8 Most Popular Educational Toys for Kids in India

The early stages of a child’s life are the most formative part of the child.

It is at this stage you can easily get them to be interested in things or disinterested. It is also a point where learning may become a challenge to them if not carefully thought out.

This is where educational toys become a key factor, helping children to learn while having fun. Educational toys are those toys that help children to pick some skills while playing with them.

Here, we have a list of best educational toys for your little one.

We have also mentioned the types of educational toyscategories of educational toysbenefits of educational toys, and of course the buying guide. This, in turn, will guide you in your buying process.

You also can have to resolve the queries you might have through our FAQ section.

1. Imagimake Mapology India With State Capitals

This map makes geography fun and interesting for the Indian child. It is a unique and exciting foam map puzzle that teaches the child about the states and capitals of India and the Union territories and capitals.

With this map, the child can easily learn the locations of the 24 Indian states with perfectly shaped puzzle pieces.

The capitals of each of these states can also be learnt by the child as they are all flagged and placed in the slot provided for them on the map with complete ease.

Very sturdy and safe, the pieces are made from EVA foam and fit very well to form the actual map of India. They are also very safe and conform to the ASTM standards for toys ensuring that no harm gets to your child while playing.

It provides a very innovative and delightful learning experience for your child. This map is made of good quality foam and is very safe.

The pieces of the map are precisely cut with proper dimensions. It also has a user guide. There are no cons at the time of this review.

2. Shifu Plugo Count

This is a math game kit with stories and puzzles for children in the 4–10-year age bracket and helps them to improve their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The Plugo Count is an AR-powered STEM gaming kit that is turned into a hands-on learning system connected to a mobile device. It provides a series of story-based challenges that the child should solve using numbers and arithmetic operators.

A full gaming kit comes with one foldable gamepad, a count spike, four arithmetic operators (+, -, x, and /), and two sets of digits from 0-9. Requires no bluetooth or other electronic devices.

The gamepad and the count spike are connected easily through the embedded magnets. It also comes with a step-by-step help guide that helps you set up the game easily and understand it.

The Plugo-app can be downloaded, and STEM games with over 250 progressive levels can be played by your child, giving you the ability to select your child’s grade and adjusting the levels of difficulty.

The game helps to trigger the child’s auditory, visual and tactile senses and improves their abilities to comprehend, think critically, and logically. It is the perfect game for kids who are in love with numbers.

The Plugo count game is age adaptive, has about five different games with over 250 levels, and teaches math easily to kids. It is also a very fun game. On the other hand, it needs the internet to be able to download new levels of games.

3. Seven Mood Wooden Domino Board

This toy wooden domino board helps to stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination. It also helps to improve hand-eye coordination and is very attractive. A fun toy, it helps to develop your child’s understanding of math, science, and spatial tactile skills.

It also increases the child’s curiosity and quests for knowledge. Having a wide variety of colours, the domino board creates a very beautiful, inviting, and welcoming atmosphere while developing your child’s power of imagination.

Perfect rectangular pieces, exact in size to create large solid structures. Being very lightweight, this 120-piece domino board is easily assembled and keeps your child actively engaged for a long time helping the child build focus and concentration.

The toy is lightweight, easy to install, has good value for money, and is quite sturdy. The only limitation is that all pieces are rectangular.

4. Trinkets & More Wooden Calculator Shelf

An all-new and colourful abacus for the modern Indian child. This toy contains 55 colourful beads and two interchangeable double-sided wooden boards that help to develop early math skills in your little one. It features mainly addition and subtraction math.

One of the best ways to teach simple arithmetic basics to kids, this abacus-styled toy will keep the child actively engaged and entertained even as it educates them.

The beads have colourful smooth edges that stimulate learning with many possibilities through open-ended plays.

Made of natural wood, the toy is very child-safe and contains no toxic material. It also complies fully with the ASTM standard for safe toys. It encourages thoughtful learning of patterns, colours, and number counting.

The toy teaches simplified math, has an intuitive Montessori design, gives room for open-ended play, and is highly portable.

It also has bright patterns and colours that attract the child, is child-safe, and friendly. It is limited to basic addition and subtraction math.

5. Butterfly Edufields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles

This educational fun toy and game provides imaginative play for toddlers. It is fun, educational, unique, meaningful, and innovative as it actively creatively engages the child.

This toy provides unlimited play possibilities with various geometric shapes that can be made on exercise sheets or used on doors of the home refrigerator, making it a good learning playground.

Each piece is made from soft foam with embedded magnets and colourful, attractive stickers that help you stick it up on any magnetic surface while your child learns by looking at it, trying to identify each piece.

It gives the child the ability to understand construction mechanisms, improve soft skills, and build up self-confidence while providing entertainment. It also helps to direct the child’s curiosity, providing room for more learning and exploration.

It is a good toy that helps the child’s development of colours and shapes recognition, triggers their curiosity, and sparks an interest in sciences.

It also helps your child limit the time spent on screens and has various shapes that the child will learn to identify with ease over time.

