Top Musical Keyboards To Get Your Kid’s Creative Juices Flowing

A child’s brain can adapt to many different skills when taught right. Many parents try to inculcate either a sport or a musical instrument skill at a very young age. If you, too, are thinking of getting a musical instrument for your kid, then an electronic keyboard is the perfect way to start.

Shopping for the right keyboard for your child might be difficult. To help you out a bit, we have reviewed the top 10 musical keyboards based on its quality and performance for you to choose from. With this easy to understand guide, you will become an expert at buying the right musical keyboard and will end up finding the best musical keyboard in India for your kids.

1. Casio SA-46 32 Mini Keys Keyboard

With Casio SA-46, learning is fun and easier with 50 rhythms and 100 tones. Playing an instrument for too long might be boring. That’s why Casio SA-46 comes with ten lifelike instruments, including a guitar, violin, and flute. Who doesn’t love those?. 

Want to keep your eyes on your kid even when you study? This portable keyboard features a 3.5mm jack for the connection of headphones. It can be powered with 6AA batteries.

Casio keyboards are known for a 3-year warranty, which applies to this too. Aside from this, SA-46 is made with high-quality materials for durability. Casio SA-46 is one of the best keyboards kids with its 32 Mini Keys structured for little fingers and its portable design. This Mini Keyboard is only available in two colors, green and grey base (perfect color for kids).

2. Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 Mini Keyboard

Children’s musical keyboard just got better with the invention of the Yamaha Remmie PSS-E30. This India-manufactured keyboard comes with a 3-year warranty. Yeah, its durability speaks for itself. 

Yahama Remmie PSS-E30 is packed with 37 keys built for kids’ fingers. Playing chords is basic and melodic; this musical keyboard features a smart chord function. Switching instruments is fun as it possesses 47 built-in instruments.

Yamaha keyboard Remmie PSS-E30 is one of the best musical keyboards with its sound effect functionality. This is worth more than its price as it contains 74 sound effects. Yeah, a studio at your fingertip (of course, your kids’ too). With its 28 accompaniment styles and 30 embedded songs, the user experience is excellent. Your kid can enjoy his rhythm alone, with the headphone jack feature.

Want to save on batteries? This musical keyboard has a USB power adaptor port.

3. ESS EMM 37 Key Keyboard Toy

This musical keyboard ranks amongst the best musical keyboards for kids with its exquisite features and functions.

Embrace the talent in your child with this compact music studio. It has a recording function accompanied by a microphone. Watch your kid learn piano and also train his/her voice with this all-in-one mini keyboard.

Its DC power option helps parents avoid costs on batteries. Worry less about electric shocks, the power adaptor cord is highly insulated, and of course, the keyboard casing is made of quality thermoplastic. 

ESS EMM gives you a 3-year warranty on this product, is there a better way to say “it is durable”? No.

4. Popsugar THPI6614AB Mini Musical Keyboard

Bright colors are attractive to kids, agreed? The reason PopSugar mini-musical keyboard is pop blue. Popsugar is known for manufacturing toys and games with EN71 certification. This means its materials are not hazardous to you or your kid’s health.

It is as simple as a toy, with no sophisticated keys and knobs except its adjustable volume knob. The volume knob allows you to avoid or at least reduce noise pollution. This portable musical keyboard features only 24 keys. 

Popsugar – THPI6614AB ranks as one of the best musical keyboards due to its mobility; it is powered with batteries, making it suitable for outdoor use.

5. JIADA 37 Key Keyboard Toy

With its 37 keys, it is a compact, light keyboard suitable for kids. Its availability in different colors allows you to order your kids’ favorite color.

Allow your kids to unleash their artistic potentials with jiada piano keyboard. The ‘record and play’ feature gives your child more than a chance to record and listen to musical rhymes. You can also perform karaoke; this keyboard features an AUX-IN port and a microphone.

This tiny beast comes with built-in tunes, eight tones, eight rhythms, and four percussions, a music studio at your kids’ fingertip.

With the tempo control button, your kid can define the tempo of built-in songs or recorded songs. The volume button is nice for parental control. Yeah, I mean parental control of noise pollution.

6. Casio SA-77 44 Mini-Keys Keyboard

Aside from the 44 mini-sized keys sized for kids’ hands, the nice arrangement of additional functional buttons is of great attraction. These buttons let kids explore the world of lifelike instruments. Besides, there are five onboard percussion pads to play with.

For real, this keyboard isn’t designed for boredom. There are 100 tones and 50 rhythms for kids to practice. Kids can also perform karaoke and practice with the ten sonically pleasing built-in songs. 

Casio SA-77 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It can be used outdoors with 6AA batteries and indoor with an adapter (it is free). 

Unlike the Casio SA-46, this portable musical keyboard has an LCD Display feature, a function aimed at making learning fun and easy. 

