Best Cycles for Girls Review

What is the level of your daughter’s bike riding skills?  Is your child an expert or just getting to know the wonders a two-wheeled self-propelled machine can bring her?  It can be quite daunting to choose a cycle that suits your child perfectly, so we have compiled a list of the most important aspects to look for when buying a cycle for your little girl.

We then went on to review some of the most exciting, popular, and high-quality girls’ bikes to make it a little easier for you to make a decision. We hope you find a cycle to purchase for your daughter that will bring her many hours of joy to ride!

10 Best Cycles for Girls

1. BSA Lady Bird Shine Version 26T

This bicycle has a gorgeous pinkish-purple color scheme and an extremely stylish frame but comes with a hefty price tag.  It is a fully-sized cycle with wheels and a frame standing at 26″ and 18″ respectively, and can be used by kids above the age of 12.

It also has a basket in the front and a stand at the back to strap a new basket onto. The frame is a low step-through design that allows a girl to easily step over the mid-part of the frame to mount the bike.

A kickstand has been included in the package to ensure that the bike can remain erect by itself wherever it is parked.  The high-quality caliper brakes of this bike are designed with a PVC lever for extra reliability. Reflectors on the wheels increase the safety of the user during night-time riding.  The bike is shipped in a fully disassembled form and has to be assembled with the help of a competent mechanic. This gorgeous cycle is sure to be one of your daughter’s favorite possessions.

2. Avon Sherry 26T

This beautiful girls’ bike with a pink and black color scheme has a lovely curvy design that complements its elegant fixtures.  The wheels have a white stripe closer to the rim, which gives it a retro feel. It is also a full-sized bike with a wheel-height of 26″ and a frame height 18″ and is to be used by kids above the age of 12.  It has a fully-functional basket in the front and a stand at the back to strap anything that needs transporting onto.

The high-quality caliper brakes come with aluminum alloy levers.  It also has a plastic dress guard to prevent any unsightly stains due to corrosion.  The reflectors on its wheels ensure that night-time riding is risk-free. It is a single-speed cycle with rigid suspension and meant to be ridden on paved or grainy surfaces.  The pedals are designed to give additional grip to the user.

3. Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle

This elegant girls’ bike has a few design features that add a sporty feel to its almost-retro contours.  It has a light pink and purple coloring with pink stripes on the tires near the rims. The bike has full-sized wheels at 26″ and a slightly lower frame size of 16.5″.  It is recommended for use by kids with heights of 5′ 4″ to 5′ 10″ and above the age of 12. There is a basket in the front and a handy stand in the back. The seat has springs to cushion the ride of the user.

This girls’ cycle comes with single-speed gears and a rigid suspension.  There are reflectors on both of the front and back wheels to make night-time riding more secure.  The chain and rear dress guards have similar designs and are made of plastic to be corrosion-resistant.  This bike is a highly rated and popular cycle for girls that your kid is sure to fall in love with.

4. Vaux Bicycle for Kids- Vaux Pearl Lady 20T

This unique bike has a very interesting green and pink color scheme and comes with a step-through frame design.  The stand at the back allows for any goods that need transporting, such as a bag to be securely attached to.  A side-stand allows for the bike to remain upright by itself when it is parked.  The wheel height is 20,” and the frame stands at 13″, making this bike suitable for children above the age of 6 and within a height range of 3’11” and 4′ 3″.
It comes with reflectors on both its wheels as well as in the front/back for safe night-time riding.  The wheels are substantially thicker for better road grip. The argon-welded frame protects against oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen that generally result in porosity and welt splatter.  The alloy wheels are designed to slow down tire wear-out and prevent rust and corrosion. This new design is sure to be a favorite among young girls.

5. BSA Cycles Champ Disney Princess 20

This pink and purple colored girls’ cycle has been branded with Disney princess pictures over its cleverly designed frame.  It has two sporty mudguards in the front and the back and comes with a handy basket in front.  The chain-guard that comes with the bike covers the whole mechanism securely.  Coming with 20″ wheels and an 11″ frame, it has been designed for children aged 6-11.  It also comes with sturdy detachable training wheels to help your child learn how to ride a bicycle without too many scrapes and scratches.

It also comes with a suitably colored bottle and a bottle stand that is attached to the handlebars.  The frames also have step-through designing, which allows for easy mounting and dismounting for your child.  The wheels of the bike are extra thick to facilitate a novice to balance on two wheels while riding. The cushioning of the seat has been done to provide the maximum support possible for your child.  The attractive design and safety features of this bike are making it a favorite among parents and kids alike.

