Best Night Light for Kids

Darkness is scary, more to kids. And although experts argue that the best way for kids to sleep is in pitch darkness, it might not work for most. How can they sleep while all they can see are monsters under the bed?

Since you want to provide a sense of safety and security to your little one as they sleep at night, you need to get the best night light. You also need the lights for occasional feedings and diaper changes during late nights?

Since you’re here, it simply means that you’re interested in night light for your kid’s bedroom. We’ve listed the 7 best night light for kids with a thoughtful buying guide for you to make a perfect choice.

In the article, you will also learn the types of night lights, benefits of night lights, nightlife safety concerns, and a few FAQs if you are confused with your purchase decision.

1. Happenwell Star Project Light

The projector light will fill your little one’s room with stars and moonlight. It’ll make them feel as they’re lying under the stars. It serves both as a baby nightlight and room décor.

This night light has 4 LED starry bulbs with a 360-degree projection that makes your kid feel like they’re in a beautiful galaxy. Your little one will see vivid purple, blue and pink stars twinkling and swirling around the room.

The nightlight will also give your little one universal astronomical science and create a romantic surprise for couples as well. The light is cozy and will help your child to doze off fast and peacefully.

2. XERGY LED Print Lamp

This moon lamp light by XERGY might be all you need for your child’s bedroom. It is made with 3D printing technology and comes in a realistic full moon shape.

The light is sturdy and comes with an easy-to-assemble wooden stand. The kit also comes with a USB power charger, remote control, and an instruction manual. It is battery powered and portable as well.

It boasts 16 dimmable RGB colors that can be switched with a simple click of a button. Its remote is super responsive and has 4 modes: flash, fade, strobe, and smooth. The color and brightness can be controlled using touch control.

A hook at the bottom of the moonlight makes it easy to hang, while a built-in rechargeable battery provides you with more than 4 hours of illuminating brightness.

3. House of Quirk Moon Nightlight

Light up your kid’s room with this moon from House of Quirk that adds vigor to the side table thanks to the LED light decoration. It’ll offer a warm, light ambiance and help your little one sleep peacefully every day.

The light is powered by 2 AA batteries hence no wires or cords that take up a lot of space. It is designed with stable feet that make it easy to place on a flat surface. A hole in the back enables you to hang it on the wall.

This moonlight is crafted from high-quality and durable materials. Its superior grade ABS plastic frame can withstand falls and bumps. It also boasts advanced LED electronics designed to endure short circuitry and overheating.

It also makes a perfect decoration for events, parties, and other celebrations. It matches perfectly with almost all party decorations, thanks to its eye-catchy retro frame design.

4. Satyam Kraft LED Marque Light

This marquee light by Satyam Kraft is exceptionally adorable and will look great in your kid’s room. It shines with 11 LED warm white lights, and therefore is highly functional.

It is battery powered and barely emits heat during operation. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about fire hazards from this decorative light when not around.

The light is a good assistance for caring for your kid at night as it creates a warm ambiance. Go for it if you want to brighten your kid’s room or if in search of a decorative piece for birthdays and weddings.

5. Ascension Plug-in Night Lamp

This nightlight is probably one of the safest lights you can get for your kid’s room. It’s shockproof and can be used in the bedroom, hall, passage, and toilet as well.

It is compatible with most Indian plug sockets, highly durable, and lightweight. It comes with no wires, and all you need to do is plug and light it. It also helps save energy and is perfect for home décor.

6. Snowbird Mini-Cartoon LED Night Light

This colorful and unique night light from Snowbird comes in a stylish and attractive cartoon print design that makes it a favorite for kids.

It is powered by 3AAA batteries. You can place it on a table, in the closet, or any other place of your choice. It acts as a switch, all you need to do is tap it on the top to turn it on or off.

It has cute cartoon characters and emits warm and soft light to make your kids’ room glow in the dark. It consumes very little power when in operation, hence extremely efficient.

It works perfectly as a night light, bedside lamp, desk lamp, or decoration light. It also makes a perfect gift for kids.

7. House of Quirk 3D Led Nightlight

This nightlight comes in a unique alpaca design and emits warm light to make your kid’s night special every day. It is easy to use and is powered by 2AA batteries. Batteries do not come with the package.

It is thin and lightweight, hence easy for your kid to take with them anywhere they go. It is made from non-toxic ABS plastic and, therefore, durable and long-lasting.

