire.  While the smallest bikes will have tire-sizes as small as 12″ in height, the bigger ones will go up to 26″ in height.  This feature of your boy’s bike will also determine how far his leg has to travel to reach the ground when the bike stops moving.

Selecting a cycle with the correct tire size is one of the most critical aspects of cycle-shopping for your boy.  If you choose a bike that has a tire size that is too big for him, then he might get frustrated trying to ride the bike.  Conversely, if you select a tire size that is too small or just right for him, he will quickly outgrow this bike, and you will have to make another costly purchase shortly.

Chain Guard

Safety is always the biggest concern a parent has when selecting a cycle for him/her boy.  The bicycle chain has the most significant potential to hurt your child if not properly enclosed. Almost all manufacturers ensure that their bikes for kids have chain guards that are well designed.

This is to ensure that the chain will never come in contact with your child’s body while the bike is being ridden.  Try to buy a cycle that has a sturdy and durable chain guard that will last the lifetime of the bike. This will ensure that your child is as safe as possible while riding it.

Bicycle Frame

The frame of your boy’s bicycle needs to be steady, firm, and durable.  Unlike in the case of choosing the right type of frame for girls, where the correct shape of the front pole plays an important role, it is different for boys.  Boys generally tend to push their toys and possessions to their extreme limits, and a machine he will surely test the limits of is his bike.

A bicycle frame that is badly designed or poorly made will not last the endurance and shock tests your boy will put through it.  Choose a cycle with a frame that will maintain its integrity while falling into potholes at great speeds or being jumped over crevices.


Some bicycles for boys come with shocks.  These might be only in the front in some, but in others, they are on both the front and the back.  These units are especially important if your child is going to ride the bike in rocky or mountainous terrain.

The shock-absorbers help spread the force inflicted on the bike when it lands on the ground over some time, allowing the user to adjust his balance.  They also spread the stress exerted on the frame of the bike over a period of time, allowing for greater durability. If your child is going to use his bike on rough surfaces, getting a cycle with shocks might be the correct decision for you.


There is generally a period of time in a boy’s life where his worth will be determined by the look and feel of his bike.  Bikes with the right styles for the mudguard, shocks, frame, and tires will get the most street cred. The right sort of cool coloring also helps.

Make sure the cycle you purchase for your child fits his tastes as it will have a large part in determining the quality of his life for the next few years.  However, try also to ensure that the cycle you buy for your child doesn’t have odds and ends that might break off easily because the bike will have rough use in its future.

Cycle Seat

The comfort of the user of a cycle is determined the most by its seat.  The amount of padding on it will determine how sore your boy’s butt is after putting his bike through the wringer.  The shape of the seat will also determine whether your boy’s extremities are crushed during a crash or whether they are protected.  It is important to make sure that the whole seating structure is designed to protect his private parts while he tries his best to push his machine to its limits.  Some cycle seats have a backrest designed into them. These seats are great if your boy plans on taking long rides on comfortable terrain on his bike.

Training Wheels

If your boy is just learning how to ride a bike, he will definitely need a cycle with training wheels.  There is also the option of buying a bike that has the ability to have training wheels fixed onto it. You can then purchase training wheels separately and fit them onto the bike.  Training wheels provide the quintessential aid needed for your child while he is learning how to balance on two wheels while pushing on the pedals. After your child is ready to graduate to a purely two-wheeled machine, you can take the training wheels off to give him more maneuverability.  Make sure the training wheels on the cycle are ones that are well-made, steady, and durable as they will definitely take a beating while your child is learning how to ride his bike.


If you are buying a cycle for a smaller boy, make sure that it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles that are going to be short-lived.  These odds and ends will surely be broken off in a few months as the bike is dropped, crushed, scraped, and thrown about as your child learns proper balance and hand-eye coordination.  Another thing to look for is steady and durable mudguards. Some cycles only have flimsy mudguards that will be bent out of shape or fully dysfunctional after a few accidents.

Types of Cycles for Boys

Boys’ Cycles with Training Wheels

These cycles are aimed at boys aged 3 to 6 years old.  Their structures and parts are designed to be as safe as possible for a child learning to balance himself on two wheels while being propelled forward.  The main feature of this type of bicycle is, of course, the training wheels. They provide the much-needed side-supports for maintaining balance for children learning to ride.  Generally, these wheels can be removed as your child gets better at balance.

Boys’ Cycles for Adolescents

These cycles are a bit bigger than the ones designed for kids just learning how to ride their bikes.  The bikes in this category are designed for children aged 6 to 12 years of age.  They have fully developed brakes as the kids using them are going much faster. The styles of the bikes have features borrowed from their counterparts that are designed for teenagers and adults while retaining some features in bikes meant for a younger demographic.