6. Speedbird 14-T Robust Double Seat Kid Bicycle

This cute little pink themed girls’ cycle has been designed with a lot of bells and whistles to wow your child.  It has a wheel-height of 14″ and a frame design that allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The cycle is appropriate for children aged 3 to 6.

A basket in the front of the cycle gives your little tyke the ability to transport her drink or snack around the house as she explores. There is an additional seat behind the main seat so that a friend can ride with her.  There is also a backrest to support proper posture as she learns how to ride the bike.

It also comes with an effective brake system similar to counterparts designed for older children.  The tires are made from durable plastic. The cycle, of course, comes with sturdy training wheels to help your tyke learn the ropes of riding a bike.  Both seats have extra cushioning for a comfy ride for both your child as well as her friend.

The chain cover has been designed to ensure that there is no possibility of your child getting into the chain/gear system without it being dismantled first.  This is a great bike for children just learning to ride a bike.

7. Global Bikes Barbie 14T Kids Bicycle for Boys and Girls

This lovely little pink and purple girls’ cycle has all the frills that are needed to keep the attention of your little girl.  It comes at a wheel height of 14″ and is recommended for use by children of ages 2 to 5. There is a basket in front that little girls love to put their little things in for transport.  The main seat of the bike has a backrest to help improve the posture of your child as she learns how to ride the bike. There is an additional fully functional seat with a backrest behind the main seat so that your child’s friend can hitch a ride as well.

The cycle comes with an effective V brake system.  The bicycle frame has been designed to be rust and corruption proof and to function without the need of a set maintenance cycle.  As it is designed for children that are just starting to learn how to ride their bikes, it comes with two durable and sturdy training wheels.  They can be easily detached when your child gets better at balancing on two wheels.

8. Hero Brat 16T Single Speed Cycle

This cycle has been color-coded to appeal to the tomboyish side of your girl, with an interesting blue and pink scheme. Coming with a wheel height of 16″ and a frame height of 11.4″, the bicycle is suitable for a slightly narrow age range of 5 to 6 years.  It has been recommended for use by kids of heights ranging from 3′ 8″ to 4′ by its manufacturer. It has a cute red and yellow basket in front and a stable stand at the back. The frame is sturdy and thick for stability, with very thorough coverage of the gears and chain through a plastic chain guard.

The wheels of this bike are made from durable plastic.  It comes with sturdy training wheels to help your tyke get used to balancing herself on two wheels.  These wheels are detachable for when your child is a little more proficient at riding and needs a bit more maneuverability.  The caliper brake system makes sure that your child is safe when she is riding a little faster.

9. Maskman 14T BMX Single Speed Bicycle for Kids

This cycle is of the sportiest designs available for girls in this category.  It has a pink, red, and black color scheme and styled from its mudguard to its handlebars to give it a sporty look.  With a wheel height of 14″ and a low-riding frame, it is suitable for kids aged 3 to 6. The bike is recommended for use by children with a height range of 3″ to 3. 6″.  It comes with a colorful pink and white basket in front and a sporty black bottle and bottle holder in the back.

The bright pink petals have been molded to prevent skidding against your child’s feet.  The high backrest and secure chain cover keep your child safe during her sporty escapades on this bike.  Two sturdy detachable training wheels come with the bike. The wheel-type, frame-design, seat, and handlebars stand up to the BMX branding of this bicycle.

10. RAW BICYCLES Sports BMX Single Speed 14T

This pink-schemed girls’ bike has been hello-kitty branded and is sure to delight your little girl.  It comes with 14″ wheels and a low frame and is suitable for children of 3 to 5 years of age. It is recommended for use by children within the height range of 3″ to 3.7″ by the manufacturers.  The frame has been made from high-quality steel. The bar has a raised design, and the seat is adjustable up to 3″ from its original position. The main seat of this bike comes with a backrest, and it comes with an additional seat behind it that also comes with a backrest.

This girls’ bike comes with a steady braking system and a basket in front for your kid to carry her things.  The product comes in a semi-assembled state and needs to have further assembly before use. The total weight of the bike is 10kg.  The budget price of the bicycle makes it an attractive buy for parents looking for a cycle with a lot of frills but without the accompanying price tag.