The toy provides fun, open-ended play, engages kids creatively, is highly portable, and can be used anywhere. It is a good fun gift for kids. The drawback is that it has only geometric shapes and no numbers or alphabets.

6. Butterflyfields Wooden Slide Puzzle

A Montessori educational toy suitable for children in the 3-year bracket. It is a toy for the highly imaginative child as it brings the child’s imagination to life.

Containing about 12 different movable colours, shape blocks, and over 32 puzzle challenges, this toy easily sparks your child’s interest.

The toy fosters your child’s creativity and helps in the development of fine motor skills while providing you good play and bonding time with the child. It helps to keep the child actively engaged and is made from non-toxic material.

It is a good and fun brain teaser that helps your child to recognize colours, shapes, and provides playful learning experiences. There are no drawbacks at the time of this review.

7. Toyshine Complete Time & Seasons Wooden Puzzle

Made from wood and non-toxic paint, this educational toy teaches a child all about the time and how it works, as well as the seasons, weekdays, and months. It also helps to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, as well as problem-solving skills.

It has a knob with which the child or an adult playing with the child can pinpoint while teaching and learning are ongoing.

It is a very good gift for young kids, especially toddlers, as it helps them begin to familiarize themselves with times, seasons, days, and months of the year.

The toy is extremely safe even for babies as there are no small pieces that can be swallowed or cause choking hazards. It is tough as it is made from strong quality wood and designed to last long.

This wooden clock puzzle helps promote the child’s understanding of tie concepts, enhances logical thinking, and helps the child develop colours and shape recognition.

It is made from safe material and is quite durable. The only drawback is that it has only one wooden knob that is used interchangeably in all sections.

8. Negi WordPerfect Plus Educational Toy

A toy that helps improve the vocabulary of your child, as well as grammar and problem-solving skills. This toy teaches your child to easily string words together, learning the basics of spellings.

Made from high-quality plastic materials, it is quite safe and poses no harm to your child; it is also a very suitable gift for your child’s birthday or other occasions.

Teaches the child to spell correctly, helps eye-hand coordination, and is quite safe and easy to understand and play with. The drawback is that it deals only with letters and not numbers.

Buying Guide for Educational Toys

When buying the right educational toys for your child, some factors must be considered before deciding on the toys that are best suited to your child. Let’s take a look at some of these factors below.

Interests and Abilities of the Child

As a parent or guardian, it is of great importance to study your children to know what is of interest to them and their abilities.

A child who is not interested in music would likely not enjoy playing with musical toys, and may likely never pick up such toys, and invariably would be unable to develop any skills or interest in it.

On the other hand, if the child enjoys drawing and paintings, educational toys in those areas may be the perfect toys.

Go for Open-Ended Toys

When buying educational toys, it is advisable not to restrict the toys to those used in very limited ways.

Instead, go for toys with a wide range of use as this creates room for more creativity and allows the child to think in many different ways.

Such open-ended toys allow the development of several critical skills and senses while saving extra buying costs.

Imagination and Creativity

When it comes to educational toys, they should be able to open a whole new world to your child.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the toys you opt for should be able to spark your child’s imagination and creativity and provide the child with different options for pretend play.

Explore the Real World

All toys that are meant to help children should have the ability to make the child think about real-life situations and things.

It should allow them to explore the real world and not based on things that are pure fantasy or fiction.

This way, the child will be able to relate his play and real-world experiences over time.

Promote Social and Collaborative Play

No man is an island; this is also applicable to the games that your child plays with.

Educational toys should not seclude your child from interacting with others but should present opportunities for social interaction and collaboration between kids.

This way, their social and emotional intellects are well developed.

Age Appropriate

All educational toys should be age-appropriate so that the child can learn effectively while playing with the toys.

A 3-year-old child should not be given a toy meant for an 8- or 10-year-old as their understanding levels differ considerably.

Know your child’s age and buy the right toy to help the child enjoy the toy and learn from it while playing.

Safety of the Toy 

You want to ensure that your child is safe and free from all dangers when playing, so it is of utmost importance that the toys you buy for your child are made from the best quality products and are safe for the child to play with.

Since children are the target, all toys must be made from materials that are non-toxic and contain no materials that threaten their health and safety. Also, these toys mustn’t pose choke hazards, especially for younger kids who like to put things into their mouths.

Cost of the Toy

Different educational toys have their different costs attached to them. When buying a toy, you want to work within a comfortable budget for you, so know what you are willing to spend on whatever toy you want to get for your child.

Some could be the high end; others could be lower; this does not determine the ability to educate the child.

Types of Educational Toys

There are several types of educational toys on the market that can help your child learn actively, even while playing. Some of them are listed below.


These toys help kids experiment with forms and shapes while teaching them to think and learn constructively.

Bricks help kids to develop their motor skills, cognitive skills and creatively challenge the child’s imagination. It also enhances logical thinking as well as problem-solving skills.


This type of game challenges both kids and adults as they try to fit the pieces to form one perfect whole or solve the puzzle piece together. It aids the development of cognitive skills that are useful in every stage of life.