Boys’ Cycles for Teenagers

Generally, these bikes have fully-sized wheels at 26″, though some are a couple of inches shorter in height.  These bikes are designed for children above the age of 12 and will last them well into their adulthood if properly maintained.  The frames of these bikes are generally designed to support adult weights. The styling for these bikes has been done with coloring and add-ons that are not present in most adult bikes as they are meant to attract teenagers.

Mountain Bikes

The main features of this type of bike are the thicker frames and wheels.  The frames are designed to withstand the shocks of an uneven riding surface.  The tires are thicker and have deeper grips to hold on to and provide traction on surfaces that don’t provide as much friction.  Some of these bikes also have shock absorbers to make the ride more comfortable while cushioning the shocks to the frame from rough riding.

BMX and Sports Bikes

These bikes have been designed for tricks and choreography.  They generally have smaller wheels for quicker turns and sleek frames.  They are also designed with extreme durability in mind. Most manufacturers stress-test these kinds of bikes to ensure that high falls don’t break or bend any parts.  Some also have protrusions from their fore and rear wheels for trick riding.

Safety Tips

Proper Safety Gear

Make sure that your boy is wearing all the standard safety gear while riding his bike.  This should include a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. If your child is below the age of 12, make sure that he does not wear shoes with shoelaces.  Additionally, the shoes he wears should have proper grips so that the shoes stick to the pedals.

Pre-Ride Checkups

The tires of the bike need to be checked to ensure that the recommended pressure as per the manufacturer’s instructions is maintained.  If the treads are worn out, the tires need to be replaced to maintain proper traction on the surface. The chain and gears of the child’s bike need to be checked to ensure that the machinery is fitted properly with the right amount of looseness.  To ensure that your child is always able to stop the bike, the brake system should also be checked on a regular basis for worn-out brake pads or loose brake-wires.


Your boy’s bike should be regularly cleaned to ensure longevity and efficiency.  Mud and silt that remains on the bike’s frame for prolonged periods will increase the rate of corrosion and in-effect reduce the longevity of your child’s bike.  Any twigs, leaves, or debris that gets attached to any part of the braking system will reduce the efficiency of the brakes and provide a road hazard.

Size and Height Adjustments

The seat and handlebars of the bike can generally be adjusted to fit your child.  The seat’s angle can also be adjusted to provide the most amount of comfort possible for your boy.  All these adjustments, if done correctly, will provide the best ergonomic environment possible for your child while he is riding his bike.


1. How do you choose a child’s first bike?

This would depend on how old your child was.  For smaller children, up to the age of 6, a bike with 14-inch tires and training wheels would be suitable.  For bigger kids, cycles with 16″ to 20″ tire sizes and training wheels would be more suitable.

2. At what age should I buy my child a bike?

Most two-wheeled cycles are recommended for use only with children above the age of 3.  However, if you have a child below that age that is especially skilled in hand-eye coordination and has exceptional balance, you are free to allow him to ride a bicycle.  Just make sure that you are present and attentive while he is doing so.

3. Are balance bikes better than training wheels?

Balance bikes have some advantages, such as allowing toddlers to learn faster as they don’t become too dependent on training wheels.  However, if you buy a balance bike, you will have to buy another bicycle for your child to ride that has pedals for propulsion. The advantage of buying a cycle with training wheels is that when your child learns to balance on the bike, you can just remove the training wheels without needing additional expenditure.

4. Are there boys’ cycles light enough to be carried?

As the sizes of cycles for boys vary widely, so do their weights.  They generally fall into the range of 7kg to 25kg. Please make sure that the weight of the bicycle is suitable for your child before purchase, as he will definitely need to carry or move the cycle at some point when using it.

5. What kind of tires are better, ones with tubes or ones that are tubeless?

Almost all cycles that are in the marketplace today are tubeless.  We are, of course, talking about rubber tires, though plastic ones are undoubtedly tubeless as well.  Tubeless tires are much easier to patch, and they make general maintenance easier, so we recommend buying a cycle for your boy with this type of tire.


There is an incredible amount of variety in the cycles that have been designed for boys.  It all depends on how old your child is and what he is going to use his bicycle for. Think about how you want your child using his new vehicle and get him involved in the decision-making process.  The right choice has the potential to make for a very grateful boy that is willing to study harder to use his cycle more!

We hope that our buying guide will help you choose the perfect cycle for your child.  Please make a note of the safety tips to ensure that your excited child keeps out of harm’s way while riding his bicycle.  Good luck with your purchase, and we hope your precious boy has the time of his life on his new bike!