Buying Guide

Tire Size

The height of a cycle can generally be determined by the height of the cycle’s tires.  The smallest tire you can find would probably be close to 12 inches in height, while a full-sized tire would be closer to 26 inches.  The tire height determines how far your child has to extend her leg to reach the ground when the cycle stops.

Selecting a cycle with the right sized tires is probably the most crucial aspect of choosing the right cycle for your daughter.  If you buy a cycle that is too big, your child might get frustrated trying to get used to riding it. Conversely, if the cycle is too small, your child will quickly outgrow it, requiring you to buy another bicycle for her.

Chain Guard

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any parent buying a cycle for his/her daughter.  A part of your child’s cycle that has the potential to cause harm if not properly guarded is the bicycle chain.  Most manufacturers ensure that their kids’ bikes come with durable chain guards that ensure that no part of your child’s body is exposed to the bicycle’s chain.

Try to look for a cycle that has a sturdy and durable chain guard that will last the lifetime of the bicycle to make sure that your child is as safe as possible.

Bicycle Frame

The frame of the bicycle that you buy for your daughter should be shaped to fit her attire.  Cycles designed for boys have a straight pole connecting the seat to the handlebars; ones designed for girls have one that is curved downwards from the handlebars.

This design ensures that your child’s inner garments are not seen as she rides the cycle. This is especially important if your daughter wears frocks or skirts while riding her bike.


One of the more fun features that can come with a girls’ bike is a basket.  Girls under the age of 10 will love this feature because it adds an air of practicality to the bicycle.

Girls that are reaching adolescence or are older will enjoy using this add-on for carrying their books, groceries, or snacks. This is especially useful since girls generally carry handbags when they are traveling.


Kids generally bond with their bicycles to the point where they become parts of their personalities.  Choosing a cycle that fits your daughter’s personality is vital as she will start to identify with this item in the future.  Get your child involved in choosing the design and colors of the cycle to ensure that she will like using it.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the bicycle will need to be cleaned often.  If there are too many gadgets and add-ons to the cycle, it will be quite a time consuming to keep it hygienic and looking new.

Cycle Seat

The seat is the part of the child’s bicycle that will give your child the most comfort (or discomfort!)  Make sure that the bicycle seat is sufficiently padded so that your child’s buttocks and inner thighs are properly cushioned against the bumps on the road.

The shape of the bicycle seat is also essential. Choose a shape that fits the physiology of your child. An unsuitable shape might result in chaffing and irritability for your child’s skin and/or muscles after continuous use.  Some bicycle seats also have back support that might come in handy when your daughter takes a long but leisurely ride on it.

Training Wheels

If your child is new to the world of bicycling, you are sure to need a bicycle that has fitted on training wheels.  Another option is getting a bike that allows you to fix training wheels onto it and buying the training wheels separately.

Training wheels allow your child to get used to being balanced on two wheels without getting nasty bumps and scratches in the process.  After your child gets used to pedaling while seated on her bike, you can take the training wheels off to give her more maneuverability.

Try to choose a bike with training wheels that won’t easily break off or get disfigured. The training wheels are sure to be put through the wringer through crashes and slips in the time it takes for your child to learn how to ride a bike successfully.


It is important to choose a cycle that doesn’t have many odds and ends on it that might break off.  This is especially true for cycles that are meant for smaller kids that are just learning how to ride a bike.

Buying a simpler bike that looks good for longer might be a better option than buying a bike with a lot of bells and whistles that break off during the first month of use.  It is also important to make sure that the mudguards of the bike are durable unless you want your child to be sprayed with mud every time it rains!

Girls’ Cycles with Training Wheels

Generally aimed at children aged 3 to 6, these cycles are built to ensure that your child is safe while learning how to ride a bike.  The parts of these bikes are generally built to cushion falls that your child is sure to take during the training process.

The main feature of this type of cycle would be the training wheels.  They are there to help your daughter learn how to balance herself on the bike while pedaling. These wheels are generally detachable, allowing her more mobility as she gains more confidence in her riding skills.

Girls’ Cycles for Adolescents

While not quite the adult size, these bikes have certain features that adult bikes do.  They might also have features like backrests that cycles aimed at a younger demographic do.

The styling and finish of these bikes are suited for kids aged 6 to adolescence, though your child can continue to use the bike until she outgrows it.

Girls’ Cycles for Teenagers

These bikes are generally the same size as adult cycles, though some may have wheels that are a couple of inches smaller.  They are usually designed to suit children that are above the age of 12.