It makes a good surprise gift for your kid and a perfect decoration assistant as well.

Buying Guide

Listed herein are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing a nightlight for your kid’s room.


The level of brightness of a nightlight is very important since you don’t want it to interfere with your baby’s sleep. It shouldn’t be too dim to defeat the purpose as well.

Luckily, some models come with built-in dimmers that help you control the brightness to a comfortable level.


Nightlights come in different sizes. The size determines whether it’s suitable for your kid’s bedroom based on the available surface, outlet location, and other factors.

You, therefore, need a size that fits in the intended area.


If possible, get a nightlight with light sensors. They’re quite handy, especially for you if you need to check on your little one from time to time. With one, you won’t have to worry about turning it on or off.

It also helps save energy, unlike leaving the lights on throughout the night.


What color does the nightlight emit? Always go for warm colors like red as they are more conducive and help kids sleep better than white, green, or blue hues.

Timer Function

Kids don’t necessarily require a nightlight all night long. A timer function will help you save on battery cost and the trouble to keep on charging the nightlight from time to time.

Music Function

Some nightlights come with speakers that produce soothing melodies to help your little one sleep peacefully and fast. The music not only helps to ease stress but also helps your kid’s brain to relax.

Type of Bulb

You need to consider the type of bulb the nightlight comes with (if any) before you pay for it. LEDs are the most efficient and safest options but come with a higher price tag.

Although CFL, incandescent, and halogen come at a lower price, they have a high burn risk and are not as efficient as LEDs.

Electroluminescent night lights are relatively inexpensive and can make a better compromise.

Room Size

The size of your baby’s room will determine the type/size of the nightlight to purchase. If the room is too big, a bigger nightlight will suffice.

A small toddler room doesn’t require a big wall outlet plug as it might be too bright for your kid.

Design and Shape

When getting a night light for your older kids, you need to consider their preferences in terms of the design and shape of the light.

Girls might like mermaids, mythical creatures, or unicorn lamps, while boys might be interested in lamps with cars, dinosaurs, robots, and cartoon characters. Always choose a design that your kid will fall in love with.

Ergonomic Design

Ensure that you get a night light that comes in an ergonomic design. This feature enables you to place the light anywhere and with ease. The design shouldn’t come with edgy shapes, as these can harm your kid.

Adjustable Light Modes

Always look for a night light that comes with adjustable light modes. These modes enable you to adjust the light intensity as required.


Since you want a night light that your little one can use for the longest time possible, ensure that you get the best quality in the market.

Check whether the bulb is replaceable or not. If it has a replaceable bulb, your kid will be able to use it for an extensive period.


If you are always travelling with your kid, consider getting a cordless and portable night light. Not only is such a light easy to use but also safe for your kid’s use.

Age Recommendation

Not all night lights are suitable for kids of all ages. Ensure that you check the age recommendation of the nightlight before you pay for it.

Remote Control

With remote control, everything gets easier. You can change the level of brightness and color from the comfort of your bed. It also gets easier for you to turn the lights on or off with just a click of a button.


The safety of your little one is more important than anything else. Therefore, you need to ensure that the night light you decide to purchase is made from non-toxic materials that don’t emit dangerous chemicals.

The night light should also not come with extended chords that can trip your kid or expose him to shock.

Ease of Use

The night light you decide to settle on should be easy for you to use. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a device you can barely operate.

It should also be easy to use for your kids if they are old enough.

Instructions Manual

If possible, get a night light that comes with a user guide. The manual makes it easy for you to set up and use. It makes the installation process straightforward.

Types of Night Lights

The following are the different night lights you can purchase for your kid’s room.


Projector night light projects images onto your kid’s bedroom walls or ceiling. They are outstanding and provide enough comfort to kids afraid of the dark. Some even play music at timed intervals.


These are night lights that rest well on flat surfaces. Some look exactly like tabletop lamps, complete with a lampshade, pull cord, and a stand. You can place them near the bed, or anywhere you deem in your baby’s room.

You just need to ensure that nothing blocks the light.


These night lights do not require batteries. They’re quite handy and only require you to plug them directly on the wall. The only downside is that you can’t carry them when travelling remote places without power connection.


Portable lights are battery operated, and you can place them anywhere around the house. You can also carry them along with ease when travelling.

Plush/Toy Night Lights

Plush night lights are dolls or stuffed animals that come fitted with a light. Unlike other models, they’re designed to sleep with your kid as they’re huggable. They are most suitable for infants.