7. The Flyer’s Bay Keyboard Toy

With its ‘record and play’ feature, kids can perform songs and rhymes (with a no-cost microphone). That’s amazing. Other add-ons include the volume and tempo control buttons.

The 37 keys embedded in this portable keyboard are accompanied by simple buttons to explore the eight tones, four onboard percussion, and eight rhythms that will engage kids. With these awesome features, your kid will stay glued to it.

It is ranked amongst the best musical keyboards for kids for its advanced and multiple power options. Although it has a DC power option, kids can practice and play outdoors; it can be powered with 6AA batteries. This keyboard has a USB port for mobile Android chargers and USB cords. You can, therefore, power it with your personal computer or power bank.

8. Munchkin Land Multi-Function Kids Keyboard

Looking for an educational musical keyboard for a kid? This is one of the best musical keyboards you will ever find. Munchkin Land Mini Keyboard is available in different colors, a privilege to order your kid’s favorite color.

Like most mobile phones, this keyboard runs on a durable Li-ion rechargeable battery. At full charge, the battery can last up to10 hours. 

It comes in handy as an alternative speaker; with the aux-in jack feature, you can connect your phone to the keyboard and play clips. Kids can sing with the microphone while they play the keys.

If your kid is below age 3, Munchkin Land Kids Keyboard is not recommended. Why is it one of the best musical keyboards? Its feature and functions are designed to aid children’s senses.

9. Casio SA-47A Electronic Keyboard

Surprised to see a lot of Casio keyboards? This selection is in no way sentimental; I am obliged to bring you the best musical keyboards. 

Although the design is quite similar to the other mentioned Casios, there are notable differences, the number of keys.

Want your child to be the next Ed Sheeran? A wonderful start will be with a Casio SA-46. This keyboard comes with ten lovely built-in songs to engage and entertain your kid. It comes with 5 onboard percussion pads and varieties of instruments; kids can switch between.

Scared of electric shock problems? Want a keyboard for outdoor use? This portable musical keyboard can only be powered with 6AA batteries; therefore, it is mobile.

With 100 tones and 50 rhythms, it promises to keep your kid engaged while you do chores or relax. Want to embrace zero disturbance? Just plug in a headphone in the 3.5mm jack.

10. Zest toyz 37 Key Keyboard

Last on this list is a powerful musical keyboard for kids. Zest 4 Toyz is popular for producing entertaining toys, and this mini keyboard reaffirms that fact. With 37 keys decorously placed for fragile hands, it still has a compact design. It can be used on center tables, desk, even on kids’ laps.

Want the best for your kid? Zest Toyz Piano Keyboard features multiple amazing power options. It can be powered with a power bank or your PC using a USB cable. Although 6AA batteries work well with it, its DC power option will save you a lot of money.

It will surely keep your kid busy while you do your work. Eight tones, eight rhythms, and four percussion pads are enough to engage kids for a few hours. Besides these, it has a ‘record and plays’ feature, volume, and multi-level tempo control. Lucky for you, it comes in different colors.

Buyer’s Guide

Want to engage your kid? Musical keyboards are not only fancy but educational. Although it might be seen as a toy from most adults’ perspective, it is a beautiful way to groom kids’ talents. Other forms of toys are indeed necessary, but musical keyboards do a lot for kids; excitement, hand-eye coordination, and sense organ enhancement.

There are different types of portable musical keyboards aside from the numerous adult-sized musical keyboards. Recently, most mini keyboards have little or no dissimilarities, but looking out for these features will be helpful.


Weighting is the resistance keys give to the fingers. As you try your hands on keyboards, you will notice how well keys respond when pushed; it is called “action.” There are weighted, semi-weighted, and synth (non-weighted) keyboards. 

Weighted keys give the maximum resistance to force. Semi-weighted keys are the same, too, just with less resistance. Synth keys have no or little resistance while pressing. Keyboards with weighted keys are recommended for children; apart from the fact that it builds strength in kids’ fingers, it gives an “acoustic piano” feel, allowing kids to dictate each key’s pitch. 

Number of keys

A piano can have up to 88 keys (that’s the highest so far); that’s an obvious reason for its magnanimous size. As for musical keyboards, it has a reduced number of keys, usually 61-70 keys dictating its size. 

The synthesizers and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers are not advisable for kids but beginners at large. Synthesizers’ keys can be as low as 25, thereby offering portability. 

Touch sensitivity

Touch sensitivity, as it implies, means the tenderness of the keys. How fast or slow you can hit a pitch. Touch sensitivity collaborates the weights of keys to give different effects on different keyboards, depending on how you hit the keys. 

Recording or storage capacity

Like adults, kids love to create their music too. Recording their favorite rhymes and songs and listening to themselves. Therefore, keyboards with sampler and recording options are good for kids.