The puzzle games also help kids build patience, improve eye-hand coordination, and aids them in learning coordination. Some puzzles will also aid their recognition of mathematical shapes and symbols.

Alphanumeric Foam Letters 

These are shapes, numbers, and letters made with soft foam to help your child improve basic language and communication skills.

Such toys teach them simple things like the letters of the alphabet, the numeric numbers (0-9), and some signs. From these toys, they can also begin to learn spellings and simple math.

Building Magnets

These teach little ones to identify different shapes. They help develop the child’s cognitive and motor skills as he tries to get it to stick to the fridge or any magnetic surface in the right way.

It also enhances problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Such toys may also aid colour recognition as well as give them an awareness of the environment.

Musical Instrument Toys

Apart from instilling a love for a particular musical instrument in the child, these toys will also help improve the child’s motor skills and encourage creativity.

Music is a tool that is generally good for the overall development of a child.

Montessori Toys

These are educational toys that are designed with a focus on building a particular skill in a child. Such toys could help to improve motor skills, coordination, and many other skills in the little one.

Clock Toys 

As the name implies, these are toys that teach children how to understand the time and the workings of a clock. This is often difficult for parents to teach little ones, but kids can begin to understand time with the aid of the right clock toys.

It also helps in the development of motor skills, awareness, eye-hand coordination, among others.

Drawing Mats

Such toys help a child’s imagination and creativity blossom effectively. They help to improve motor skills, emotional skills, as well as self-expression healthily and creatively.

Categories of Educational Toys

There are several categories of educational toys useful in all the different areas of a child’s life. Below are some of the kinds.


These are toys that help a child understand basic principles such as numbers, alphabets, time, colours, shapes, etc.

They can be referred to as foundation toys as they help the child develop the basics needed for learning.

Constructive Play

These toys help foster and develop patience and planning in children while developing their motor skills. It could include painting, decorating, and other activities that encourage creativity.

Emerging Artistry

Artistic toys help children learn about the fundamentals of art and familiarize themselves with various art forms. Such toys teach them to express themselves creatively and artistically.

In Touch With Technology

Such toys help children easily get acquainted with the world of tech and all its possibilities. It teaches them to be intuitive, logical and helps to develop their abilities to think critically.

Scientific Fun

These toys help develop a thirst for scientific knowledge in kids, increasing their desire and quest for knowledge.

It helps them to be inquisitive, teaches them to ask questions. Such toys improve their logical and critical thinking abilities.

Benefits of Playing with Educational Toys

There are several benefits that you can help your child get from the use of educational toys. We look at some of them below.

Helps to Boost IQ

These toys are designed to improve the literacy skills of children, eye-hand coordination, memorization, motor skills, and identification skills. As children develop such skills, it over time helps their intelligence, so there is an equivalent increase in IQ.

Enhances Development of Senses

From the sense of sight to touch, taste, smell, and hearing, several toys can help stimulate better each of these senses.

The most common educational toys are geared primarily to developing the senses of touch, sight, and hearing.

They also generally improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and other skills that require the senses.

Enhanced Creativity

Educational toys generally help improve their curiosity, giving kids more room for exploration, imaginative play, creative designing, and building. It also allows them to experiment and discover things for and by themselves.

Enhanced Development of Problem-Solving Skills 

As educational toys challenge kids’ minds, they help them think logically, following step-by-step sequential processes.

This helps them solve problems in a reasonable way, improving their ability to solve problems through critical and logical thinking.

Enhanced Emotional and Social Development

Since most of these educational toys require the children to interact with other kids or adults, they easily expose them to social and emotional cues.

This allows them to adapt effectively to different situations as they understand the various emotions that go through when people play and interact together. These toys also help them develop good social skills, including leadership skills, sharing abilities, patience, and tolerance for others.

Improved Concentration

As long as these toys are interesting and fun, kids can easily get engrossed in them. This attribute of educational toys allows the children to learn the art of concentration, focusing the needed attention on the toy to get the perfect solution to what games the toys may present.

This is a skill that would be highly beneficial in studying as they learn to give attention to important things and stay focused.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of learning toys should a child have?

At the start, a child should have as many types of learning toys as possible. Over time, it can be limited to those that the child is particularly interested in and fond of.

2. Are educational toys really important in the development of a child?

Though no scientific backings or proofs exist to show how beneficial educational toys are in a child’s life, most parents would tell you that most educational toys have helped their children develop various skills.

So, we can say to a large extent that educational toys and the right supervision and guidance are very important in a child’s development.

3. Is there any age restriction for educational toys?

In the real sense, no there are no restrictions for educational toys. However, since a child’s skills develop as the child’s age increases, it is advisable that the toys you buy are age-appropriate and easily understood by the child for whom they are bought.


Whatever stage of life your child may be in, there is an important need for the child to be fully developed in all areas of life.

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure this is a quick and early start to learning and can be greatly achieved using educational toys with proper parental guidance and supervision.

So, why not get your little one some fundamental educational toys today? We recommend Imagimake Mapology India With State Capitals, Shifu Plugo Countand Seven Mood Wooden Domino Board.