While retaining femininity, these cycles generally have durable tires and a sturdy frame for longer-range riding.  The seats and handles are also shaped to suit an older age group. The overall designs of these bikes are aimed at faster speeds, including brakes that are suitable for these speeds.

Safety Tips

Proper Safety Gear

Make sure that your child is wearing all the proper types of safety gear while riding her bike.  This includes a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. Wearing thick leg-wear and shoes with grips but without shoelaces are also recommended.

The thick leg-wear is to make sure that your child doesn’t get scratched if she falls while riding. Shoelaces come undone quickly, and children rarely take the time to tie them up properly, so it becomes a safety risk while riding a bike.

Proper treading on your child’s shoes will allow the shoe to grip the pedals firmly. This prevents slips that generally result in the pedal hitting your child’s shin.

Pre-Ride Checkups

There are a few parts of your bike that you should check before your child uses her bike to ensure that the risk of a fall, slip, or crash is reduced.  Make sure that your child’s tires are inflated to the recommended pressure level to prevent slips and facilitate smoother riding. The chain linking the pedals to the wheel should be checked to see that it is firmly on the gears.

The brake system should also be checked to see whether it is functioning properly so that your child can stop the bike at any time without issue.  If there is rain on the horizon or it had been raining, make sure that the mudguards are properly fixed so that mud/water doesn’t splash onto your child as she is riding her cycle.


Your child’s bicycle should be adequately cleaned after use to ensure durability.  You can also check to see whether all the parts of the bicycle are functioning properly as you are wiping it down.  Mud and silt on the frame of the bicycle increase the rate of corrosion and reduces durability. Muck build-up on the braking system might hamper the proper functioning of the brakes as well.

Adjusting Bike

Most cycles allow you to adjust the height of the seat as well as the handlebars.  The angle of the seat can also generally be adjusted. Making sure that these are positioned properly will allow your child to have an ergonomic posture while riding her bike.

Therefore, proper adjustment prevents long-term health issues such as bad backs and knees and foot-pain. When the bike is optimized to suit your child’s body perfectly, she will be able to ride her bike for longer without tiring.


1. What type of tires is preferred for cycles, plastic, or rubber?

Almost all cycles come with rubber tires.  However, some of the budget bikes for younger children might come with plastic tires.  Make sure that the grips on bike’s tires are excellent if you are considering buying one with plastic tires.

Rubber tires would generally be the better choice even for indoor use as they wouldn’t leave marks on the floor and provide cushioning for the user.  Plastic tires tend to grate against flooring as there is less traction.

2. Can my two-year-old child ride a cycle?

The recommended age for a two-wheeled cycle is three years or older.  If your child is prodigious at physical activity and you are confident that she will be able to master the balance required, then you are free to allow her to do so.  Just make sure that you are present and attentive to ensure that your child does not hurt herself in any way.

3. Do I need to assemble the bike?

The current trend is for some assembly to be required after the cycle arrives at your doorstep.  Most bikes come at a 70%-30% assembly ratio, where only 30% of the assembly is required. Generally, the tools that are needed for the bike’s assembly are included in the package.

However, certain bikes are a little more complicated, and it’s recommended that you enlist the help of your local mechanic or odd-job man.

4. Are the cycle seats adjustable?

Almost all cycles come with adjustable seats.  The angle of the seat, as well as the height of the seat, can be adjusted with simple tools included with the bike itself.

The height of the handlebar can also generally be adjusted to suit the height of the seat. Some of the smaller budget cycles may not have this functionality, however.

5. Do girls’ bicycles come with bells?

While almost all cycles come with bells, some don’t have them.  However, all bicycles can have a bell attached to their handlebars.  Try to make sure that you like the sound of the bell that is on the bike you are planning to buy because you will have to listen to it the most!


There is an incredible array of cycles for girls, from small ones with training wheels to ones twice their size with baskets.  One of the most important things to keep in mind when making your purchase is the preferences of your child. Make sure that your daughter likes the colors and forms of the bike before you decide on whether to buy it.  Also, remember to look for all the safety features you want on the bike.

We hope that the buying guide we have provided you with will help you make your purchase a little less overwhelming.  Make sure to follow the safety tips to ensure that your child is kept safe during her riding sessions. Good luck with your purchase, and we hope your girl has hours and hours of fun riding her cycle!