Interesting Gift Ideas for 9-Year-Old Girls

Gifts are always a fascination for all of us, especially for little kids. A right gift that is both fun and educational can make a child develop many useful skills.

Here is an interesting collection of gift suggestions that will help you pick the best gift for nine-year-old girls.

1. ELEVANTO Half Sleeve Soft Terry Bathrobe for Girls

This elegant bathrobe from Elevanto is a half sleeve soft terry bathrobe exclusive for girls. Made of very soft materials, it makes it best suited for girls.

The highlight of this amazing bathrobe is that it comes with short sleeves and a hood as well. The soft texture of this bathrobe makes it more preferred by kids. The dimension of this product is 15.24 x 25.4 x 5.08 cm, and it weighs 300 grams.

The catchy colour makes it even more preferred by girls. If you are planning to surprise your daughter or niece, this could be an apt and delicate way of telling her how much you care for her.

2. Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro for Improving the IQ Level for Kids

Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro is an exclusive package of puzzles and interactive activities that is sure to keep your kid engaged all day long. It includes 120 challenges that are creative, interesting, and compelling enough to make the kids think based on logic.

This is an educational toy that will teach and reinforce multiple aspects in a fun-filled and entertaining manner. These activities also stimulate cognitive skills and help the kids enhance their problem-solving skills and improve spatial insight.

The contents of this educational play kit are made of durable and safe material. The award-winning designs adapted is a vital point worth mentioning. It also includes an easy-to-understand manual that explains the simple rules for the activities in steps 1,2 and 3.

3. High-Quality UNO Cards From Mattel

Here is an all-time favourite for kids; Mattel presents its high-quality UNO cards that are interesting, colourful and durable. This is one of the best gifts you can get for your nine-year-old daughter, niece, friend, or anyone around that age group, especially if he/she likes playing while travelling.

This is a simple set of cards that keeps your child engaged, assuring 100% fun and a great time-pass. This pack of UNO cards from Mattel contains two sets of cards and is recommended for kids aged seven and above.

The best part is that it can accommodate 2 to 10 players making it a group game. These UNO cards are made of good quality paper, so they are very durable. It is a travel-friendly game set.

4. PIRASO Combo Analog Watches

PIRASO’s Combo Set of watches includes a lovely collection of three analogue watches best suitable for girls and women. These watches have a simple yet trendy look that could be a great complement for any occasion.

This can be a perfect gift if you look for a trendy gift for nine-year-old girls and above. The case material is made of brass, and the band material is leather. The watches include a round dial with an analogue type display.

5. RosePetals Hair Accessories for Girls – 67 Pieces Set

Here is an exhaustive list of hair clips, bands, tic tac pins, ponytail elastics, etc., in a single hair accessories kit. This beautiful set from RosePetals includes high-quality hair accessories that are durable, colourful, and attractive to young girls.

This kit includes 67 pieces that can be worn to match the attire of your princess. All these are made of high-quality plastic and include a mix of different varieties of hair accessories. This gift to your girl is sure to bring great happiness and joy.

The hair accessories are both colourful and trendy, making them suitable for any occasion and any type of dress.

6. Proffisy LCD Writing Tablet Pad for Kids and Adults

Profissy presents its LCD writing tablet pad with an 8.5 inches display screen. This can be an interesting gift for kids as they can write, scribble and make memo notes with two magnets. Not limited to kids, it can also be used by adults at home, at school, and office.

This can be a simple alternative for pen and paper, saving a lot of paper that otherwise would affect the ecosystem. The product has adopted the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology and can be effectively used for multipurpose.

The Lock and Erase button available make it possible to wipe off unnecessary or outdated info scribbled earlier. The package includes 1 LCD writing tablet, one writing stylus, two magnets, and one user manual with simple instructions briefing the usage.

7. TIED RIBBONS Presents Daughter Printed Cushion and Mug Set For Girls

There cannot be any other better gift than a gift with a personal message for your sweet princess. TIED RIBBONS presents exclusive birthday gifts for daughters with a printed cushion and a matching coffee mug for daughters and girls.

The cushion is 12 inches x 12 inches with filler along with a coffee mug complementing each other. The cushion is made of satin material, and the mug is ceramic. This gift is sure to surprise your daughter and assure her how important and valued she is to you.

This throw pillow can be used anywhere on the bed or sofa or can even be used as room décor. The cushion is easily washable with hands without damaging the prints. This package includes the cushion filler as well that can be emptied and filled into the cushion easily.

8. Classmate Stationery Kit Bag for Kids – Your Complete Stationery Kit

This stationery kit bag from Classmate is a complete stationery kit for young children. This can be a perfect gift for girls and boys as it includes all the main accessories. It includes a drawing book, mechanical pencil, sharpener, eraser, scale, sketch pens, crayons, oil pastels, octane colour burst pen, glide ball pen, and a scrapbook all in one package.

This stationery kit for kids comes with a bag for easy and safe storage of all the items included. The dimension of the bag is 350 mm x 250 mm x 70 mm.

This can be a creative, handy tool kit for your child to develop and improve his/her creative skills. The kit weighs 1 kg and 610 grams; it can be easily carried during travel as well.

9. Skillmatics Newton’s Tree – Great Game For Kids to Have Fun with Family

Skillmatics Newton’s tree is a unique and interesting tumbling tree. If you would like to surprise your daughter or kids with an interesting game, this could be the best choice. This game can be played during family time for added fun and entertainment.

The recommended age groups for playing this game is from 6 to 99. This tumbling tree set with apples helps the kids develop balancing skills, helps develop skill-building and a strategic approach towards challenges.

This kit includes 131 pieces that include 60 apples, eight trunks, 54 game cards, 1 Newton piece, and eight branches. It also includes an easy-to-read instruction manual.

10. Chalk and Chuckles String Art Craft Kit for Kids and Adults

Chalk and Chuckles offer the yarn wrapping and string art craft kit that your daughter will surely love as a gift. This is an amazing kit that will relax your kid’s mind and allow them to think creatively.

The recommended age group for using this creative yarn craft kit is eight years and above. However, this craft kit can be used and enjoyed by adults as well. This DIY décor kit for kids includes a unique bird hanging with three birds and four clouds.

This can be a fun family project that will help you have a great time laughing together as a family.


Make the right choice today and surprise your princess that will bring a smile on her face, as her smile is priceless. By picking on the gift products suggested above, you are sure to leave your girl awestruck.