Benefits of Night lights

Better Visibility

Nightlights help guide kids through their room without tripping. Remember that most kids’ rooms are usually cluttered with toys, clothing, and other items.

Night lights make it easy for kids to visit the bathroom with ease at night as well. It also make it easy for parents to access their children’s rooms with ease at night.

Minimal Sleep Disruption

If you get the best night light for your kid’s room, you won’t have to worry about sleep disruption.

All you should do is buy one that creates soothing stimuli. This soothing effect also makes it easy for you to fall back asleep with ease after visiting your little one in the late hours of the night.

Stress Relief

Some kids, especially those that have just transitioned from sleeping in the same room with their parents to their room, experience separation anxiety.

This anxiety makes it quite hard for them to fall asleep when they wake up to darkness in the middle of the night. Night light eases the anxiety, making them sleep comfortably.

Improves Brain Development

The use of nightlight with kids helps improve visual development, especially from birth to 4 months of age.

The night light stimulates their eye muscles and brain. It also strengthens their ability to mentally visualize their world.

Soothe Tense Emotions after Waking up from Bad Dreams

Imagine your kid dreaming about monsters and waking up in a dark room. Scary, right? Night light helps illuminate their room and soothes their emotions should they wake up from a nightmare.

Nightlight Safety Concerns

Although highly beneficial, a nightlight can risk your child’s safety as well. The following are some of the safety concerns associated with nightlights.


Some nightlights contain methylene chloride, which is toxic and highly fatal when inhaled. It can also cause eye irritation and skin burns. Should such a nightlight break, you need to dispose of it fast and safely.

Fire Risk

Nightlight heat can make them melt and catch fire. Although fire cases related to nightlight are not common, you still need to take the necessary precautions.

To minimize the risk, avoid covering a nightlight with materials that can catch fire. You also need to ensure that the nightlight isn’t touching the bed, carpet, curtains, or other flammable surfaces.

You should also consider using low-wattage bulbs that rarely cause the problem of overheating.

Electric Shock

Never use a night light outdoors as this increases shock risk. You should also avoid using one in damp areas such as hot tubs or patios with pools.

If the night light is powered with an electric chord, the shock risk is greater, and thus the need to be extra careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what age should my child stop using a night light?

It all depends on your kid’s age and why you think he needs the night light in the first place. While some kids may not fear darkness even at a younger age, some will see monsters in the dark even at age 5. Let them stop using the night light only when comfortable enough in the dark while on their own.

2. Are night lights safe?

Night lights are safe to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Go for LEDs as they are cool to touch and won’t burn your kid even if they touch them.

3. What is a good night light?

A night light is more than just a plug-in to soothe your kid’s fear of the dark. The best lights illuminate the dark areas of your home, add to the décor and work as sound machines or clocks as well.

4. Can a night light catch on fire?

Most night lights are safe to use but should you purchase a defective one, chances of causing fires, electrocutions, and burns are very high. You, therefore, need to be careful when shopping for one.

5. Do night lights consume a lot of power?

Some night lights like the incandescent and neon lights are a little expensive to run as they consume about 1.5 -7.5 watts of energy. For a cheaper option, go for electroluminescent or LED night lights as these use less than a single watt a night.

6. Why should I leave the night light on all night?

If your kid sleeps on their own and tends to wake up at night, leave the night light on. This is even more important if your kid is afraid of the dark. You don’t want them to start screaming in the middle of the night should they wake up and what greets their eyes is pitch darkness.

7. What night light color is the best for my kid to sleep in?

Red color light. It is the most conducive color to sleep in as it has a soothing effect that’ll help your child doze off fast. The red color also significantly reduces depressive symptoms enabling your kid to sleep comfortably.

8. Some people argue that night lights are bad for sleep. Is it true?

Exposing yourself or your kid to light before bedtime can actually make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Reason? Your brain will simply not make enough sleep-inducing melatonin. To avoid this, ensure that you use the right color (red or orange) to avoid these complications.


If your kid is always uncomfortable in the dark, it’s high time you get them a night light. It will not only help your kid overcome the fear but also enable you to have it easy when taking them to bed.

Our list contains different night lights from different brands, all of which work perfectly to ensure that kids sleep peacefully every day. The most recommended from the list are Happenwell Star Project Light, XERGY LED Print Lamp, and House of Quirk Moon Nightlight. Happy shopping.