Best Nebuliser Machines for Kids

A nebuliser is a unique medication delivery system that helps to turn liquid medicine into a mist. It has a connection piece that can be placed in your baby’s mouth, making sure that your baby easily breathes the medicine into his or her lungs.

The nebuliser is easier to use than MDIs, and it is ideal for babies or children who aren’t old enough to use inhalers. Nebulisers are also great for adults with severe asthma conditions.

It treats asthma conveniently, and it comes in a portable size that is easy to use. The nebuliser can operate either with a battery or electricity. Here we have reviewed the best nebuliser machines for kids in India.

You can also read the nebuliser buying guide and go through the FAQs to resolve any doubt if you have regarding the same.

1. Dr Trust Nebulizer Machine

This nebulizer flow adjuster efficiently converts the liquid medicine into fine particles for use. It comes with a flow adjuster that allows the user to adjust the airflow to what they like.

This nebulizer provides an adjustable level between 0.5 – 5ml. It comes with a chamber capacity of 8ml, and it allows the fine particles to reach the respiratory tract more effectively. It is small and portable to use.

It comes with an ergonomic grip for easy handling. It is easy to use, and offers no disturbances when it is utilized. It comes with two different size masks and a mouthpiece that makes inhalation easier to achieve.

2. Omron Nebulizer For Child

This nebulizer helps in the successful treatment of asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders. It has a good efficient rate and delivers a small particle size to reach the lower airway.

It is user-friendly, and effectively administers medication at the touch of a button. It delivers an uncompromising quality that is a global standard. The nebulizer makes sure it lasts for a long time.

This nebulizer reaches the lower airways of your baby and assures a fast and effective treatment. It is suitable for adults as well.

3. Control D Complete Kit Nebulizer

This device is a piston compressor nebulizer. It comes with 75w power consumption and a medication capacity of 5ml. It is easy to carry, and comes with an ABS plastic casing.

This nebulizer comes with a long tube for effective use and an air vent for cooling the motor after usage. Its full kit comprises an adult and child kit, so you have two options to choose from.

This nebulizer is very helpful and easy to use. It comes with good quality that makes it ideal for your babies.

4. Dr. Trust Portable Nebulizer Machine

This nebulizer is easy to carry around due to its lightweight and pocket-size design. It comes with a detachable medicine chamber that is 10ml in capacity. This medication lets you take the medicines easily.

The nebulizer comes with two impressive power features such as AA batteries and USB cables. It comes with a single button operation making it easy for anyone to use.

This nebulizer is ultra-light and super convenient to travel with. It delivers a low noise operation which makes it suitable for most homes and clinics.

5. AmbiTech Nebulizer Machine

This nebulizer is ideal for adult and child use. It comes with a medication capacity of 5ml that offers the best respiratory care. This nebulizer machine is very handy to use. It comes with an ergonomic grip for easy handling.

The nebulizer produces less noise and makes inhalation easier for the family. It comes with a mask that fits comfortably to facial contours, makes treatment effective, and increases compliance.

This nebulizer is helpful for children and elderly people having breathing problems and are on medication.

6. Dr Odin Nebulizer For Kids and Adults

This nebulizer is suitable for cough, sore throat, asthma, rhinitis, fever, and more. It has a small and lightweight design that is easy to keep beside your bed and take on vacation.

This has an ultra-quiet noise dampening that makes it easier to use in bed. It has a strong working air-flow and comes with 2 mask kits, filters, tubing, mouthpiece, and medication cup.

It comes with a piston compressor motor that provides molecules that are easy to take in. It is helpful for people suffering from breathing problems.

7. Romsons Angel Nebulizer Machine

The nebulizer delivers the drug directly to the lungs for proper absorption. It gives a quick relief and ensures you feel better after usage.

This nebulizer comes with an aerosol therapy that ensures the medication is delivered directly into your tract. It is effective and useful for all ages.

This nebulizer can treat nasal congestion, cough, sneezing, nausea, bronchitis, wheezing, and other chronic breathing problems. It is well equipped and packaged with a complete range of accessories.

This nebulizer is easy to move around, and it also produces a low noise during and after usage. It has a user-friendly and functional design.

8. Mievida Nebulizer for Kids

This nebulizer machine helps in treating allergies, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. It delivers fine particles and is easy to operate.

This nebulizer delivers the medicine effectively to reach the lower airway thereby assuring a fast and effective treatment. It comes with a 360-degree rotation.

The nebulizer comes with an oil-free compressor that releases heat faster and low noise for comfortable use. It has a long-lasting life and a compact design that makes it easy to carry around.

Buyer’s Guide

Let us take a look at what to consider before choosing the best nebuliser machine for your kids.

Using the Nebuliser

Knowing the right person who will use the nebuliser is very important. Nebulisers come in different forms, such as Nebulisers for babies and children and Nebulisers for children and adults.

Babies and children will need a quieter nebuliser that forms a smoother mist that may be more pleasant and less disturbing when the medicine is inhaled.

Patients with severe breathing difficulties like asthma patients or COPD will need nebulisers with a greater nebulisation level. This ensures they have higher levels of active ingredients that will help them in their difficulties.

How Often Nebuliser Will Be Used

If you want the nebuliser to be used more frequently, make sure you choose a sturdy nebuliser with a high nebulising effect. This is ideal for intensive use.

A portable and lightweight nebuliser will be ideal for treatment at different times during the day. The best choice for those travelling a lot is a fully portable nebuliser.

This nebuliser is battery-powered and ensures you have optimal flexibility and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are nebulisers safe?

Nebulisers are an excellent option for children with severe breathing issues due to a cough or cold. It is important only to use medication that a doctor prescribes and follow their instructions.

These prescriptions are safe to use, and with proper use, the nebuliser can clear congestion in babies to help them breathe better.

Are nebulisers difficult to assemble?

The nebuliser is very easy to use. It comes with features that can be installed without much effort. The shape and size of the nebuliser make sure it suits the face of your child.


This nebuliser comes with unique features that help your child take his medication without any issues. The nebuliser is durable, effective, and efficient when utilised. They come with great design, and it is very easy to wear.

It is effective in treating breathing problems caused by cold. The nebuliser can also treat swollen airways or shortness of breath. It is easy to clean and maintain; changing the air filter of the nebuliser also makes it efficient and keeps it clean.

If your baby is often suffering from cold or cough, buying a nebuliser is worth a purchase. We have curated a list of best nebulisers for you. However, we recommend going for Dr Trust Nebulizer MachineOmron Nebulizer For Child, and Control D Complete Kit Nebulizer.