Recording features don’t just fit without other features like computer connectivity, MIDI compatibility, and input-output option. The MIDI compatibility allows the transfer of signal to and from different interfaces within a keyboard or with computers. 

Although there are many keyboards in a music store, getting the best for kids and beginners comes with a price. The price is knowing the best type of keyboards for beginners or kids. Take a look at the best type of musical keyboards for kids.

Arranger keyboard

Do you want an orchestra, even in your bedroom? The arranger keyboard has the answer. With its auto-accompaniment, kids will be motivated to learn and play. Also, it is just right for music composition.

It is more of an automated band; with a few buttons, the keyboard can add songs that match the music’s tempo and rhythm. 

Although it meets the professional industry standard, kids can find the built-in program burdensome, but it makes learning fun with time.


Giving its wide range of instruments and sound effects, this is commonest amongst beginners. Despite these laudable features, it is portable.

With an amp output option and multiple sound effects, it is suitable for recording.

Digital piano

As it implies, a digital piano is supposed to replicate a piano, the sound, feel, and range. It is best for kids who will most likely grow to become an artist. It is best for practice rather than making music; it has weighted keys and few sound effects. 

It is best for a convenient transition into playing the piano with its piano-like features (weighted keys and piano sound). It might not be as portable as other types, but it is ideal for beginners.

Controller keyboard

Unlike the arranger keyboard, it lacks auto-accompaniment. With its MIDI compatibility and computer connectivity, it is best for composition. This keyboard’s function is fully unlocked when connected to a computer; on its own, it is more or less useless.

With modern modifications made to keyboards, there are imaginary differences between keyboards, combining features that match your purpose for buying gives you the best buy. I decided to save you the stress of surfing the online marketplace. Here are the best keyboards for kids. Surprise your child with one of these and watch the magical smile on his/her face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which musical keyboard is best for beginners?

There are a lot of brands selling amazing keyboards, mentioning one will be difficult. For beginners, there are qualities to look out for when buying your first musical keyboard. Your budget, size, onboard songs, connectivity to devices are a few among the factors to look out for. The built-in learning feature is of paramount importance, especially for self-coaches. 

Want to save on speakers and microphones? Connectivity should be considered. Keyboards with USB and AUX-IN ports are great for starters.

Onboard songs and tones come in handy when you are practicing alone. It is a nice feature to invest your money in.

For mobility sake, a portable keyboard is recommended. Besides saving space in your room, carrying portable keyboards for outdoor lessons is less stressful. 

Which Yamaha keyboard is best for beginners?

For beginners with cravings for Yamaha, the Yamaha PSR-E series is an amazing gadget built for starters. Yamaha PSR-E series is designed for beginners with an educational feature. Yamaha Educational Suite (YES) is a built-in feature with the PSR-E series and some other models. 

This feature enables beginners to learn with 100 onboard songs in nine simple steps. Other onboard features include notes, timing, tuning, and accompaniments. Besides this, it is portable. 

If your budget allows it, you can go for digital keyboards. Digital keyboards offer a great modification to the acoustic piano with 88 –note weighted keyboard but still portable. The P-series are compact digital keyboards that will save you some money and space. Yamaha P-series is suitable for both live performance and practice, so it is just for you to envisage.

What age should you start keyboard lessons?

Generally, it is recommended that children within the age range 4-6 are mentally ready to step foot into music’s waters. On the other hand, Keyboard lessons have proven to enhance children’s acumen and, at large, their performance in school.

 Therefore, starting keyboard lessons at an early age contributes to kids’ music success and enhances their senses. The use of a keyboard is one of the best ways to enhance hand-eye coordination. Once your kids’ finger neurons start individual functions, a keyboard lesson is advised—also, no maximum age restriction.

Although there are various keyboards, keyboards with light-weight keys are advised for kids’ hands. The light-weight keys only need little pressure to produce the sounds of equal decibel.

Can a 3-year old learn piano?

Of course, yes. Age 3 is the minimum requirement for the usage of most toys. For persons as young as a 3-year old, mini keyboards are better options for a piano. Besides saving money and space, the piano’s size is considered dangerous to kids’ lives. A keyboard toy is not only a great addition to kids’ toy sets but a helpful one.

Asides the hand-eye coordination, it helps improve sense organs; the ear, as they listen to songs and rhythms, the sight is also enhanced with some led lights and display.


A musical keyboard is an awesome step in starting or enjoying music. There is no age barrier in harnessing the wealth of music; you can start any time even. A musical keyboard will be a great start for your music journey. 

The instrumental add-ons most musical keyboard features gives you a taste of other instruments even with the alternating white and black keys at your fingertip. The keyboard is an instrument worth investing your money and time.